black & gold.

crop top - topshop
circle skirt - topshop
belt - c/o oasap
necklace - lovisa
cardigan - bebe
heels - c/o clubcouture
bag - marc by marc jacobs

In case you haven't seen it enough all over my Instagram, this outfit is my go-to for almost every occasion. It's versatile, very comfortable, and contains two of my favorite colors: black and gold. I'm not one to usually match what I wear to a predetermined color scheme, but with the number of black and gold things in my wardrobe, I couldn't resist. At first I thought the color combination would come across too stiff and narrowly defined, but I quite like the polished and pulled-together effect it offers to a casual getup. These heels, courtesy of ClubCouture, are the daintiest, classiest and most versatile pair I own, and I get SUCH good use out of them. With a simple black body and nude studded edges, I can think of very few pieces of clothing in my wardrobe that these would NOT fit with. Particularly appropriate for lunch appointments or dinner dates, it's no wonder I wear these babies on such a regular basis.

I realized I didn't quite make an official statement or explicitly share this with my readers, but as you have probably picked up by now, I have relocated to England to pursue the last two years of my high school education before I graduate and go to university. I am at boarding school and currently studying the IB diploma (literally the most stressful yet rewarding thing ever) which unfortunately is the reason why I have had to slow down the blogging to focus on school. It doesn't help that the internet policy at my school is strict, so I have very limited access to all my favorite blogs, and of course, my own beloved baby blog. Anyway, I return to Singapore on quite a regular basis (aka right now) as my parents still live there and we still own a house there, so it's still (and always will be) "home" to me. I just assumed that people knew about this change of situation, judging by the number of Tumblr questions I get about my move to England, taking the IB, etc, but I thought it would be worthwhile to officially share it on the blog, albeit four months late!

I've had an absolute blast of a few weeks back home, thank you to everyone who's made it worthwhile!


chiara's empire expands | caia jewels.

chiara wearing a pair of slippers from her shoe line | some of her new shoe designs | chiara ferragni FW2013 croc booties, as worn by chiara on the cover of her book, "the blonde salad"

[above pictures taken from @chiaraferragni's instagram] 
Whether you've spotted her manicured fingers adorned in expensive jewels on Instagram or whether her unbelievably famous blog is your homepage, everyone who likes anything to do with fashion knows who the blonde bombshell, or rather, The Blonde Salad is. Chiara Ferragni is basically the reigning queen of the digital fashion era; she might be just 26, but she has numerous projects and companies spanning across the whole industry under her chic, size 0 belt. From the birth of her majorly successful blog, The Blonde Salad, in 2009, Ferragni has set her sights on the biggest and the most beautiful names in fashion. From collaborations with Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Mango (and, like, every other design house worth knowing) to design collaborations with Superga shoes, Yamamay intimates, and more, Chiara has done it all. She formed a third of a now seemingly defunct company, "werelse," with fellow blogger-extraordinaires Carolina Engman and Andy Torres, which collaborated with Mango during its brief existence. To top it off, her immensely successful eponymous, made-in-Italy shoe line launched with a boom in September 2010 and has continued to grow exponentially since then (watch the adorable FW 2013 campaign video here!). And of course, in the style of a glamorous blogger-verging-on-celebrity, all of these fantastic collaborations, business endeavors and executive relationships are managed efficiently by her company, TBS (The Blonde Salad) Crew. If she isn't living the life that every fashion blogger is crazy for, I don't know who is. Check out this quick YouTube video to get a glimpse into the stats and figures of this one-woman powerhouse, it'll blow your mind.
But the business-savvy blonde certainly didn't stop there with her success, which is already off the charts. At the end of November, Ferragni announced the latest branch of the ever-expanding TBS empire: Caia Jewels. A jewelry label which takes the same name as her childhood nickname, the 25-piece debut jewelry collection is based on the rather cliched theme of love. Featuring luscious red lip necklaces that bear a shocking resemblance to Chiara's lips (I'm not creepy), midi rings with the "words of every relationship: amani, baciami and vaffanculo (love me, kiss me and f*** you)," to show the different aspects of every healthy relationship, which involves love, affection and fighting, and many more pieces. My favorite piece had to be the delicate "muse" necklace, which is an elegant, subtler piece compared to the bold capitalized fonts of the other slogan rings and necklaces. While it's not the most inventive or unique collection, it's definitely a successful debut full of cute pieces to own and wear as a fashion blogger, and the small range of designs reflect Chiara's sartorial aesthetic quite succintly.
What do you think of Chiara Ferragni's success story? Are you a reader of her blog or a fan of her shoe and jewelry lines? Let me know in the comments below! Merry Christmas everyone!


last-minute christmas present ideas!

