photographic innocence.

Frolicking in a sun drenched garden perched on the edge of a vast ethereal lake made up the majority of my day today. The delight of nature combined with the vivid human spirit (and, um... a DSLR) helped create the perfect setting for our mini photo shoot (Like to see more? Click here for our personal photography blog). The blazing Connecticut sun shone a little too brightly for my liking; the warm weather in Westport was certainly a surprise for me (I packed for the likes of a chilly fall/winter: wool jackets, heavy jeans, etc. Don't ask).

Connecticut definitely is a place that lives up to it's painfully manicured reputation. The streets are lined with willowy foliage, casting dappled shadows on the sidewalk. Huge lawns are splayed out and seep into every spare inch of land, forming rolling empty spaces of manicured green. SUVs are parked everywhere you go, and expensive boutiques with pastel-colored signs line the quaint roads. 

In short, Connecticut is the real version of Rosewood (minus the drama, according to my friend Noelle). Apologies for the continual Pretty Little Liars references I make (and will continue to), they're a mere representation of my addiction to the show. And one more thing? Pretty Little Liars episodes come out SO much quicker in America.

God I love this country.

And Lastly...
I was awarded the Lovely Blog Award by my dearest reader Carmen Vogue! Thank you so much for this award dear, it means so much. This award will be displayed on my Features Page. So if I do this correctly, I’m assuming I’m expected to list 7 things about myself:

  1.  I have a fetish for Justin Bieber. I own enough Bieber merchandise to cover a wall in my room; which I proudly named “The Bieber Wall.” And his new perfume, Someday, is to DIE for.
  2. I am a self-confessed nerd. School is very important to me, and I very much enjoy my schoolwork. I set very high expectations for myself, and my report card means so much more to me than it does to the average fourteen year old.
  3. I am very whimsical, and tend to overthink things, which sort of traps me in a permanent, intellectual controversy with myself. I like to ponder on almost everything I come across, and sometimes this leaves my brain in a very frazzled, disconnected state. Sometimes I try and make sense of my complex thoughts through poetry, but usually even that doesn’t work.
  4. Music has a huge impact on my life. It is the ultimate expression of human emotion, and it can really change your perception on things, and it’s very versatile and broad. Learning music is unlocking the language of the soul.
  5.  I can be the most confident, breezy, assured person who knows exactly what she’s doing one day, and the next day I can be totally insecure and over-scrutinize myself and point out all my flaws.
  6. I am SUCH a city girl. Although I can thrive anywhere (I want to live in a farm at some stage of my life), cities are where a fast paced girl like me belongs.
  7. I am on a plane from San Francisco to Boston as I write this.

Although it was extremely difficult to decide which blogs to present this award to, I’ve decided on the 15 most deserving blogs:

Spunky Chateau because of her dedication and loyalty to Seven Inch Stilettos.
Lightssobright because she has the cutest blogger title heading ever and her blog is just great.
Fashion By Brett Robson because she's such a friendly blogger and her content is amazing!
Fashion and Frank because she is one of the most unbelievably supportive bloggers you will ever meet.
Decor Is Like Butter because of her utmost friendliness. And she's so into interiors; so her home design posts are the best!
The Red Runway because she's my best friend ever and she started her blog last night. She has an amazing layout too, so check her out!
Sincerely, Sabrina because she has the most beautiful blog design/layout ever, it's gorgeous!
 AvenueMaria because I love the girly theme of her blog, it makes me so happy to visit it! She has great style too.
Thefashiongrove because I'm a sucker for minimalist layouts and her content is great, I love the variety.
 Moments with Meera because she was my first follower and has been one of the best followers ever since; love her writing style!
 Simple Fabulous because she's such a dedicated, sweet follower and I love her content.
 Almost Delightful because her blog is always packed with amazing pictures and visuals to captivate me when I don't feel like reading.
Moda De La Mode because she's given me an amazing opportunity to write for her, and I love her blog to bits.
The Merri Mari because I love her quirky blog and her awesome, unexpected content which I totally adore. And her style? Amazing.
Style Love because her happy radiant smile in every single outfit post is the best accessory she could ever have.

