fall 2012 - england | photo diary.

Here it is; the comprehensive photographic recollection of my marvelous week in Kent + London! For those of you who don't keep up with me on Twitter, I spent a week in early November soaking up the nippy weather, sunny skies (YES you read that correctly - there was magnificent weather!) and beautiful fall scenery of England. Although the purpose of the trip wasn't exactly for leisure (I spent the first half of the trip studying and sitting various exams, eek!), I ended up doing a lot of shopping, sightseeing and touristy photo-taking in England's stunning capital city. Following my rambles (which should end soon) is a photo-diary which will hopefully take you on a visual journey through my various experiences over the past week, including one or two repetitive outfits (Singapore Airlines' weight allowance unfortunately didn't accommodate my entire wardrobe so apologies for the lack of diversity in the apparel department!), tourist-y shots, and countless snaps of the crispy fall leaves/bare trees - I seriously can't help myself when it comes to fall, I have such a weakness for the burnt hues of the perishing foliage, the fragile, naked branches and the fresh-red-cheeks weather that goes along with it. It's such a beautiful representation of nature's most intricate cycle; the dying, falling, absence and subsequent regrowth of leaves, and the leisurely decline in temperature followed by the eagerness of warm sun, gently nudging the snow out until next year. Judging by the snowstorms that have hit my cousins in Connecticut, my description was probably a little (or a lot) romanticized, but when you live in a tropical city without the luxuries of dynamic weather, all you've got is your imagination to fuel you (e.g. turning my air-con down to 10˚C on Christmas Eve in order to bundle up in several woolly articles of clothing and pretend I'm in Europe). Enjoy!



With a delicious potluck feast, walls lined with funky cameras and hipsters aplenty, Lomography Singapore's 20th Anniversary Party was the perfect way to kickstart my weekend with the ever-lovely Zack. Admittedly, such an event wasn't exactly a fashion blogger's stomping ground, and given my lack of proficiency with cameras/electronic devices in general, I felt a tad out of place, but I got up and did the macarena anyway and then I made friends and ate lots of cake. My knowledge about photography doesn't even exceed Instagram, but I can't deny my love for the lightweight, colorful cameras and the one-of-a-kind effects that they bestow on photographs of any kind. Meerly Wang, Managing Director of Lomography Singapore, was lovely enough to have a chat with Zack and I; she named the fish-eye lens as her all-time favorite and recommended the "La Sardina" camera for rookies like myself - so who knows, maybe I'll start my photography career with Lomography soon!


quiz | what's your fall style?

1. My favorite season is:
a) Winter
b) Fall
c) Summer

2. I would describe my style as:
a) Feminine - I love layering!
b) Geometric - I like playing with shapes and tailoring.
c) Celebrity inspired - I keep my outfits edgy and on-trend.

3. ______ matters most to me.
a) Being comfortable and warm
b) Looking classy and professional
c) Standing out

4. My favorite accessories are:
a) A wool-blend hat or soft scarves
b) A couple of versatile geometric, statement accessories
c) Every single bracelet/necklace/ring I own

5. My favorite color palette has to be:
a) neutral lights, such as cream, white, grey and tan.
b) muted hues, such as brick red, navy blue and forest green.
c) fluorescents and brights, with lots of neon and ombre.

6. My go-to piece in my wardrobe:
a) My woolly cardigan
b) My tailored blazer
c) My ripped jeans

If you chose mostly a's:
Silky soft layers in creamy hues are reminiscent of winter's powdery beds of snow and are perfect for those more inclined to pursue a "comfortable-chic" look. Muted tones like the ones pictured above don't leave much room for error, and can be easily layered to suit the temperature or your mood. A favorite of mine has got to be that aztec-printed woolly - the shapelessness of it would go so well with a pair of equally flattering skinny jeans!

If you chose mostly b's:
 Step up the edginess with architectural heels, fitted blazers, tailored shorts and studded loafers. While you're going crazy with dimension, shape and form, make sure you keep a good balance by skipping out on colors that are too extreme. Ditch the vermillion and opt for a brick red, and who needs electric blue jeans when you've got an effortless pair of acid-washed ones? Next time you're out for some retail therapy, opt for the accessories rack instead and pick up some statement bracelets/geometric necklaces!