With less than 5 days to go until Christmas (eek!), most of us can safely say we're finished with all our Christmas shopping for the year, but there are still a couple of us out there who have been too caught up with the festive sales and events to have secured a gift for their friends, family and loved ones. Fear not, this quick little guide will bring you the best of Christmas gifts to ensure you've got something special for everyone on your list. Remember: those who give good presents usually receive good presents!
urban outfitters

For the girl who has everything, the key is to find something a little different. For an affordable but exciting array of eclectic pieces from a diverse mix of brands, try Urban Outfitters. For someone you know well, check out UO's vintage, one-of-a-kind items to see if you can nab a unique piece that aligns with your friend's sense of style. If you're looking to spend slightly less money, check out the fun, printed phone cases on offer that are sure to spruce up anyone's look. Last but not least, check out the hilarious gift and book section for the fun-loving gals in your life; these options are sidesplittingly funny, memorable and are sure to ignite some laughs. Another product of note is the Travalo, my favorite travel accessory. If you want to take your favorite fragrance with you on-the-go without going through the wasteful, time-consuming and nearly impossible task of pouring expensive perfume into small, drippy bottles, the neat Travalo contraption is just for you. Featuring a self-sealing hole at the bottom of the bottle, it allows you to pump perfume straight from the nozzle of the bottle without unscrewing anything and without any spill, mess, or time wasted. Within seconds, it's ready to go - chuck it in your bag and head out the door! Holds 65 sprays of perfume in a beautifully compact spritz-pump container. An ideal companion for any girl or guy who likes to smell good!
For the acquaintances in your life whom you may not know so well, select something neutral but memorable. A great option is choosing something sold by charity (or that contributes funds to charity). Charity tea towels, baked goods, festive decorations and handmade trinkets are universal, affordable options that give back. If you don't know the person very well, they're not expecting you to dish out an expensive gift to them; it's the thought that counts, especially if that thought also goes to charity.

for the boys

Men, guys, boys, dudes, males - they're all wickedly difficult to shop for. This category is definitely the toughest one to get right, but there's always an answer! My shopping strategy for guys is as follows: don't get them something insanely personal, because boys are more fussy than they seem and unless you know them well, you'll probably get it wrong. A neutral dark-hued wash bag or storage accessory that is simple but good quality is usually universally appreciated and is likely to serve one purpose or another eventually. I especially love buying travel toiletry sets for my dad and brothers, because while they might be fussy about what they use in their own shower, they often overlook what they're going to take with them on short vacations or overnight stays elsewhere. It's a scenario that almost every guy is likely to go through: thinking they've packed everything for themselves, and having a momentary freak out when they realized they haven't packed for their personal hygiene. Running into their bathroom and trying to chuck full sized bottles of body wash, shaving gel and shampoo into their usually compact bags, realizing nothing fits, and having a minor meltdown. See? This could all be avoided with the presence of a nifty little wash bag! While it may not be a fancy brand or their personal favorite, it's a simple, low-risk gift. Sleek leather accessories always work well; wallet shopping for someone else is a daring feat, but a compact card case like the one above never does any harm.

What are your favorite presents to get your close girlfriends, family members and the guys in your life? Let me know in the comments below!


zara's november lookbook.

