the lust list.

Yep, you heard read right. This isn't any old "wishlist" of mine - it's a full-on lust list; a medley of delights that are one day destined to land my closet but just don't know it yet. The eight items you see above are the remains of the many wishlists I've scrawled over the years - as a fashion blogger, it's only natural to have unlimited wants! While I've achieved success at saving my poorly managed allowance to buy medium-priced statement pieces, I've stupidly abandoned what should be every fashionista's eternal fashion mission: stocking up on high-quality essentials to form a solid foundation for your wardrobe. 
one -- the blazer.
I love blazers; they're perfect for pulling together a tee&jeans look and can be re-worked in so many ways. Aside from their flattering fit and million-dollar appeal, the versatility of blazers is what I love most about them. I have two lovely tailored black ones, but I'm now on the lookout for a light, pastel one.

two -- a chain-strap bag.
Much like the blazer, a simple chain-strap bag is the dressed-up relative of the cross-body hobo satchel. It's widely wearable and can be made to work for a variety of occasions; day or night. The only problem with these are their size - for someone like me with a lot of baggage, these are a little too small. A Chanel quilted one would be nice, but let's be realistic here (sigh).

three -- a floppy sunhat.
There isn't really an explanation needed for this, because everyone should have a plain, decent floppy hat in their possession for impromptu weekend escapes to the seaside, walks in the park, etc. 

four -- scalloped shorts.
Something of a blogger-trend (remember the huge wave of maxi-skirt donning personal style bloggers a few months ago? similar sitch) this year, these delicious high-waisted shorts come with a girly bonus: scallops! I live in a country where our only season is summer, so denim shorts day after day gets a little tedious. I fell in love with the fun detailing of these babies, and it's about time I treated myself to a pair!

five -- nude heels.
Again - an explanation isn't exactly necessary for these, especially when virtually every style blogger female owns a pair (sniffle). In fairness, I'm still only 15 so heels aren't exactly mandatory, but I'm in love with the few pairs of heels that I own (despite the horrendous blisters they give me), so I'm eager to get my hands on a pair of glossy nude leg-lengtheners!

six -- a portfolio clutch.
When I was little, the only type of bag I knew existed was the generic women's leather shoulder bag in a muted hue - simply because it was the only bag my mother ever carried (now she's graduated into travel backpacks and Jim Thompson carryalls... no comment). Thanks to Vogue I now know there's far more variety out there, namely this angular, statement beau of a clutch. I'd like mine in a loud color for maximum impact.  

seven -- a high waisted anti-bandage skirt.
Thanks to the show Jane By Design (where Jane's outfits usually consist of vividly-printed, voluminous high waisted skirts and even more colorful bags, tops and shoes), I've learned that a skirt can be high-waisted without hugging every curve of one's behind - and still look trendy on a teenager. I'm definitely ready to give these skirts a try, although I don't know if my wallet is.

eight -- wine colored skinnies.
Skinny jeans have always been my go-to staples for everything. They abide by the universal Church's rule of dressing conservatively, they can be paired with heels and a blazer for a dinner date, and they cover enough skin so you can get away with a more daring top. I've been lusting for a pair in this gorgeous wine/berry hue for as long as I can remember, so I'll definitely make an effort to save up for a pair!

What's on your "eternal lust list?"

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#AFF2012 part 3: roland mouret.

Roland Mouret's Fall/Winter collection was packed to the brim with all things wonderful: cool sorbet huessophisticated peplum separates, and some of the most ingenious tailoring I have ever seen. I particularly enjoyed the mash-up of menswear-inspired, tailored outerwear and feminine, pastel shift dresses. Seeing this collection right before my eyes (from the third row!) during the Audi Fashion Festival might have left me a little biased, but this collection will forever resonate in my mind as proof that an array of simple pieces can really make an impact.
For an under-ten-minute long show, the collection ticked a LOT of boxes. From effortlessly simple shift dresses to fur-topped pastel hued outfits, every ensemble that was sent down the runway possessed something from the greater scope of things; at least one recurring element drawn from Mouret’s initial inspiration. In other words, there were no “filler” pieces just to pass the time; each ensemble was brutally concise and adhered firmly to a set of motifs, fabrics, colors and tailoring styles to create a solid collection with a strong aesthetic identity. I’ve picked out a few of my favourite trends within this collection and collaged them below:
I love the interesting architectural quality of the crossover-neck. 
Think of it as a scarf, I guess. With a bolder “twist.” (pun intended!)

Voluminous fur, meet sorbet hues and pastel peplum. Probably one of the most unexpected combinations in this collection, but definitely a favorite of mine. There’s actually nothing cuter than a peek of peplum or a flap-pocket underneath a huge ball of fur (that somehow manages to still look chic). Roland, I don’t know how you do it.

Another fabulous highlight of the collection – a succulent abundance of masculine tailoring in various forms: fitted, slouchy, or tweaked to look girly. The angular shoulders and no-fuss colors made ‘borrowing from the boys’ something we ladies should contemplate doing more often.