So if you've won this award, here are the rules:

1. Link back to the person who passed you the award.
2. Share 7 random things about yourself.
3. Award 15 blogs.
4. Drop them a note to tell them about it.

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Models: Noelle (of The Red Runway) (brown top and denim shorts), Me (floral top and denim shorts), Jojo (striped shirt and skirt/white button-down and 3/4 jeans) and Kylie (pink dress).

PS: This photoshoot was not intended to be focused on fashion. Since our models were young and this was an informal project, we decided to evoke the preppy nature of All-American brands and looks found on the streets of Connecticut, as opposed to donning them in thick make-up and mature clothing. We also preferred the girls to carry a simple, natural look to reflect the stunning location we shot at.


pretty little liars fashion - aria montgomery.

One of my favourite things about Aria’s style is how much it complements both her appearance and her personality. She’s depicted as an artsy yet headstrong girl, and her bold fashion choices reflect her willingness to take risks and express herself. Pretty Little Liars stylist Mandi Line described Aria’s on-screen style as “a little version of me.” From a single picture, Mandi’s fashion sense is immediately decipherable; it’s quirky, bright, and has a classy edge to its stand-out nature. 
1. This picture definitely encompasses a classic Aria Montgomery moment. That sheer lace blends in seamlessly to her earthy-toned outfit, and her curls couldn’t look more flawless. Mandi Line also mentioned how accessible the Pretty Little Liars wardrobe is; you can buy this exact earring at Una Mae. In an ABC interview, Mandi says that she thinks “the feather is bold, a little rebellious and very unique. It’s a great way to try something fun without it being permanent.” Although this lovestruck facial expression would look nothing short of ridiculous on most of us, Aria works it the same way she works anything else, with an oozing gorgeousness and a smudge of sexy
2. This is one of my favourite looks from Aria’s season 1 outfits; a “wild creation” according to Mandi. I don’t usually like bright colors on Lucy Halesimply because she’s got such striking, dark features which complement muted tones so beautifully. However, this daytime-chic look definitely works on her, she pulls off the leopard print with such effortless elegance.
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the fabulous los angeles.

Los Angeles.
How do I even BEGIN to describe this city? For starters, I've been here for a DAY. And I have already fallen in complete and utter love with this jubilant city of beauty, style, stardom and fame. The melting sun gazing down on me, the satisfying breeze combing through my hair. An array of shopping bags accessorize my arms as I glide coolly down Hollywood's walk of fame. In one hand I clutch a fresh soft taco from none other than Taco Bell (that I devour greedily, there's no such thing as Taco Bell in Singapore!), in the other I clutch my camera, which I anxiously leave turned on for the whole day in hope of running into a celebrity.

This city is just pure magic to me, really. As much as I hate to say it because it makes me sound awfully naive, it's nothing short of breathtaking. The people (at least the ones found in the Hollywood area) have such a manicured style, unlike the shoppers on Orchard Road, who are usually decked out in carelessly chosen shorts and a shirt. I felt sheepish as I scrutinized every single girl who walked past, endlessly wondering about the possibility of them being a celebrity or a supermodel under their designer shades. They were all just cookie-cutter copies of one another though, to be brutally honest. Fake tan, streaky blonde hair, artificial/pushed-up boobs, tight shirts, butt-clinging shorts.

Although most of the teenagers lacked any identity in terms of style, it was the young-adults, and even the older ladies, whose style blew me away. I saw sundresses and colorful wedge heels, to high waisted shorts and boots, to PVC heavy duty totes, to strappy summer sandals. I loved every bit of it.

The Four Seasons hotel.

Me with a Marilyn Monroe statue outside the hotel.

