BYFEINE launch.

 dress - fashfix (tally weijl) // shoes - new look // belt - oasap // clutch - primark // earrings - swarovski
I attended BYFEINE's launch party a couple weekends ago, and more recently I've had the honor of modelling for them as well (pictures coming in November!). With edgy pieces in minimalist hues, the "Feine Girl" is described by owner Elynn Yong as "luxe, feisty, and fine as f**k." A cosy gathering of fashionistas in the Candle Boutique on Bali Lane (which is normally a photography studio/multi-label store) celebrated the emerging label, and guests enjoyed free flows of Carlsberg and RedBull, BYFEINE's kind sponsors for the event. 

In an attempt to dress in mild accordance to the "Feine Girl," I chose a flirty olive-colored dress from Tally Weijl with cute tiers of fabric and an otherwise simple, comfortable silhouette. But here's the catch: it cost me a dollar. Yep, $1! I bought it at the launch of a couple months back, and that dress could very well be one of the best investments I've ever made. Take a look at's website here: it's a new, innovative way to shop people's closets and sell your own stuff - all at super low prices! Lastly, this gorgeous belt from OASAP pulled together this outfit (literally); the gold, brocade design is just too stunning!


future fashion now ss13 | part 2.

{read part 1 here}
From eclectic neon florals at Jonathan Liang to wild watercolors at Juma; edgy metallics from Saturday and simple feminine dresses by Saena - The 7.30pm Future Fashion Now show at Wisma Atria's "Workshop Element" show-space really packed a punch, and left the entire audience exhilarated, refreshed, and ready for more. With such a vast range of beautifully crafted clothing from some of the world's most promising talents, watching such carefully curated aesthetics and strong thematic flavors come to life on the runway certainly fueled my enthusiasm for fashion.
 Jonathan Liang
Eye catching florals? Check. Modern neon accents? Check. A range of beautifully combined fabrics in a whole host of styles to fit all sorts of body shapes and preferences? Check check check. Jonathan Liang's SS13 collection was certainly not for the faint hearted; with playful elements that gave a nod towards the designer's light-hearted side, these sophisticated separates are perfect for the child in all of us. Pleated skirts, fluorescent hems and 3D flower appliques (I KNOW!!!!!) formed the basis for this succulently floral collection, while sharply tailored basics such as crisp white blouses and black pencil skirts brought it back down to earth. Furthermore, Liang's show was the only one that didn't have Also, extra points go to those cheeky bralets - I normally despise these, but Jonathan Liang has succeeded in turning these provocative, slightly distasteful articles of clothing into works of art, the same way he succeeds with the rest of his collection: with volume, color, and a little grin.

{view/shop the whole collection here}
I don't know how else to put this, so I'll just say it: this collection looks like the designer has had too much to drink and too many colors to choose from. And of course, I mean that in the best way possible. So many designers, emerging ones in particular, play it safe for SS13 with generic brights and monotonous prints, and Juma's daring leap into the neon aisle (a leap that caused a number of paints to fall off the shelves, splatter everywhere, and thus caused the explosion that is Juma SS13. My creativity is too abundant) made everyone sit up straighter in their seats. In fact, I could practically hear the cameras clicking faster and faster, lapping up each meticulously crafted piece. Loud statement prints and summer hues are injected with a superfluous dose of electricity to create the marvelously eye-catching collection, and the humble floral print is given a whole new update in eclectic, unexpected hues. After the show, I overheard some people talking about Juma's presentation, saying: "I loved the bright colors!" Honestly, "bright" is a total and utter understatement.

Simple, sultry and effortlessly chic, this summery collection is brimming with versatile monochrome dresses punctuated with simple, girly accents. Filled with staple pieces for the warmer months, these day-to-night frocks are littered with subdued details and each have a relaxed, "resort" silhouette. A winning color scheme, yes, but a little too one-dimensional and narrow in terms of variety of texture, cut, style and "wow-factor."

