my life in pictures I.

all photos taken from my instagram - @veenamccoole

1. My Vitamin Water Wall - it's almost done! I'm such an addict, it's incredibly unhealthy.

2. My best friend Camilla and I getting ready for a party together. That black lace top and skirt combo is one of my all-time favourites!

3. Kimbra - I'm literally obsessed with her song "Cameo Lover." She was featured in Gotye's overrated single "Somebody That I Used to Know," and although she's an all-round amazing singer, I think her vocal skills are much better displayed in this song.

4. Jane By Design - I sped through the first season of this amazing new TV show, and that's coming from someone who never really commits to watching shows! A must-watch for fashion lovers in particular.

5. My eye - Although my European side clearly decided on my eye color, my Asian genes unfortunately dominated my eyelashes, which is why they're so short. This picture is one of the few that actually makes my lashes look remotely voluptuous (you have no idea how much mascara I was wearing though...). Oh the pains of being Eurasian!

6. My room - I took this while I was lying on my bed, and it actually captures my room at a really great angle and sums up what the rest of my room is like. Cluttered, covered in pictures, quotes and random things, as well as more Vitamin Water labels!

7. Me and Pixie Lott - yes, I met Pixie Lott. And I had a heart attack and started hyperventilating and literally went insane and oh my god she is the most beautiful, talented, perfect human being ever and I got two pictures with her and hugged her and talked to her and got her autograph and she said I was pretty and I almost fainted and it was all extremely exciting for someone like me. *phew.* *breathes.* She was having a Personal Shopping appointment at Topshop, and although her appearance was very well publicized beforehand, only 20-30 fans actually went along! It was a quaint, cozy affair and everyone got a chance to meet her, which was really nice.

8. My horribly messy desk - Unfortunately, this is what my workspace looks like when I'm actually being productive. When my desk is neat, that's usually a sign I'm procrastinating and not getting stuff done. Sorry mom!

9. Me! - I am the queen of selfies (although I'm not sure whether I'm proud of it or not...), and that's all I have to say about that picture.

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