nylon is coming to singapore!

You can't even begin to describe the rush of excitement I got when I came across the NylonSG Facebook Page today. One of my favourite magazines is finally coming to Singapore and I am running around my bedroom in circles, unable to contain my sheer, juvenile excitement.

There's something so refreshing about Nylon magazine; and I can't really pinpoint it, to be honest. Maybe it's the fact that it's the only magazine which sticks out obnoxiously in my pile of monthly reads (TeenVogue, InStyle, Seventeen, Vogue), simply because of it's adorable, awkward square-ish shape. Or maybe it's the super talented layout team; the brains behind the cute typewriter fonts and trademark neon colour scheme which never fail to captivate me almost as much as the content itself. Whatever it is, Nylon magazine is truly a breath of fresh air, and I highly recommend it to anyone in search of a holistic, "alternative" read.

I'm not going to make a superficial judgement and say that Nylon is an "indie" magazine; but it's certainly teeming with substance and energetic content that one could never find between the dormant pages of a stereotypical, "fashion 101" magazine like Vogue (no offense Anna Wintour, I still love you!). Yes, Nylon is a fashion magazine, but it's not fanatically obsessed with documenting every pin-drop in the industry. It's able to convey a healthy, exciting dose of fashion each month, without "fangirling" about it. Nylon has the stellar, rare quality of being able to branch out into other fields of creativity such as music, literature, architecture and celebrities without straying too far from it's core image of being "that super cool magazine that no one really knows about."

Just as you'd find a copy of Us Weekly in the hands of a blonde babe, and an issue of Vogue tucked into the briefcase of a woman clacking around in stilettos, you'd probably find Nylon tucked under the arm of budding musician in a technicolor scarf, or in my case; in the hopeful hands of a teenager who's had enough of the mainstream.
I've always been a fan of American Nylon, here's the cover of their November 2011 issue with Rachel Bilson.

Twitter: @NylonSG

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vintage pussybow blouse (purchased in ireland)
high waisted jeans - topshop
court shoes - vintage salvatore ferragamo

I'm sorry but how great is that word?! This is so random but I think "pussybow" is such a fun word to say. I like the structure of it, too. Two words squished into one. 

Anyway, those are a few quick snaps of an outfit that I was able to pull together in no time. I thought those gorgeous high waisted jeans would give my beloved vintage blouse an updated, edgy look. I would've worn my Doc Martens like I do in almost every outfit post, but I felt that the femininity and classiness of the pussybow blouse needed to be recognized and emphasized, and the smart Ferragamo shoes seemed to be the perfect match.

I'm all up for the weird and wonderful fashion "concoctions" of legends like Alexander McQueen, however I find that in my circumstances especially, it's important to make your style "wearable." You can't succeed as a fourteen year old living in the city if you're going to strut around in seven inch stilettos (pardon the pun) and wear obnoxiously large items on your head, because everyone will think you're an idiot, and chances are you'll probably look like one when the time comes for you to sprint to catch that bus. 

Individuality is great and I'd love to have the guts to pull off half the stuff that Tavi does, but at the end of the day I'm still a student. Yes, I may have one or two (or three, or four) quirky, wacky pieces in my wardrobe, but that doesn't mean I have to wear them altogether for maximum impact (Less is More!). I should be comfortable (hence the floaty blouse), I should look my age (hence the jeans and not that ankle length skirt made out of a tablecloth), and I shouldn't have to be tripping over in my heels and constantly readjusting my... makeshift floral chiffon turban, in the name of style.

And oh my goodness I like died when I reached 400 followers. *insert piercing teenage girl scream* *insert happy dance* I love you all immensely. MWAH.

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xoxo, gossip girl.

I can't believe I just started watching this show, seriously, I've missed out on SO much.
After torrenting the first four seasons in an attempt to get myself hooked on something other than Pretty Little Liars, I'm halfway through the first season and I think I'm enjoying myself far too much. I'm so wrapped up in the decadent lives of Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen, and watching them strut on the streets of New York in their finery only fuels my desire to pack my bags and live life in the city that never sleeps

Sources: here, here, and here.
Call me stupid, but I've been visualizing what my life would be like if I was in the shoes of someone as spectacularly rich and honoured as Blair Waldorf. It would definitely be enjoyable; brunches in expensive hotels, racks of designer clothing, the hottest boyfriend ever. However, after some time I realized how materialistic and superficial that sort of life is, and how unsuited I am to that lifestyle. I'm a city girl by all means and I'm a very privileged person, but nothing ever weighs up to the simple pleasures in life, in my opinion. A balmy Sunday sail, rainy days, friday nights, writing poetry, playing the ukulele, dancing for hours, family time; those things will forever mean the most to me. It seems that when you've got as much as these girls do, it's harder and harder to find true happiness. 
And here's the ultimate question that I've been asking myself and everyone else: Who's prettier? Blair or Serena?
Personally, I think Blair is SO much prettier than Serena. All my friends disagree, but Leighton Meester is the most stunning girl ever and I love her dewy skin, warm smile and chocolate colored tresses. 
The amount of bitching, gossip and scandalous action that happens on this show is incredulous yet expected, and it's what makes the show so juicy. After all, underneath their designer clothes and expensive jewels, they're just a bunch of high school kids like us.
What do you think of Gossip Girl?

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oh, freja.

This post is dedicated to my absolute favourite supermodel ever
Freja Beha Erichsen has been on the continual rise to epic fame, and she's definitely not stopping yet. With her shockingly bold features and immense versatility, it's no surprise she's graced countless covers of top-notch magazines and editorials, as well as been photographed by the best names in the industry (cough Mario Testino). 

While having a conversation about models and the fashion industry with my friends, I was shocked to see some of my friends' surprised expressions when I instantly named Freja as one of my favourites. Names like Karlie Kloss and Miranda Kerr were very prominent in the discussion, and by no means was I surprised by this, but I wondered how in the world anyone could see straight through Freja's unusual, poignant beauty without doing a double take.

Whether she sports a mannish, streamlined suit with a thickly gelled updo or struts in a resort-style maxi and dewy makeup, the fact that she looks like she was born into everything she wears never fails to enthrall me. She's been all over the H&M advertisements here in Singapore (see below); don't you adore her sleek fringe? 

It's so nice to see supermodels smile in pictures too, sometimes I wonder if they really do enjoy their jobs, judging by the amount of sulky-faced pouts I see.

Thanks so much for all your continued support! 
Love you all muchly.
Sources are embedded as links somewhere in the text.

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