Cute, floral musings and washed out pastel? Nah, more like androgynous tailoring, minimalistic metallics and sophisticated sex appeal. Saturday gave S/S collections a whole new meaning, and filtered out anything expected and generic. With a strong eye for tailoring and refined aesthetic taste, Saturday's take on Spring/Summer isn't for the faint at heart. The show opened with a wonderful array of metallic shift dresses, stripped of all accessories and embellishments to a gorgeously minimalist state. Following that were urban-chic separates for the introverted city-dweller (or the comfort seeking individual!), which introduced a medley of new textures to the collection: each draped and cut to immaculate perfection. Woven throughout the entire show was a number of remarkable tailored sleeveless "jackets," which could be worn over a fitted pair of pants, unbutton and thrown on over a slinky dress, or (yikes!) even alone, as shown in the images above. If that doesn't scream versatile, understated and utterly chic, I don't know what does.
Which collection did you guys like the best and why?
 Credits to Studio 719 for all the spectacular runway images!


future fashion now ss13 | part 1.

 With the whole world moving at the speed of light, having to wait a whole season to get your paws on that gooooorgeous Tory Burch bag isn't only fashion torture, but it's impractical, inefficient, and is probably one of the greatest drawbacks of the industry, although no one ever says so. That's why Future Fashion Now might just be the next greatest thing ever - it empowers consumers to order custom-made looks straight off the runway in real time. Debuting at Singapore's Audi Fashion Festival in May 2012, FFN hopes to lift up emerging designers and bring fashionistas closer to their clothes - thus bridging the gap between customer and designer. FFN made an appearance at Paris Fashion Week this year, and on Wednesday night, they did the whole thing all over again for their supporters on their home turf - all 11 designers packed into three absolutely electric shows:

Show 1: Khoon Hooi (Kuala Lumpur), Esther Perbandt (Berlin), Ong Shunmugam (Singapore) and Elohim by Sabrina Goh (Singapore).
Show 2: Saena (Berlin), Saturday (Singapore), Juma (New York), Jonathan Liang (Paris).
Show 3: Dzojchen (Singapore), Mae Pang (Singapore), Evenodd (Singapore). 

 With beautiful models, fast-paced turnovers, deafening beats and the brightest lights, every single audience member remained thoroughly intrigued for the duration of all three shows. I'd be typing until tomorrow morning if I were to tell you exactly what I thought of every aspect of the event, so I'll split my FFN roundup into three parts - one for each show. 

Khoon Hooi 
 {view the whole collection here}
A vibrant celebration of youthfulness, color and luxury, Khoon Hooi's SS13 ensembles were saturated with texture, femininity and delectable candy-colored embellishments. It struck the perfect balance between demureness and sensuality and effortlessly flattered the female form. By mixing summery prints such as lace and retro florals and layering them with the likes of neutral chiffon and mesh, the collection satisfied a wide array of style preferences and trends. While hemlines were short and mesh overlays were provocative, the neutral backdrop upon which the glitzy sequins resided provided a classy complexion for the more risque aspects of Hooi's imagination to take flight. I especially enjoyed his innovative take on the much overdue peplum trend; by "lacing" the fabric in the same way you lace a shoe (see this lacing on the blue minidress above), he injected a classic, long-term trend with a refreshing update. He manipulated silhouettes with the unique use of ornamental organza flowers, usually in a muted, matte gold color. These twirly floral additions were placed at the waist, hips and occasionally the shoulders, and succeeded as the perfect summery touch for a very modern collection. Each of the zips were decorated with a thick bunch of black tassels, serving as a subtle defining feature of Hooi's work - tres cute, if you ask me! Streamlined mustard pantsuits, T-strap dresses and brocade motifs created by coral-colored sequins were definite standouts, and although the sex appeal was another bonus, the low cut dresses and barely-there backs could've easily resulted in a nip-slip or two. Or four. Nevertheless, from sequin-smothered shift dresses to luxuriously shapeless maxis, Hooi's creations ticked all the boxes of what a successful Spring/Summer collection should be.