This is the part where the girls bring out their scissors, needle-and-thread and pastel colored dye; menswear is about to get a whole new look. Whoever thought muted, manly office-wear could be so intimately related with such gloriously girly confections? Along with his fantabulous team of seamstresses, Mouret has managed to whip up a plethora of different neckline designs for each ensemble. While the peplum dress on the extreme right boasts pleated puffy shoulders, the electric-white pantsuit next to it (center right) has a lovely loose fit but a wide, creased shoulder to raise the bar. The blue ensemble (centre left) possesses a delicately folded bust and shoulder, reminiscent of the elegant Japanese paper-folding art form: origami.

Another super-great thing (gosh, I could go on forever gushing about my love for this collection) about Mouret’s AW2012 line is that it sticks to an exclusive color palette, which is echoed and recreated through the whole collection in ways that really did make my jaw drop. Take that shapeless lemony frock paired with knee-high boots, for instance. Gorgeous color, light fabric, and the ruched shoulders and crinkled neckline are super feminine. Now, on the far right we have another ensemble featuring the stunning fluorescent hue. A restructured, slouchy take on the modern blazer, this unusually long piece of outerwear is equipped with lethally tailored broad shoulders, and a sharp pair of pants to match. And there you have it, a floaty, DVF-esque dress and a sleeveless, slouchy blazer-type-thing-which-still-qualifies-as-super-cool, both coated in the same, delicious color. Roland Mouret is definitely one to conjure up ingenious juxtapositions of his own designs (and present them within the same collection), which give every collection of his an authentic feel. 
Sorry that this post was months late (AFF was ages ago), I totally forgot about it but I still really wanted to share it. Hope you enjoyed!

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xx v.



floral-framed sunglasses -- urban outfitters // floral button-down -- thrifted // denim cutoffs -- gap // bag -- H&M // belt -- H&M

"Let summer set you free."

The quote above was from a letter written to me at the beginning of summer by my best friend. I feel so peaceful whenever I read it; it makes me feel like I'm putting my life into the hands of an unknown entity dubbed as "summer," and letting "summer" take me away and throw me into situations and places I could never even dream of. Summer is when we unravel the dusty cocoons formed during the remaining months of the year and spread our wings and go places and open ourselves to the new world around us. It's when we let ourselves be touched and moulded and shaped and influenced by the new people we meet, the new things we see and the new places we go. Summer is the time we all become butterflies, you could say. But as much as summer changes and shapes us, it also manages to embed a slice of itself into us: a slice saturated with scars and snapshots and memories that'll remain infinitely vivid and play a vital, albeit nostalgic role in the rest of your life. Summer leaves it's mark on me every year in one way or another, be it a heartbreak and a subsequent love lesson, or a friendship that will stay dear to my heart for the rest of my life. Summer has many facets and it is somehow much larger than the sum of these facets: it's a part of something bigger. It's not just about sand, hot lifeguards and late nights, nor is it merely a vacation from life as we know it. It isn't just a time for fairytale love, and it certainly isn't just what the thermostat reads on a baking afternoon. These tiny aspects are what summer is made of, but adding them all up won't even come close to the authentic magic of the season.

Much like this Marks and Spencers floral button-down I picked up at a thrift store in Ireland a few weeks ago, summer is slowly but surely fading. But maybe that isn't a bad thing - faded shirts with granny-inspired prints will always be cool in my books. As for summer's gradual fade into the school year, that is a bad thing. It's a terrible thing. Heck, I already find myself dreaming about and planning for next summer!

Although I wish I could chase the perennial humid summer weather out of Singapore, it's the long months of absence and relaxation that summer entails which I must sadly wave goodbye to. Summer, I bid you a bittersweet farewell.

+ Don't forget to enter my summer care-pack giveaway here!

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600 followers calls for a giveaway!

At the bittersweet end of every summer, I find that I’ve always collated a tiny treasure trove of must-haves over the two months I spend travelling. Be it a day spent under the sun roaming the streets of Paris or a chilly evening onboard a river cruise in Ireland, dry lips and skin have sadly become annoyances that I’ve had to deal with all summer long. Thankfully, I have Vaseline to thank for my ever-moistened lips. I’ve always relied on Vaseline’s heavenly pots of lip-balm, and when I came across this favorite of mine - newly manufactured with Cocoa Butter extract (and scent!), well, let’s just say I bought enough to moisturize an army.

In some cases, dry skin can mean dead skin too, so every few days I used Soap and Glory’s deliciously scented Flake Away exfoliator to remove dead skin cells for brighter skin. Summer is always a fast-paced time for our family; we’re constantly running from A to B without much time in between. I carry around Simple Face Wipes, which gently remove makeup and sunscreen and give me a refreshing boost. Whether we’re dashing from the beach to catch a dinner reservation or coming home after a long day in the city, these awesome wipes give me a fresh face and instant moisture. I also LOVE facemasks – they’re such a great way to end a long day! Try Mudd’s pure clay deep cleansing facemask to give your skin a healthy treat.