Clean, minimal and moody is just the way I like it for Winter. Zara's AW13 collection, specifically the pieces showcased in their November lookbook, have already established themselves firmly in my brain as must-haves for this season. A predominantly monochrome palette welcomes luxurious bursts of cream and camel, crisp intervals of navy and soft traditional plaid hues for which I have already developed a particular affection for. Seriously though, what's not to love about that plaid coat? It looks like the warmest, most snuggly winter coat a girl could possibly ask for, striking a balance between smart tailoring at the shoulders and slightly more shapeless at the body (perfect to accommodate all those layers underneath without looking like a snowman!). Simple, solid-colored sweaters and jumpers are given a nonchalant makeover in the form of assymmetrical hems, inspired textures and unexpected crop styles, making them the ideal companion to excite a black-skinny-jeans-and-combat-boots ensemble (very Rumi Neely). They also work wonders when paired with structured, contrasting outerwear; there's nothing cuter than a razor-sharp, white-hot blazer with a cream colored knit sneaking through at the wrists. Another focal point of the collection is navy - be it cable knit jumpers, tailored tartan pants, flippy pleated skirts or barely-there thermal long-sleeves, navy is a subtle and alluring option when thinking about color in terms of winter ensembles. It's understated and gloriously moody (to match British weather as we know it), yet is naturally expensive-looking, universally flattering and appropriate for all ages and shapes. For those currently residing in the tropics or anywhere that happens to be quite hot during these next few months, the skinny navy long-sleeve knit is perfect for you. The high crew neck adds a smart, luxe appeal to whatever outfit you choose - I would definitely consider a pair of pinstripe flared pants or a marled grey midi skirt (as shown in the pictures above). The beauty of this collection lies in the fact that it functions as your entire wardrobe for winter: all the pieces are designed to be worn together, complement each other and match each other. 

What do you think of Zara's November Lookbook? What are your must-haves from Zara's latest collection?


melissa SS14 preview | we are flowers.

During my last trip back to Singapore, I had the pleasure of attending Melissa's Spring Summer 2014 Press Preview at boCHINche restaurant. It was the first event I've ever brought my boyfriend to, and he enjoyed himself (eating all the finger food) as well! The event was beautifully decorated with shoes lining the shelves, photo walls, models floating around with shoes on their heads (not weird - it was actually really cool), a number of captivating installations and an outdoor balcony extension with a live (topless male) artist painting a piece inspired by the collection.

Melissa's latest collection, entitled "We Are Flowers," pays a romantic tribute to the elegant, colorful world of flowers. Infusing organic designs with a floral color palette, the collection ushers in the Spring season of natural bloom by celebrating the feminine connection between women and flowers. Embracing the texture, color, mood and architecture of flowers, this season's botanical collection boasts a select array of unique pieces.

 Above are three of the new designs added to Melissa's ever growing stock of classics. One of the greatest things about this brand is the fact that they create a few fresh designs each season to keep things updated, but their classic designs are so sought-after and timeless that they find new ways and new reasons to revamp their existing styles which their customers continue to love, season after season. The Melissa Floret (top left) wedges have a simple geometric heel design with contrasting electric hues, the Melissa Pollen (top centre) is a summery sandal featuring square cutouts and plastic studs, and the Melissa Petal (top right) boasts a delicate design reminiscent of overlapping flower petals. A special mention must be made to acknowledge the most adorable children's shoe designs I have ever seen - how cute are these?! Melissa's SS14 collection introduces new variations of classic Mini Melissa favorites, including the Ultragirl (bottom left + centre) and Aranha IV (bottom right).

To celebrate the launch of the new collection in Singapore, the Brazilian shoe brand handpicked local female artists to create fashion installations at the event. The exhibits on display at the event embodied the essence of the Melissa brand and the directional aesthetic of their latest collection. Pamm Hong, a projectionist and art director, created a kaleidoscopic artistic video inspired by the bold, eye-popping prints and patterns visible in the natural world. A dear friend of mine, Linda Hao, created a mind-blowing fashion installation inspired by the romantic, delicate aspect of flowers.

What do you think of this gorgeous new shoe collection, "We Are Flowers"? Let me know in the comments below! Pieces will be gradually made available at the MDREAMS boutique at #B2-03 Wheelock Place throughout the course of the season.


tinytea giveaway!

You've seen it all over my Instagram and Twitter. You've heard all the fitness and health gurus rave about it. And now, it's time for you to try it!

YourTea, has, quite simply, been one of the biggest blessings of 2013 for me. I had no idea that the simple idea of drinking three cups of natural, organic and yummy­tasting tea for a couple of weeks would have such a great effect on my lifestyle. YourTea believes in the power of natural ingredients in their unique tea blends, that serve to enhance your lifestyle and physique. Derived from traditional Chinese medicine principles, YourTea boasts a wide range of tea blends to cater for everyone. Here are some short descriptions of the following teas they offer: (skip straight to the TinyTea summary if you're pressed for time!)

