Photos (from left to right, row by row):

1. A picture of my afternoon tea: Earl Grey + mini cupcakes!
2. A group shot of all the bloggers/media members who attended the event.
3. Vera (nakedglory) posing with some food!
4. Typical bloggers: taking excessive amounts of pictures of, well, everything.
5. Gorgeous floral arrangements amidst the delicious food!
6. Poppy Dinsey posing with her fan!
7. More flowers + food.
8. Lenne (aetienne) with her choice of tidbits for the afternoon.
9. A red-velvet cupcake selfie with Vera!

Despite the fact that I arrived super late due to school and missed the VIP browhaus treatments (I probably would've chickened out anyway though) and the "create your own shower gel" with the Spa Esprit team, I made it in time for the culinary portion of the event, which is arguably one of the most exciting parts of going to events for a foodie like myself. The event was held at the beautiful House @ Dempsey, which is tucked away amidst lush greenery, perfect for vain photo-takers like myself! 

Aside from the absolutely AMAZING food (I literally ate so much food like wow how embarassing but seriously SO GOOD) we had during Dempsey House's weekly Thursday "Vintage High Tea," it was so nice to sit down with a great bunch of like-minded fashiony people. Meeting Poppy Dinsey, founder of fashion social media site "What I Wore Today" was thoroughly enjoyable too; she's such a sweetheart! Not sure if you can see too clearly in the pictures above, but I wore one of my favorite new dresses from Anthropologie which I bought on my recent trip to New York. You'll definitely see that dress again on the blog, it's going to become my new staple item. I can feel it.

Thanks so much to the folks at Spa Esprit for hosting such a memorable, delicious event!

Congratulations to Mavis Ng for winning the Carlo Rino clutch giveaway! The next giveaway will be held once I hit 700 followers on Instagram! (Giveaways might just be my new favorite hobby).


how to: wear spring florals.

spring florals

An overwhelmingly perennial trend on the high street and a (usually) affordable way to add vibrance to your wardrobe, you'll never be able to escape these feminine blossoms, and there's no reason to run from them either! Although florals are suitable for sprucing up any outfit in any season, they are typically associated with Spring and Summer, where they are literally in bloom. With a vast range of complementary colors, styles and fabrics, florals remain among the most versatile trends of all time. Be it casual, polished or trendy, here are three ways to incorporate some flowery goodness into your daily outfits!  
1. Pair a cream-colored button down with a cute pair of floral denim shorts for a summery look that's still pulled together. Work some different hues into your look in the form of deep-hued leather holdalls and rich camel flats to amp up the sophistication. Before stepping out the door, complete your look with a dusting of sugary-sweet blush and a pair of tinted aviators. 
2. Some of the most beautiful blouses are those with vibrant floral motifs painted across their wisps of layered fabric, so throw on your favorite one and pair it with a pair of lace shorts to dress it down a little. Cork wedges are a trendy and comfortable option for pairing with florals, and with a coat of mint on your nails and shine on your lips, you're all set!

3. When your cute knitted sweater feels a little geeky, trust a light floral skirt with plenty of twirl-potential to liven things up a bit! Pastel oxfords are a fabulous marriage of femininity and masculinity, and a crossbody satchel keeps things comfy and casual. Brighten up your look with shimmery eyeshadow and bold pink lippie for conservative-cool appeal.

And something I've totally forgotten to post about: THE CARLO RINO GIVEAWAY!
Stand a chance to win this stunning baby-pink zip-clutch courtesy of Carlo Rino, as well as some secret stylish surprises handpicked by me! 

It's the easiest thing in the world to enter: simply drop an email with your contact details to before the clock strikes MIDNIGHT (Singapore time) on MARCH 20th! You guys have two days left to enter this and it's super easy, so get emailing!

The winner will be selected randomly and notified via email when the giveaway closes, and if they don't respond within 24 hours then I'll pick another person to win this great prize!

Good luck, fashionistas!



Fleece: Uniqlo
Coat: Zara
Bag: H&M
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Dr. Martens

 One of the best weeks of my life was a few weeks ago in February when I spent a week in the States for my sixteenth birthday. We spent a couple days in Connecticut seeing family and friends, but the remainder of time was spent roaming around the chilly streets of Manhattan and exploring what might just be my future home one day. I thought I'd be able to prance around the streets in cute leather jackets and unzipped winter layers, but the botoxed weather-woman (?) wasn't kidding when she said it would be freezing so I whipped out the woolly hats and gloves instead - no shame because warmth is paramount! These pictures were taken during our Valentine's Day excursion to the Rockefeller Center, where we witnessed the most incredible views of the city from the Top of the Rock observation deck after making a two-hour detour to Banana Republic (yum) and Anthropologie (more yum). I'm such a sucker for this place.

