#AFF2012 part 2 - zac posen.

"Asia as a whole is so important to my design, to my business, to my personal aesthetic and culture."
Elaborate floor-grazing gowns of every delicious hue accompanied by office-chic power suits for the modern contemporary woman, Zac Posen delivered a lip-smacking, saliva-inducing double collection (Pre-Fall and Fall/Winter 2012!) on the penultimate night of Singapore's Audi Fashion Festival 2012. His runway preview, as well as the pre-show excitement buzzing in the Tent@Orchard, was nothing short of a wondrous affair, with socialites, editors, style enthusiasts and local celebrities dotted around on the red carpet, clutching glistening flutes of champagne and mingling with the stars... And, of course, maintaining perfect composure under the merciless flash-photography attacks of the paparazzi.
 (I'm proud to say that I, too, was subjected to the utter "torture" of having my picture taken by the paps. Sigh, life's tough.)
I hate to start my review with a piece of criticism, but I do think this is worth sharing: Although the individual pieces were absolutely stunning, I do think that a little more time, effort and resources could be put into expanding the existing collection(s) even further by exploring a wider range of stylistic techniques and fabrics, and drawing inspiration from a larger scope of sources. I purposely decided to include the 4 pictures above in a collage together because I think they collectively represent the essence of Posen's collections (I probably should've thrown in a fiery hued dress for oriental measure, too...): Evening dresses, power suits and the occasional textured separate. I know that sounds harsh and abrupt, but throughout the whole show, I felt like I was waiting for something that would really strike a chord and bring the audience to their feet. The power suits brought a smile to my face, as did the genius idea of layering a luxury fur pullover on top of a voluptuous tailed skirt, so I can't help but wish I saw more ingenuity and uniqueness. I felt that Posen played it safe by playing up his signature strengths (in the form of evening gowns), even though he had the potential to impress his audience equally as much by taking bolder risks.

  And with that short complaint over - I'm pleased to begin the next phase of this lengthy post, which will be flowing with nothing short of the highest praise for Posen's glittering creations. Promise.
 In an interview with BBC, Zac Posen spoke of the increasing influence that Asia possesses over his designs and his aesthetic. He certainly isn't just full of talk; the evidence of Asian inspiration was profoundly significant, and pulsated through the entire collection. As intense Adele violin instrumentals blared, the show kicked off with understated LBD's (Long Black Dresses, that is), and graduated into the first dose of saturated red gowns, reminiscent of Chinese prints and oriental motifs. Both the atmosphere and the music both cooled down a few notches as a series of tailored ensembles in sub-zero hues unfolded onto the runway. Taffeta silk tails blazed the trail the entire night, with unique silhouettes and inventive collar-cuts following close behind. Icy chandelier earrings embellished each and every million-dollar look by adding a few more zeroes to their price tags, as well as leaving remnants of tiny, sparkling reveries for the audience to devour. Although the venue remained understated and simple, the high-octane glamour was enough to leave the entire room tent ablaze with explosions of fluorescent fabric and dazzling diamonds.
 Posen's authentic showcase was the first proper "Fashion Week" show that I have ever attended, and judging by the hyperventilating, giggly state I returned home in, it certainly wasn't going to be the last. I am proud to say that I returned to that very same tent with even more juvenile enthusiasm the following night for the grand finale that bid farewell to AFF2012 - Roland Mouret. A post on that is coming soon!

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10QQ with alexa.

 On this month's 10QQ segment is Alexa Curtis, a 14 year old Connecticut-based blogger (Alexa independently runs "A Life in the Fashion Lane") who "lives and loves fashion." Her firm passion for the industry comes from her belief that "fashion is a way of expressing yourself." Alexa hopes to continue inspiring fashion enthusiasts from around the world with her blog. 
1) Favourite beauty brand and product: Definitely Origins. 
The best product I have from Origins is the Quick Hide Long Wearing Concealer. It's great for hiding every little mark or spot on your face. 

2) Favourite thing about blogging: Having the opportunity to tell other people about my style, giving people inspiration, or helping someone to feel more comfortable with what they wear are my main goals, and when I achieve those things I know that my "work" as a blogger has paid off. 

3) Latest obsession: Instagram! I have to use my iPod until I decide if I should get an iPhone but it is still the coolest app ever.    

4) Three favourite bands/singers: Ellie Goulding, Nicki Minaj and Florence and the Machine. 

5) Guilty pleasure: Anything covered in chocolate or Pinkberry. But not chocolate flavored Pinkberry.

6) A weekend in the city or an escape to the beach? I love the city and am there frequently, but an escape to the beach is definitely relaxing.

7) A magazine you get every month: Teen Vogue!

8) How your blog got it's name: My sister came up with "A Life in the Fashion Lane" when I first started my blog. I am so proud of that name and it by far is the best name to sum up my life. 

9) Summer must-haves: Chapstick (perfect for long days and my lips are always dry), amazing sunglasses, comfy gladiators, bright coloured nail polish, and a maxi dress.