ManTea: For all the guys reading this: the ManTea teatox is designed to enhance muscle growth and promote a lean frame. This tea blend is free from sugar, chemicals and preservatives, and you may continue to consume supplements and exercise as you would normally, as the natural tea blend won't interfere with any of that. ManTea contains Green tea (to burn fat, increase metabolism and maintain muscle mass), antioxidants (to curb inflammation and allow for greater muscle growth), Camellia Senensis (helps muscle tone and increases energy levels) and Licorice Root (for harmonizing all herbs).

HerTea: For regular, everyday use ­ girls: if you're retaining a lot of fluid,
 feeling sluggish and energy deprived and looking to get rid of some excess fat, her tea will reduce fluid retention, heighten your mood, improve your skin, manage bloating issues and aid digestion. Contains Oolong tea, ginger, chrysanthemum, lyciumchinese (goji berries), and additional Chinese Medicine Herbal ingredients. 

Anti­C Tea: For anyone who feels that cellulite and toxins have set up camp on your booty and thighs, never fear… Anti­C tea is here! It contains Fu Ling, Camellia Sinensis, Dandelion root and additional Chinese Medicine Herbal ingredients to help you combat excess fats on your body for a leaner, meaner figure. 

Fertility Tea: For anyone planning to conceive, Fertility tea will become your new best friend. It optimizes your ability to become pregnant by nourishing your reproductive, digestive and emotional health. The Fertility Tea blend has been hand selected with precision by natural fertility specialist Natalie Kringoudis. It's safe and perfectly balanced to naturally support hormones and regulate your menstrual cycle to maximize fertility potential. It contains goji berries, peppermint tea, dandelion root, camellia sinesis, which each target a different body part to ensure the maintenance of a healthy reproductive system.

TinyTea: The most well­known of all YourTea's products, the famous TinyTeatox (14 and 28 day teatoxes available) is the one I've been drinking for the past month. It's for everyone who feels bloated, lethargic, and for those who want to make aesthetic changes to their body. It performs an intensive cleanse and nourishes your digestive system to assist with weight lost, fluid retention and toxin removal. Unlike other detoxes that contain laxative ingredients to momentarily flush out toxins, the herbal ingredients found in TinyTea gently and thoroughly cleanse your system. Your digestive system is the most important part of maintaining a healthy weight, and this tea supports that system for optimum aesthetic results. This tea dries phlegm, reduces waste and assists digestion. Drink TinyTea three times a day, half an hour before mealtimes for optimum results. Do note that upon initial consumption, TinyTea can cause slight stomach upsets, minor skin breakouts and cramps as it gets to work. However, these symptoms do disappear very shortly, and after a few days you should already be feeling the benefits of it! According to YourTea, you should see a reduction in body fat, fluid retention and cellulite, as well as clear skin and more natural energy. TinyTea contains Camellia Sinensis, Catsia, Lotus Leaf, Crataegus Pinnatifida and additional Chinese Medicine Herbal ingredients.

Check out these Instagram pictures from fellow TinyTea enthusiasts!

Phew! So now that you've read about all the amazing benefits you're SUPPOSED to receive from consuming YourTea ­ TinyTea in particular, I'll now tell you a bit about my own experience with the teatox. I've received a countless number of questions about this and I'm sorry for not answering a lot of them; I only ignored them because I knew I'd be publishing a much more comprehensive review of my experience here for you all to read! Anyway, it's always nice to hear about someone's personal experience (and as a disclaimer, YourTea has not asked me to write anything in particular about their product, so this is all from the heart!), so here goes! After drinking TinyTea for 28 days (and I have to admit I wasn't strict enough with myself on the timings of my consumption; I ended up drinking 4 cups some days and 1 cup on other days!), I felt a lot better in many ways. I hadn't really changed my diet and exercise patterns from what they were like before, so the tea definitely had a slight slimming effect ­ nothing exceptionally noticeable, but my stomach did feel a little tighter as a result of less bloating. The tea did an excellent job of cutting out my bloating entirely, which both looked and felt great. One of my favorite benefits of the tea was the fact that it also gave me tons of energy. I'm someone who needs a LOT of sleep, and even when I get loads of sleep I'm still very drowsy and yawny in the late afternoon; my tiredness hits me like a train at around 3pm and I find it hard to stay focused towards the end of the school day. Tinytea provided me with plenty of amazing natural energy, and it's not even caffeinated! I felt so much more productive and awake and was better able to make the most of my day. Furthermore, it helped with my metabolism and food cravings a lot. I still wanted my chocolate, I'm not gonna lie, but it served as a moderate appetite suppressant and over time I began to feel less hungry. Because the teatox forced me to consume three to four additional cups of tea each day, I felt a lot more hydrated because of all the water I was drinking. By the end of the 28 days, the pattern of eating less and "expelling" more waste fell into place, and that slight imbalance of losing more than gaining (aka a slight net loss of food in the cycle of food consumption and waste production) was what made me feel so thoroughly cleansed out. Slight improvements in my skin were noticed too!