The gorgeous view from our room.

We did a ton of touristy activities, which I thoroughly enjoyed. We went on a Movie Star Homes Tour, and we got to see homes of movie stars such as Charlize Theron, Orlando Bloom, Matthew Perry, Michael Jackson's old home, Diane Keaton, Elvis Presley's old home, Madonna, Drew Carey, Kanye West, the Hiltons, etc. It was such a cool experience, and we even ran into Diane Keaton in her white BMW in front of her house!

Former "Friends" star Matthew Perry's house.

Property of Ben Stiller.

The Beckham's house (far house with the three windows).

When we arrived back at Hollywood&Highlands Mall next to the Chinese Theater, we were greeted by a fabulous surprise; the Cars 2 Premiere was on! We waited in a huge crowd for two hours, we were squished like sardines! Fortunately, we got some really good views of some awesome celebrities; it was probably my first time seeing any celebrities up close!

Modern Family's Sarah Hyland with her boyfriend, attending the Cars 2 Premiere.

Cars 2 Voice of "McQueen" Owen Wilson.

PCD's Nicole Scherzinger arm in arm with Lewis Hamilton (not shown in this image).

To finish up, I'd like to apologize for my inconsistent commenting and posting, for I'll be travelling around the US and my wi-fi accessibility will change as I move around. If you notice I've stopped commenting on your blog or posting as frequently, I have NOT abandoned you. I'm still keen as ever, and hopefully towards the end of my holiday once I settle down in Ireland, I'll be able to go back to my regular commenting, etc.

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doc martens.

 Doc Martens. Iconic, Rebellious, Bold, Timeless, Unique, Symbolic. These are just a few words that attempt to describe the extent of the Dr. Marten legacy that is so well known for transcending trends, age, place and time. "Anti-Fashion defined in eight holes" is the most perfect way to sum up the Doc Marten's 'ethos.' I found that fabulous quote, and many others, on the Dr. Marten's History page, which I strongly encourage you to read.

You cannot even begin to express my happiness when I received these beautiful shoes from my mother as a Confirmation gift. Not only do I adore these shoes for their luxurious comfort and the bewildered stares I get on the street from wearing them, but because I feel like I own a little piece of fashion history. "The greatest type of fashion is that which encompasses a meaning so much larger than its tangible presence," and I know no more iconic brand than this one. Another wonderful line I quote from the History Page of Dr. Martens is this:

"The Dr. Martens' brand... A blank canvas on which a generation can paint their personality."

Dr. Martens were primarily created for industrial purposes; they were first discreetly flaunted by an army of postmen and factory workers who'd found the perfect combination of comfort, lightweight, durability and practicality all poured into a pair of shoes. But the legacy definitely didn't stop there. 

The fleet of Doc Marten-donning Brits grew rapidly, from just the working-class community to the "rejects, outcasts and rebels from the fringes of society." The spunky 60's and 70's saw the boot being adopted by the various 'tribes' spilling out of the East end of London. "Mods, glams, punks, goths, emos, grunge, straight-edge and Britpop," you name it, were all proudly strutting around in the timeless 1460 model. These tribes were completely different and in most cases, hated each other. But whether they liked it or not, they were inevitably joined together by what they wore on their feet: A humble pair of 1460's.

Today, amidst the pleas of humanity and the seas of creativity we are constantly being exposed to (both of which are being painfully commercialized and publicized through something that has dragged us out of the colorful, social explorative stage of the 1900's: TECHNOLOGY), finding an "anchor" for liberal expression and individuality (which is, according to Klaus Martens, the greatest form of rebellion) is vital for creative souls. Doc Martens Shoes have one of the richest histories in fashion, and the brand's ability to withstand the dynamic turbulence of the 21st century is commendable.

"Dr. Martens anchor you, liberate your creativity, inspire and fuel your identity. Our heritage fits your future; your future is our future."

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