If you chose mostly c's:
Your wardrobe is best defined as a disorderly explosion of color and eclectic finds, regardless of whether you picked them up from Fendi or a flea market. Sometimes the most unexpected color combinations wind up being the best, and you're definitely not afraid to take that risk! Get your hands on as many printed pieces as you can, stir things up with a colorful ombre top, and finish with white-hot Docs for a winning ensemble. 


a coat for crispy weather.

I hardly ever do outfit posts, but I thought I might as well take advantage of the crisp-y weather and crispier leaves that Kent is abundantly scattered with during this glorious time of year and take some pictures in my new Topshop coat, which was literally my savior throughout my chilly week in the UK. I'm back home in Singapore now and until my next trip to somewhere cool, this coat is sadly of no use to me, but I love it so much I might even get it framed. This was actually the outfit I wore on the plane (minus the coat), so I wasn't exactly rocking the fresh-faced look; it was more of a 12-hour-flights-suck look. This Zara top is one of the few items of clothing I own which my dad has purchased for me (without my presence/immediate consent, that is) - he's not really one for fashion, but he definitely hit gold with this simple striped wonder. He even bought it in the right size! Paired with soft Topshop jeans and my trusty H&M satchel that never leaves my side (and is now sadly falling apart), this outfit was, in a word: easy. No frills or fuss; perfect for anything from long-haul flights to lazy afternoon tea coffee (jetlag must be overcome!) in a tiny British town. 

The first thing I did when I landed? Bought myself a packet of good old British crisps - Walkers, that is. If there's one thing I love about visiting Britain/Ireland, it's getting my hands on a pack of their traditional, timeless crisps. Not chips - crisps.  



 With an adorable collar and a romantic lace overlay, this feminine piece is sure to make you feel princess-y!

 The super-versatile Kelly dress is simple and has such cute shoulder detailing, definitely not to miss!

 This adorable number in a summery, pastel hue is a must-have in any girl's wardrobe!

Lace and peplum are definitely a match made in heaven, and I'm such a sucker for that beautiful royal blue color!

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margiela x h&m.

I know I'm like, 10 light-years behind everyone else on the M.M.M x H&M collab hype (which seemed to have subsided a little after the cray-cray NY launch party came and went), but after ploughing through piles of homework as generous, voluminous and abundant as the fabric lavished on this particular McQueen concoction (there I go again, trying to make connections between McQueen and my life. Heh.), only now do I have the pleasure of kicking back with some Earl Grey (with milk and sugar - my new obsession!) and enjoying these beautiful designs. The intricate kimono-style patchwork was a definite winner for me, and the sharp blue number with a flourishing sleeve screamed "trendy urban bitchacho whom you should NAHT mess with," again, always a winner! I go weak at the knees for anything with a lucite heel (I'm in the midst of begging Mom for her gorgeous pair of black Prada pumps with a deliciously chunky, translucent heel), so the lush leather boots pictured in the second-to-right image have got to be on the top of my infinite wishlist; what a great way to update the stiff equestrian boot! With ingenious plays on volume, style, and even culture - this collaboration will fly off the shelves. And how, you may ask? Why, upon these particular McQueen wings of my choice, of course! (I'm on a roll with these McQueen references, aren't I).

What do you think of this collaboration? Which is your favorite piece from the images above?


10qq with sara ann.