All in all, I didn't lose weight and my appearance didn't change that much, but I'm okay with that. I felt so much better on the inside, so much so that it began showing on the outside a little! This is not something you should consider if you're aiming for a dramatic difference in body shape and looking for something that will shed off your excess fat. Through making me less bloated, clearing my skin, cleansing my digestive system, suppressing my hunger/cravings and forcing me to consume more liquids and stay hydrated, I came out of the 28 day teatox feeling better than ever ­ and the fact that it showed on the outside a little was just a bonus! Please remember that this tea doesn't contain laxatives and is very gentle, so it won't violently drain the fat/weight out of you. It's nourishing, organic and a healthy addition to your existing lifestyle!
Check out the following snaps from @TinyTeaTox's Instagram!

What I want to also mention is that for the first week and a bit of drinking the tea, I made an extra effort to work out loads and eat healthy, and for the short time that I did, I saw some great results appear on my body. However, I am still human (and a human undertaking the IB, mind you), so unfortunately I had some slip­ups here and there and fell slightly out of this healthy lifestyle rhythm, but I'm okay with that! I'm no fitness junkie and health guru, and I'm still learning :) Therefore, the benefits I described above will probably apply more to those who maintain the same lifestyle while drinking the tea, but as I discovered in just a week of drinking tea and exercising, Tinytea is even more effective and excellent when paired with exercise and a healthy diet. The one complaint I have about the tea is the fact that it caused me some tummy pain and cramps on the first two days, but they disappeared quickly and were very minimal while they lasted.

Now, enough with the rambling. This Christmas, YourTea and I have paired up to bring this transformational Tinytea experience to YOU! I'm giving away TWO 14­day Tinyteatoxes for you to try, each worth USD$35! To enter the giveaway is super easy; each step is worth one entry, so the more steps you complete, the better chance you have of winning the tea!

­ STEP 1: Like "Seven Inch Stilettos" on Facebook

­ STEP 2: Comment on this picture the reason why you'd like to win a 14 ­day 

­ STEP 3: Repost this picture on Instagram, tagging @yourtea,

@veenamccoole and #SISxTinyTea (worth 5 entries!)

­ STEP 4: Tweet the following (I can only see your tweets if your account is public!): "I've just entered the 1st #seveninchstilettos #xmas giveaway to win a #tinyteatox from @veenamccoole! Check it out:

And there you go; four simple steps that'll score you up to 8 separate entries for the giveaway! Contest is open internationally and winners will be selected randomly. I will announce the winner via any of the social media platforms they have entered on (e.g. if you tweeted and instagrammed, I'll mention you on both platforms). Winners have 24 hours to respond/confirm before I randomly select other winners to take their place, so stay tuned to your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram on the 21st of December when I announce the two lucky winners!

Giveaway closes on Midnight (Singapore Time) of the 21st of December, so
 get entering ASAP!


watercolor textures.

 booties - zara
pants - h&m
clutch - c/o katja tamara
top - tout a coup c/o i.t.
watch - c/o juicy couture

I'll be back in Singapore next weekend and I couldn't be more excited to be greeted at the airport with a gust of humid, gloriously hot air, the smiling faces of my parents and the Christmas spirit in the air. I've never spent Christmas away from Asia, so I oddly associate Christmas a lot more with the heat than with the cold in which I now spend most of the year in! I picked up these watercolor-streaked pants for £5 (yes that is five pounds everyone) at H&M; they're probably the best bargain I've ever gotten at a high street store and I love them to death for their thigh-slimming properties and exciting colors. I paired them with a super soft knit top with gorgeous sheer detailing from Tout A Coup (available at i.t. concept store in Wisma Atria), which I raved about in this blogpost after attending the opening of i.t. and being gifted a generous $100 to spend in-store on the night of the event. My stunning Zara booties have finally gotten the chance to be featured on my blog; I love them so so so much even though they cause me a lot of pain. The sleek black heel, the silver zip, the nude suede and the magenta platform - what's not to love? Yet another texture is introduced into the picture in the form of a stunning python clutch, handmade in Bali, courtesy of Katja Tamara. It's luxurious and raw to the touch with a soft, flexible shape, a discreet magnetic closure and a size that is just perfect. Last but probably most important of all is my new favorite piece of wrist-candy: the Juicy Couture watch I won in the lucky draw at their opening event at MBS! I've never won a lucky draw (or anything of the sort) so I was particularly chuffed to walk away with the Swarovski-encrusted gold beauty on my wrist! 