Esther Perbandt 
 {view the whole collection here}
(apologies for the lack of runway pictures, Camilla and I were undergoing some technical difficulties with the camera during Esther Perbandt's show!)
With an evident penchant for fabric deconstruction and subsequent re-construction, Perbandt's belief in the power of fabric is evident through the lack of stand-out embellishments and kaleidoscopic color in her collection. Simple pleated shorts, alluring sheer blouses and unfinished pantsuits gave the feminine form a fresh new identity, punctuated by the recurring use of metallic chain-belts. These elegant belts ultimately determined the silhouette of any given ensemble, and were used to a variety of powerful effects. Hung loosely as a drop waist in one instance, and fastened firmly at the waist in another, they wove through the whole collection and suggested an industrial feel. Speaking of weaves, the sophisticated shift dress in stone-cold blue (the only evidence of color in this collection) sported a classic weave and a contrasting modern neckline, adding a refreshing new dimension to the presentation. Ultra-sheer swathes of black chiffon were sent down the runway, and appeared to have been massacred by the likes of a three year old with scissors and were covered with oddly placed zips. The same million-dollar aesthetic was brought down to earth in the form of an equally "zippy" grey cardigan, a slouchy grey tank emblazoned with a modern motif, and neutral harem pants, which, dare I say, looked comfy enough to be pajamas! With such strong androgynous tailoring and a beautifully silent aesthetic, the skillful manipulation of mere fabric without any fussy frills attached was more than enough to do justice to this designer's work.

Elohim by Sabrina Goh 
 {view the whole collection here}
Mint greens, electric blues and blazing reds, Goh's works of art exploded onto the runway and left behind a fluorescent, psychedelic trail which set the mood for the rest of the evening. Modern, sterile, and oh-so geometric, this collection played with only a few colors but did so to a marvelous extent. Each model was sent down the runway donning a pair of mirrored space-age glasses, which only emphasized the clean-cut power of what they were wearing. The show opened with a seamless, fluid asymmetrical side-slit dress in a shocking blue (pictured in black on the far left of the runway photos), which showed no evidence of hemline stitching, or for that matter, any form of stitching. This was followed by modern shift dresses (pictured on the far left of the lookbook photos) and preppy frocks updated for the 21st (or 22nd...) century. Sleeveless and full-skirted a la 1950s, but sensually thigh-skimming and adorned with peplum overlays (pictured on the far right of the runway photos) in less-than-demure colors. Goh subsequently began to showcase her explorations into volume and shape, and played with stripy boyfriend tees which were reincarnated later into office-ready tailored separates. Standouts from this collection would have to be the puzzle side-slit dress (pictured on the far right of the lookbook photos), an ingenious marriage between a soft gray skirt and an architectural blue shift, and the puzzle top (pictured in the center of the runway photos), a cut-and-paste confection of prints in a desirable slouchy cut. 

Ong Shunmugam 
Ong Shunmugam is on the "quest to craft beautiful clothes" and put "sartorial construction before fast fashion," and after sitting through a five minute runway presentation of their absolutely delectable Spring/Summer 2013 collection, I am completely and utterly taken with this brand. Created for the "thoughtful dresser," Ong Shunmugam ateliers across Asia look only as far as their oriental front lawns for inspiration, and combine sophisticated prints through the use of gentle geometric shapes to create multifaceted ensembles with a clear oriental heritage. Almost all the looks employed the same simple collar (I don't really know if it's Chinese or Japanese or whatever, but I know that it's Asian!), which served to elongate the neck and conceal the chest/cleavage in the manner of a conservative, classy woman. With a million dollar color palette, this pared-down collection sported everything from elegant olive pantsuits to caped floor length dresses, and plenty of lace-adorned shift dresses in between. I particularly enjoyed the shift dresses, which each displayed up to four different prints and a medley of colors. As the show progressed, the collection began to pull away from strict Asian influences, and explore general floral motifs. Powerful capes were the perfect way to end the show - and the translucency of the chiffon floral capes looked beautiful against the runway lights. Ong Shunmugam provided a dramatic sequence of pieces, but they weren't silly and theatrical. They were inspired by fantasy, yet were utterly in-tune with reality.  
Which collection did you guys like the best and why?


lace & ebony.

Founded in December 2011, Lace and Ebony has quickly become one of Singapore's most prominent destinations for online shopping - and with such beautiful designs for the fashion-conscious individual as well as a wallet-friendly price range of $25-$35 apiece, it's no surprise the brand has taken the fancy of thousands of women. The brand strikes a successful balance between quality and affordability, and this collection, entitled "Casual Fallacy," consists of staple separates which add a fashion-forward flavor to any wardrobe. High-waisted shorts with a lacy overlay, feathery-light blazers in electric hues, galaxy print dresses and the snuggliest shirts you could imagine... you name it and Lace and Ebony will most probably have it. Seriously. Selling everything from office-worthy apparel to floor-length dresses, owner Angela describes Lace and Ebony clothing as "feminine with an edge." As well as being able to shop directly from their website, Lace and Ebony has expanded to sell at local boutique FirstDay (Plaza Singapura B1-19).