Once upon a time, there was a chubby, fat kid called Sara Ann K. Always in the "Trim And Fit club" (a "club" for overweight kids to exercise together during school), she had no idea that later on in life she would be thrust into the world of acting, fashion, modelling and beauty pageants. Once aptly nicknamed "Ugly Duckling" in primary school (and she has the autograph book to prove it), Sara was one of the hot favorites in Ford Supermodel of the Year contest in 99'/00, and blazed her way into many hearts during Miss Singapore Universe in 2002, where she ended up as one of the top 5 finalists. 
She stumbled into the world of social media in 2004 when she hosted Singapore's first online blogging contest, Moblogs by Singtel. During the 4 years she helmed the site as "hostsara", she gained more than 10,000 page views daily on her personal blog, interacted with fans over more than 5000 text messages a day and finally understood the meaning of html. Since retiring from the blogosphere, she continued pursuing her career in media and entertainment and has, for the last 4 years, been the most recognizable face on The Straits Times RazorTV, an online channel owned by Singapore's national newspaper, where she now is a producer, presenter and journalist. Besides finally "getting to use my brains and my degree, like my mom wants" at her current position, she has covered events and interviewed personalities across fields such as fashion, lifestyle, sports and even politics, and hopes to have a talk-show of her own one day. 
1) Best place you've ever visited: Can I get back to you when I'm on my deathbed? Though at that point, I think I'd be looking forward to heaven instead. Otherwise- the dreams in my head. (Or anywhere with chocolate).
2) Must-have beauty product: Does deodorant count? I always keep a bottle of spray-on antiperspirant on me. Even the strongest ones have limited superhero powers in sunny Singapore, and some times we spend hours in the hot sun running after people for soundbites on the streets and then have to rush to an interview with a celeb, or worse... a date. So deo is a must have! (Along with wet wipes.)
3) Tips for being infront of the camera: Be yourself. I can't stress this enough. Once you try to be someone else, the camera doesn't lie. Oh, and energy energy energy!
4) Hardest thing you've ever done (career-wise): To know when to let go. And move on. 
5) Most embarrassing moment: Where do I start... I won't be able to stop! I've learnt that no matter what, always wear Team A underwear. 'Nuff said.
6) Favorite fragrance: FOOD! I use tons of moisturizers, scents and candles with Vanilla in them, but I use a few fragrances depending on my mood (and if I remember to!) when I step out of the house. I love male scents - I've used Chromo Azzaro, Davidoff and I love Christian Dior's Bois D'Argent. I also use floral ones like Lancome's Miracle, Pleasures from Estee Lauder and Chanel's Allure - I usually mist these onto my hair. Fruity ones like Escada Ibiza Hippie and Pacific Paradise I use for days when I want to have fun and flirt. I am also very into aromatherapy oils which I pick up from!
7) Most memorable moment from your career (or more than one!): Too many to count! But if you're asking about celebs... Well, landing up dating one of my interviewees, I guess. That one was of the best interviews ever.
8) Something you always keep at your bedside: Water. And my phone.
9) Relationship status? Even my Facebook doesn't know the answer to that!
10) Tips for any budding presenters, models, or media/fashion journalists: 
Presenters: Never be proud. PRACTICE. It is a skill that can't be learnt; you're either a natural or you're not. 
Models: Never be proud. Beauty is transient. Listen to your mother. Keep your knees together. Take off your makeup every night.
Fashion Journalists: Never be proud. You don't have to look like Gaga to be a fashion journo. And follow your heart, and your instincts. Have integrity.
If you'd like to be one of seven inch stilettos' monthly 10QQ features, get in touch here!


digital fashion week 2012.

blouse - forever 21 // belt - c/o greenpoppies // skirt - c/o ohmysmoothies // clutch - thailand // flats - steve madden

Runway shows from emerging designers all over the world in the comfort of your sweatpants and your bed. Live interviews with designers straight after they've taken their final bow - hosted by a panel of regional bloggers. Exclusive backstage footage of, wait, Sophie Sumner and Andrej Pejic getting ready to walk? Yep, this is 21st century fashion for everyone to enjoy. Livestreamed on Youtube, Google+ and, with a host of live tweets and Instagram snaps from the beautiful Tent@Millenia Ritz Carlton Singapore, never before has fashion week been so exposed and so available to absolutely anyone who has internet connection and a passion for fashion.