10) The next vacation destination you've got planned: I just went to Mexico but I am trying to convince my parents to take me to London next year for Fashion Week and to California for Coachella!
What do you think of Alexa's style and her blog: A Life in the Fashion Lane?

Interested in being featured exclusively in one of our monthly 10QQ posts?
Email me here with your name, age, country of residence, nationality, some information about yourself, and a few pictures of your style.
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#AFF2012 part 1 - street style.

If I could give the organisers and sponsors and audience members and designers and models and everyone involved in the Audi Fashion Festival 2012 a hugely gigantic hug for being so awesome, I bloody would. Attending two shows at this years Fashion Festival was an honor I'd gladly relive, and after witnessing such breathtaking collections before my eyesAfter a weekend filled with flawless fashion shows and star-studded excitement, it's hard not to ramble on and on about everything that the Audi Fashion Festival had to offer. Instead, I'm going to try and pace myself by splitting my #AFF2012 experience into 3 posts:
  • One with some street style pictures of Fashion-Festival-Goers and an introduction to AFF (this post)
  • One on the Zac Posen Pre-Fall and A/W 2012 collections 
  • One on the Roland Mouret A/W 2012 Closing show

Situated in a massive, temporary "Tent@Orchard" outside Ngee Ann City (one of Singapore's most timeless shopping destinations), the Audi Fashion Festival ran for 4 days. AFF wasn't exactly fashion "week," (3 days short, to be exact!) but it's definitely something that's bound to grow bigger in the future. Our little island is slowly but surely headed for the stars, as fashion is now a fast growing phenomenon in Singapore. Although AFF spanned a mere 4 days, those 4 days were certainly packed to the brim with high-octane glamour and round-the-clock entertainment (after parties by Belvedere Vodka? yes please!). Each day, Tent@Orchard hosted a wealth of up to 5 shows; from international labels to local sensations (alldressedup and RAOUL being the favourites). An exclusive press conference was also held, as was CLEO Magazine's Runway Search Finale.

Each and every glittering component that made up the fabulous Audi Fashion Festival was well endowed with the finest Singaporean celebrities and personalities; from MTV VJs to Radio DJs, local bloggers and designers, socialites and hard-core fashion fans - you couldn't miss the high fashion that Orchard Road was drenched in during that short week. And for those like myself who drool over gorgeous street style, you would've been in for a real treat. While I was busy with a Limonata in one hand and a metallic clutch in the other, frolicking around in the Belvedere Vodka Lounge with fellow bloggers from Moments with Meera and Poisepolish, my lovely mother, who's recently adopted an interest in photography, decided to come out and use her newly acquired photography skills (and lens!) to take street style photographs and portraits of AFF-goers. Here are some of her best shots:

All in all, my first time at the Audi Fashion Festival was nothing short of fabulous, and I'm literally counting down the days until AFF2013! Stay tuned for more posts on the Audi Fashion Festival coming up in the next few weeks!

Some stuff that I don't have pictures for but are still worth mentioning:
+ I met Denise Keller before the Roland Mouret show! I got a picture with her and chatted to her, she's super lovely and so stunning!
+ I saw Tallulah Harlech at both the Zac Posen and the Roland Mouret show, perched in the front row of course! 
+ I was lucky enough to have a few people approach me with either "were you in Seventeen magazine?" and/or "do you write Seven Inch Stilettos?" I was so utterly flattered that people recognized me and asked to take a picture with me, that was one of the highlights of AFF2012 for me, so thank you to all who came to say hi :)

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lana del rey.

I'm no Lana Del Rey superfan (yet...), and I'm not claiming to know all the facts about her, but I thought I'd do a post dedicated to this pop-culture sensation who's been on the rise for about half a year now, simply because from the little I know about her, I'm head over heels in a girl-crush.

I'm an avid fan of her music, which is an addictive, lustrous blend of priceless vocals (think Regina Spektor's quirkiness crossed with Adele's power) and hypnotizing beats. I'm now on the hunt for all her unreleased, "hidden" music - even before her days of being known as Lana Del Rey (she was Lizzie Grant until a few years ago!). Her songs are flawlessly orchestrated, and each carry a wealth of emotion and meaning, unlike the bulk of 21st century pop music we often hear. Her music doesn't only evoke the emptiness of heartbreak and the intoxication of love, it literally builds a full picture - an entire universe in one's mind, of Lana's world. "Queen of the Gas Station," for example, instantly makes me think of Lana seductively draped over a vintage car at twilight in the back of a rural American gas station, in a floral bustier and frayed, faded Daisy-Dukes, humming satirically and turning her nose up at passer-bys with that killer bitch-stare of hers.
From her perpetually manicured claws (literally; they're claws) to her old-Hollywood styled locks, Lana clearly ticks more boxes than just music. She has an insanely developed aesthetic, which in some ways is more powerful than her music itself (she didn't land the cover of Vogue UK for just her vocals, after all!). Just like Katy Perry is associated with promiscuous latex outfits and Lady Gaga goes hand in hand with metallics and McQueenadillos, Lana Del Rey has quickly marked her territory: old-Hollywood glamour with a seductive smidgeon of undeniable class.

What do you guys think of Lana Del Rey?

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