After spending days on a boat with limited access to showers (gross, I know) and exposure to harsh, hair-whipping winds, I relied on Toni&Guy’s Sea Salt Texturising Spray to keep my hair looking (and smelling) half decent. On the rare occasion I was required to dress up, my go-to product(s) for an instantly pampered look were my super-versatile mini nail polishes from Topshop, which were easy to carry around and fun for a quickie mani-pedi on a boring day.

To say thank you for all your support – and especially for helping me hit 600 Google Friend Connect followers, I’m giving away a Seven Inch Stilettos Care Pack containing the 6 different essentials I’ve reviewed in this post! (Don’t worry, I bought brand new ones to give you guys, you won’t be using my leftovers!)
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If you’ve got any questions regarding any of the information I’ve provided, please feel free to let me know by contacting me here.

Good luck to everyone who enters, and thanks again for all your support! You guys rock my socks.

xx v.

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10QQ with meera.

With her sparkling, wide smile and a mane of dark, waist-length hair that would make any girl envious, it’s impossible to miss Meera. She’s one of the few bloggers who have stuck with me since the primitive, amateur and borderline embarrassing beginnings of Seven Inch Stilettos, and our similar outlook on fashion – as well as our closeness in age and location, have turned our generic blogger-friendship into a real life one. We try and meet up once every few months, and we usually end up just sitting around, delivering lengthy soliloquies to each other about our love for the fashion industry. She’s a walking example of how much blogging has impacted my life; never did I think I’d meet someone as like-minded as myself through the internet, let alone someone who happens to live 5 minutes down the road from me! Seven Inch Stilettos has provided me with various opportunities and fulfillments, and the solid friendship I’ve built with Meera is one I hold close to my heart. She’s the fabulous writer behind Moments with Meeraone of my daily reads and all-time favourites. Aaaaand as you’ve probably figured out by now, she’s the August 10QQ blogger!
1) Favourite Magazines: Vogue US/India, TeenVogue, Seventeen Singapore, Harper’s Bazaar UK.
2) Dream House: A penthouse apartment overlooking the heart of Central Park in Manhattan, NYC.
3) Must-have Beauty Item: Sephora Eyeliner. MAC lipgloss is really versatile and has a long-lasting finish, too.
4) All-time favorite author: I just discovered John Green, who’s novels are amazing. I’ve always loved Ann Brashares too!
5) Best Vacation Experience: One summer a few years back, I traveled to NYC, London and Paris all in one go, which was an experience I’ll never forget.
6) Something that scares you: I’m scared for the future after high school, but it’s terribly exciting at the same time.
7) Blogging goals: Reaching 600 followers on Google Friend Connect by the end of the year is one of them, and one of my biggest goals is coming true this August; I’ll be featured in Seventeen Singapore!
8) Bloggers you look up to: I love the bloggers behind stunning blogs such as Luella and June, Into the Gloss, Cupcakes and Cashmere, and The Style Bubble.
9) Food(s) you despise: Brussel sprouts and asparagus, probably.
10) Place(s) you’d love to visit: Venice and Prague!
What do you think of Meera's style and her blog, Moments with Meera?
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summer inspiration.

Here are some pictures I've gathered off Tumblr which pretty much sum up the meaning of summer to me - a time of glorious relaxation and exciting adventures; of lazy mornings, sun-drenched afternoons and adrenaline-fueled nights, of endless adventure and exciting exploration. It's a well-deserved hiatus from the monotonous routines of school/work which we are subjected to for the remainder of the year. Summer is such a brilliant time in so many ways, but I definitely think the best thing about summer is the fact that it's yours. It's a huge chunk of time for you to use in whatever way you want, and time is always of the essence when you're living in a city and there's barely enough of it to breathe. 

Some spend their summers attending camps, doing internships and enriching their knowledge and experience. Others unplug themselves from the world and embark on extensive adventures to the most remote places on our planet - without contact to the outside world for weeks. Some spend their days and nights by the ocean; and come home with flushed cheeks, stringy hair and sandy toes. The season of summer is so infinite: it's filled with such a vast variety of possibilities and opportunities, and this summer has flown by all too quickly.

Because I live in such a tropical climate, spending summer somewhere a little more chilly is never an issue. Our annual return to Ireland demands a host of jeans, sweaters and layers, because we see grey skies and windy storms far more often than we see the sun shining here. Although that's certainly a reason to grumble for most, I quite enjoy the refreshing change in weather - it's an excuse to utilize some of my favourite wardrobe pieces: wool blazers, fur hoodies and printed scarves. I'm in Ireland right now, and this year we've been lucky with quite a bit of sunshine!

Hope everyone's enjoying the last few weeks of this glorious season C:
xx v.

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