So there you have it: gold stainless steel, python skin, suede, knit and denim. Textural mash-ups have never been so fun!


10qq with love bonito | JF x LB.

I didn't think I'd ever live to see the day when an international Haute Couture designer collaborated with an immensely successful online retailer, but it happened this Fashion Season and I'm sure as hell happy it did. Love, Bonito is the mother of all fashion e-retailers in Singapore and in Asia; the site which dresses thousands of women and has inspired hundreds to begin their own online fashion retail ventures. Easily Singapore's most established "blogshop," (I don't even think the term "blogshop" fits it anymore) Love, Bonito has an impressive reputation of happy customers, helpful customer service, quality apparels and more. Julien Fournie, on the other hand, worked in several of fashion's greatest design houses (Celine, Givenchy and Dior, anyone?) before opening his eponymous Haute Couture label in the summer of 2009. A FIDé favorite, Fournie has sent a total of three collections down Singapore runways, including his latest collaborative venture with Love, Bonito. So, what happens when young, fast-fashion savvy business trio Viola, Rachel and Velda join forces with a French Haute Couture designer? Nothing less than a match made in heaven. We chat with Viola and Rachel about music, previous career dreams and Love, Bonito's smashing latest collaboration.

1. Where is the first place you look for design inspiration?
Viola: My source of inspiration comes from my travels.

Rachel: I gain inspiration from fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle UK.

2. What motivates you to continue maintaining Love, Bonito as one of the country's most successful online stores? 
It is definitely the affirmation from our customers and seeing them wear our pieces on the streets. That is our constant motivation to work hard to deliver exceptional apparels and excellent customer service.
3. What are your favorite trends as of late?
Viola: I am a big fan of Mary Katrantzou’s prints. I also think red lips is timeless and classic, it instantly brightens the face and can make any woman feel more confident.

Rachel: Cropped tops, landscape prints and skirts with slits.

4. What were your career aspirations when you were a teenager?
Viola: I have always wanted to be a lawyer or a novel writer.

Rachel: A teacher or a tour guide because I love interacting with people!

5. If you had to wear one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Viola: Without a doubt, confidence. 

Rachel: A printed mini skirt. It is so versatile, you can glam it up with high heels for a girls’ night out or pair it with sneakers for a casual look.  

6. Tell us a little more about your collaboration with Julien Fournie.
We attended Julien’s show last year at FIDe Fashion Weeks and we were intrigued and astonished by his work and style. We casually spoke to Dr Frank Cintamani, Chairman of FIDe Fashion Weeks, about the idea of Love, Bonito collaborating with a haute couturier, specifically Julien Fournié. He believed in our brand, heard our wishes and linked us up with Julien. The magic of haute couture meets fast fashion happened. We owe it to Dr Frank for making this beautiful partnership happen. 

7. What's the best thing about your job? 
Viola: Affirmation from our customers and meeting like-minded people who believe in us and are supportive of what we do, they give us the strength to do even better.

Rachel: I get to decide the designs Love, Bonito will launch; down to the colours, fabrics, textures and embellishments!

8. What three foods can't you stand? 
Viola: Parsley, garlic and onions

Rachel: Kimchi, clams and ginger

9. Current favorite singer/music artist:
Viola: Coldplay

Rachel: Coldplay and Justin Timberlake

10. Plans for the future of Love, Bonito:
We are very honoured to be the first online retailer in Asia to showcase a marriage of haute couture and fast fashion. Our doors are now open for future collaborations like this to come. With this partnership, Love, Bonito will work towards penetrating into the international fashion market online.

Check out this awesome video for a further peek into the foundations of this collaboration!

What do you think of the Julien Fournie for Love, Bonito collaboration?