dress - vintage // shoes - thrifted // clutch - coach

Digital Fashion Week Singapore was the first official Digital Fashion Week (ever), and being a part of it was an incredible honor. Not only was I able to witness both Tze Goh and Eugene Lin's SS13 runway presentations with my lovely sidekick Zack, but I was also on the panel of bloggers who co-hosted the Google+ Hangout interviews with the designers and personalities of DFW2012. It was incredibly exciting to be a part of such a groundbreaking new progression in the digital age, and my huge expectations for the fashion shows were fulfilled to immense excess. 
Before Eugene Lin's show - a brilliant dance duo named *Asterisk performed an electric dance set filled with thrilling movements combined with the mind-blowing use of virtual geometric shapes projected onto the runway backdrop, which the dancers skilfully manipulated, dodged and played with. As a dancer, I was thoroughly impressed by the technique and priceless precision shown by *Asterisk - I've never seen a better fusion of technology and dance before!
Predominantly toying with mannish trenchcoats, galactic fiery prints and every shade of pink under the sun - Eugene Lin gets a solid 10 out of 10 from me. His collection was extensive, versatile, and extraordinarily wearable; it's not too often a 15-year-old girl like me thinks of extravagant, other-worldly runway pieces as possible candidates for her own closet, but Eugene struck the perfect balance between wearable and ornate; practical and superfluous. Using seemingly simple, functional fabrics throughout the collection, Lin's focus was clearly on perfecting prints, silhouettes, and the tricky translation of imagination into wearable art. From floral powersuits to sophisticated shift dresses, it's hard to picture Lin's creative mind as anything less than a total powerhouse. The collection was everything one could hope to see in a Spring/Summer presentation; it was brave, and it daringly updated some classic pieces while placing heavy emphasis on practicality and wearability. It was brave, it was modern, and it was almost a physical representation of Eugene's stance on the controversial topic of Singapore's fashion scene (read it here): that designers of his calibre should be stirring up the tranquil waters of Singapore's sleepy, stagnant fashion scene with their bold talent. It was brave, and he absolutely WOWed the audience, who all stood up and cheered eagerly. Quite frankly, this designer certainly isn't one who's content with remaining submerged and silenced - Eugene Lin is here to make some waves.

A few of the remarkable people I met at the Ritz Carlton during DFW Day 2: America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 Winner Sophie Sumner, Acclaimed Singaporean London-based designer Eugene Lin, and Emmy-Award winning costume designer/stylist for Sex and the City, Ugly Betty, The Devil Wears Prada (the list goes on forever!) - Patricia Field.
On top of attending two incredible shows, I was part of the blogger panel for the Google+ hangout interviews with Sophie Sumner, OwnMuse, PAULINE.NING and Patricia Field.
Speaking to these industry experts and talented individuals was surreal, and having the opportunity to learn so much about such people and what they do opened my eyes to so much of the fashion industry that I hadn't taken the time to recognize yet. Click on each of their names to watch the Google+ Interview hangouts on Youtube! 
Until next time; I'm psyched for #DFW2013!


burma | photo diary by sid.

 If there's one thing I love alongside my obvious obsessions with fashion and writing, it's definitely traveling. Seeing new places and breathing new air energizes me in a way I can't even describe. During my fifteen short years of life, I've been lucky enough to experience both coasts of the United States, ski down snow-carpeted mountains in Japan, bike alongside the tree-lined Lake Geneva, lounge on the golden beaches of Thailand, hike through untouched valleys in the Himalayas, dance in some of the best studios in London and drive a campervan across New Zealand's South Island. My parents share the belief that money is best spent on experiences as opposed to material things, as experiences can never be taken away from you and foster memories that'll last you a lifetime. While "experiences over material things" might not be the greatest thing for a clothing-obsessed girl to deal with, it's actually something I completely agree with. All the times I have been abroad have marked some of the happiest periods of my existence, for there's really nothing more refreshing than to break away from the daily routine you're trapped in and trust that your subsequent ventures will challenge your mind, sharpen your perspective and open your heart.

All these brilliant photographs were taken by my talented friend Sid during his recent trip to Burma. I've never been to the less-developed parts of Asia such as Burma, Cambodia and Vietnam, but my lack of experience in those places only fuels my thirst to visit them; to witness a medley of new cultures, taste their weird and wonderful delicacies, meet the faces and the souls that shape the country and hear the authentic beat of a new nation. In fact, looking at these photographic masterpieces brings my mind to a good place; I feel myself piecing together fragments of inspiration and forming a moodboard in my mind!
What do you think of these pictures? Have you ever been to Burma?