I had the privilege of modelling Lace and Ebony's newest collection, which I honestly could not have fallen more in love with (call it a clothes crush, IT HAPPENS OKAY). I can recall previous shoots where my departure was met with a twinge of sadness in my heart as I thought of all the beautiful clothes I'd worn - and then had to walk away from, but that frivolous materialistic heartache was amplified a thousand times after shooting this collection. I honestly loved every single piece to the desperate extent that I immediately spent the money I'd earned from modelling on two of my favorite pieces (I had to narrow down from 15 pieces to 2, sigh).
So what are you guys waiting for? Head over to at 10pm (Singapore time!) tomorrow night (18th October) to catch the launch of Casual Fallacy, and treat yourself to some retail therapy without breaking the bank! Check out Lace and Ebony on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and TWITTER as well (@laceandebony)

What do you think of Lace and Ebony's new collection "Casual Fallacy," and what's your favorite piece from the photos above?

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think pink.

October is International Breast Cancer Awareness month, and you can do your part to support the fight simply by mixing a little pink into your life. Spritz on Juicy Couture's "Viva La Juicy" perfume for a refreshing, feminine burst, or slide into a pair of dusty pink skinny jeans on a chilly day. Neon patent Doc Martens help give any daytime outfit a healthy dose of color, and fuchsia pumps are a great way to girly-up a nighttime ensemble. Pale pink embellished chandelier earrings are an easy way to look a million bucks, and slip into a fitted blazer in the same vibrant hue for maximum results. A bad hair day, morning frizz or mere laziness can be concealed with a cute, magenta beanie from Helly Hansen, and you can never go wrong with a quilted bag - it doesn't even have to be from Chanel! And lastly, before you walk out the door each morning , do yourself a favor and break out your pink beauty products. Shimmery pink eyeshadow and light coral blush are my new go-to products; they're demure enough for work/school, and they do an excellent job of naturally enhancing facial features. Here's to us ladies everywhere!
"Dedicated to those who have lost the fight and to those who won't quit the fight."


my life in pictures II.

all pictures taken from my instagram: @veenamccoole

1. A picture of the Ashton Studio at the Royal Academy of Dance HQ in Battersea, London. I've spent four summers in total attending ballet summer intensives at RAD, and it's been a year since I was last there and I miss it incredibly! 2. At a carnival in Paris this summer, munching on one of the most delicious crepes I have ever tasted. 3. A stunning photograph taken this summer (by my mom!) of the sunrise in Douarnenez, Bretagne. 4. Cathedral Notre Dame in Paris, one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. 5. I'm loving The Script's self-titled album. Science and Faith was getting a little repetitive after I spent the whole summer listening to it, so I made a wise switch back to "the oldies," if you could call it that. 6. A delicious butterfly cupcake I had in Borrisokane, Ireland. Irish strawberries are the best! 7. Me and a friend on top of the Ganda La Pass in Ladakh this summer. Yet another one of my summer adventures that I miss dearly! 8. Sable Blanc (White Sand) beach in Finistere at midday; clearly all the French locals are dying for some sun! 9. A picture from the Marc Jacobs x Louis Vuitton exhibition I visited in Paris this summer. This bag was from LV's collaboration with Takashi Murakami in 2003.


warehouse trend talk.

Hosted by ELLE Singapore's lovely Senior Stylist Dora Aljoofri, the Warehouse Trend Talk and AW12 collection preview was a lovely evening of laughs, photographs, and lots and lots of delicious canapes (I may or may not have devoured all those mini mushroom quiches!). After a peruse through the deliciously timeless collection, eager fashionistas gathered around to hear what Dora had to say about the collection. With the help of a fleet of models gliding elegantly through the store, Dora talked us through her favorite pieces in the collection. She summed up the nature of worldwide Autumn/Winter 2012 trends perfectly: "the most opulent season fashion has ever seen." Well, opulence was certainly the right word to use. With rich fabrics in regal hues, the entire collection was sprinkled in class and expensive taste - even the expected leather jacket (typically fit for a half-naked biker chic) was transformed into something of KMiddleton's calibre, thanks to the designers at Warehouse taking a hint from Chanel by quilting the fabric (as worn on stylist Dora and second model from the left). Jodphur-inspired skinny jeans and blouses dotted with "woodland creatures" (another huge recurring motif this season) were a prevalent aspect of the collection, and typically stiff, wallpaper-esque brocade was given a fun update in the form of a flirty, sequined dress (centre image).

