spring 2012 roundup.

The Spring Ready-To-Wear collections are officially out, and I’ve pored eagerly through as many shows as I can stomach. The plethora of fresh spring colors and exciting new trends that each designer exuded with a different twist was truly astounding. The season of Spring is such a wonderful, refreshing change in the fashion world; it’s the long-awaited beginning of flouncy skirts, and the due farewell to thick, heavy winter layers. And you'll be glad to know I’ve graduated from the generic Spring connotations of florals and pastels. Spring in my eyes is now more of an explosion of seething color and graphic, linear dimensions, and this Spring, nobody encompasses that better than Marc Jacobs' widely successful diffusion line: Marc by Marc Jacobs.
I adore the way Marc Jacobs is able to infuse bursts of fun, almost juvenile aspects of fashion into his clothing, while maintaining a polished, put-together look that is signature to his name. He has an amazing eye for color too, and the zingy vermillion hue that's woven through this entire collection couldn't be more... Spring-y. This collection was the perfect combination of loud colors (a la Skittles), interesting necklines and hemlines, androgynous chic and of course, the signature Marc Jacobs preppy flair, that each model is undoubtedly drenched in.

Another brand that never fails to completely blow me way is 3.1 Phillip Lim. I just can't get enough of the preppiness of this brand and how well it complements the season. I'm drooling over all the sportswear-chic looks, the tailored pants, and how almost everything looks like it's been soaked in a bucket of tippex (correction fluid used at school and sniffed by the rebels, in case you ask). The stripes, the mild pastel colors and the light summer fabrics make this collection one to die for.

And here's one last set of my favourite looks from a brand I've never really looked into; J Mendel.
I adore their immaculate use of texture and how soft, wispy day-dresses can add a feminine elegance to a rigid arrangement of electrified color. Some of their prints were really interesting and mosaic-y, and I love the elegance that's just piled on to every look.

And that piece on the far left comprised of a pant-leg and a skirt? Now that's ingenious Spring design for you right there; plain and simple.

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