I scooped up this gorgeous coat at a ridiculously marked-down price from Zara a few days before my trip, and I don't think I've ever made a wiser purchase (primarily because it looks like something Rumi Neely might wear). It's versatile yet very edgy, and is designed perfectly for winter; the A-line cut ("You look like a tent!" said Mom) means there's room for proper warm layers underneath, and the turtleneck-avec-buckle leaves room for a scarf. My biggest regret on the trip was not bringing a greater selection of bags, so unfortunately my trusty satchel had to suffice the whole time (Cue PS11, pretty please!). Anyhoo, I tried to create some kind of middle-ground between the black coat/boots and the brown bag/fleece by wearing a pair of muted khaki-colored jeans, which seemed to successfully bridge the gap. Until the day I can travel with an entourage of LV suitcases piled up as high as I please, dressing out of a suitcase will never be something I enjoy (I'm not sure whether I should point out my lack of accessories, or whether you've already noticed). 

More NYC photos coming soon!


nyfw fall 2013 rtw | rodarte.

 During this digital age of lightning speed, contemporary design techniques and an ever-present futuristic focus, a funky dose of DIY is always thoroughly appreciated and welcomed with open arms. Season after season, the Mulleavy sisters have continued to impress, enthrall and excite the fashion world with their effortless skill and other-wordly design aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from their childhood home of Santa Cruz, the collection features more of an interpreted insight into their memories as opposed to a literal derivation of Santa Cruz style. As said by Nicole Phelps, "the clothes are more a product of the Mulleavys' imaginations and their fond memories of their younger days than anything you'll see walking around the California beach town."

 Believe me, I tried, and it was really really hard to spot a flaw in this collection. It set the tone and nailed the expectations of what every fall/winter ready-to-wear presentation should include. There was an appropriate sense of sophistication woven through the show from start to finish; even the blooming ruffles and cream-colored satin felt more 'grunge-princess' than 'innocent flower child' (a la spring/summer). In true DIY style there was a wonderful excess of fabric in many of the looks, yet not a single ensemble struck me as overdone, crowded or "drowning" the model in unnecessary swathes of cloth. As shown in the extreme left image above, more voluminous pieces were cleverly balanced out by mannish, curt accents such as blazers and tailored shoulders. The clean duochrome footwear probably marked the peak of modernity in this show, but managed to successfully blend in thanks to the inclusion of the cutest floral-patterned ankle socks ever. 

 As the collection progressed, experimentation with color and contrast took flight in the form of these showstopping gowns ("kaleidoscope" doesn't sound like such a hyperbole anymore!). It's more than just a 'slight risk' when you implement primary colors, awkward nude leggings and a medley of gemstones onto a native-looking smock top (second from right), and it's no easy feat to stick a tailored "cap" on a flowy gown either (second from left), but Rodarte has clearly done some successful risk-evaluation and nailed both uncanny looks. My favorite has to be the translucent floral sheath pictured in the extreme-left and the centre look - what a great way to add a dash of seductiveness! Also, tie-dye has never looked this hot.

 Mottled? Dappled? Stone-washed? An artistic interpretation of a cloudy day? I'm not too sure how to accurately address this print, but I'm in love with it. It's stunning versatility and high "style success rate" is encompassed in the pictures above - be it flowy skirts, sensual knotted dresses or v-neck frocks, I want me some mysterious cloud-printed ANYTHING in my wardrobe, pronto.
 Black has to be the Mulleavy sisters' go-to color, because it embodies and enhances everything the brand stands for: versatility, theatrics, artistic clothing and stylistic techniques. Sure enough, the sisters did this season's black with their usual effortlessness. Sexy black leotards, plenty of slouch, heavy leathery fabrics and cloaks makes "black on black on black on black" endlessly appealing The metallic accessories were amongst the few aspects of this collection that were placed with the intention to match and blend in.

Rodarte has always struck me as a beautiful explosion of intertwined cultural references, unexpected combinations and ornate expressions of a truly artistic vision.
What did you think of Rodarte's Fall 2013 RTW collection?


10qq with zoe.

Meet Zoe Suen, the uber-stylish Hong Kong based teen blogger behind the wildly successful! She's stunning and her wardrobe is absolutely to die for - as you can see in the pictures above! Read on for a little taste of Zoe...

1. A designer item on your wishlist: the Dion Lee reflective knit! So rad.
2. What you're most likely doing on a Saturday afternoon: Eating too much food, reading or going on the computer (slash attempting to do work).
3. Your favorite school subject: English.
4. A celebrity fashion icon of yours: I'm going to be cliche and say Alexa Chung because she can do no wrong!
5. Something you'd never be caught wearing: Neon shiny leggings - aahh!
6. Your favorite season: Fall - even though it only lasts two weeks in Hong Kong.
7. Your favorite piece of jewelry: My watches! I feel totally disoriented without them.
8. The last book you read: 'Madame Bovary' by Gustave Flaubert. So. Good.
9. If you could pick a designer to design your summer wardrobe, who would it be? Probably Sass and Bide or Dion Lee; Australian designers have the best summer clothes.
10. A hairstyle you'd really like to try: Messy, wavy, collarbone length hair à la 4th&bleeker. So cool!

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