The collection was effortlessly classy, and delivered runway-worthy apparel at an attractive high-street price. However, what made the collection especially lovable was the fact that it bridged the daunting gap between the borderline obnoxious trends in high-fashion, and the trends you see on the street. While maintaining modesty and elegance, the collection successfully updated the key features of this season to fit the needs of stylish, young people on a budget. It really doesn't get any better than iridescent, sequined brocade!

Click here to see more pictures from the event.


lana x h&m.


It seems that Tinseltown's favourite girl has reached out her sharp claws to claim even more of the entertainment industry (is it a crime to stick fashion under the umbrella of entertainment? who knows.) - she's conquered modelling, music and movies - and now she's snagged the coveted title of H&M's AW12 face. And just when we thought Lana couldn't be soaring any higher - she's also comfortably secured her role as the face of H&M's AW13 campaign too!

This collection couldn't be more LANA. The designs are Lana, the cynical facial expressions are Lana, the colors are Lana, the hair is Lana. My favorite has to be the baby soft angora sweater in that sumptuous powdery rose hue, and in second place comes those muted floral pants, reminiscent of dark winter nights and forests and fairies and so what if I'm getting carried away because Lana's aesthetic is just so vast and full of possibilities and maybe those pants really are for fairies prancing around in the woods and night and also I love her so much okay.

 I love that this collection is so heavily influenced by her, especially since she's one of the few celebrities with a seriously strong, unshakeable aesthetic. It almost feels like H&M has finally been stamped with the vintage trademark of LDR - in other words, the line seems to represent her more than she represents the line. "A modern and feminine woman with a soft attitude" was apparently the concept of H&M's Autumn/Winter collection, and I don't see how they could've picked a better face. LDR is so incredibly versatile, and as listeners/fans, we get to see so much of who she is through what she does... without her ever saying too much. She has long nails, big hair and an even bigger voice, yet she's mysterious (and I love her for it) and really doesn't say that much in the face of the media. For some celebrities, this lack of extrovert arises as a problem, but I feel like I could be Lana's best friend because of how much I know about her solely through her music.

What do you think of Lana Del Rey's AW12 H&M collaboration? Are you excited to see her comeback during AW13 or would you prefer a change?

+ I also absolutely LOVE Lana's tattoos. I did some research and found out that she has 5 permanent ones, but she also regularly draws temporary ones for her gigs and concerts (namely various infinity signs and the words "life is beautiful" on her wrists). My favorites of her permanent tattoos are the two phrases written on the sides of each of her hands; one reads "paradise" and the other reads "trust no one." She also has the words "die young" on her ring finger, and a cursive capital "M" on her thumb, most probably signifying her grandmother named Madeleine. Lastly, she has "Nabokov Whitman" on her forearm, dedicated to Russian writer Vladimir Nabokov and poet Walt Whitman.


10qq with lissele.

“Dream career? I’m already doing it.”
This month’s 10QQ doesn’t feature a blogger, but a jewellery designer! Meet Lissele, a sixteen-year-old entrepreneurial spirit with a zest for life and an unshakeable love for all accessories! A regular seller at Camden Market as well as various car boot sales, Lissele has expanded her successful jewellery empire and opened a website. She is living proof that with hard work, your aspirations for the future are never as far away as you think.

1) Favorite gemstone and why: Emeralds because they go well with my complexion.
2) What inspired you to start making and selling jewellery? The fact that it’s usually too expensive and I wanted to make it cheaper for teenagers.
3) Favorite pastime: Keeping fit – I belong to the local boxing club!
4) Must-have accessory: My iPhone.
5) Where do you get your jewellery design inspirations? Anything Oriental or Asian-influenced really inspires me.
6) When you started your jewellery website: May 2012.
7) Favorite celebrity icon: Justin Bieber!
8) Ice-cream flavor you can’t stand: Coffee.
9) Favorite school subject? Probably P.E. 
10) Dream career? I’m already doing it – selling cheap jewellery!

What do you think of Lissele and her gorgeous jewellery website?