cobalt blue.

Be it celebrity style, recurring details on the runway or simply what you see on the street, the thing about trends that really irks me is the fact that it can sometimes put a huge limit on the colors deemed "stylish" in your wardrobe. While I understand fluorescents are hardly the hues of choice for winter and black funeral shrouds are never really "in" for summer, I don't think trends of any sort should have the right to dominate your decisions when it comes to color. One of my favorite things about putting together a colorful outfit is having the freedom to play with contrast and mood, regardless of the weather or season. There's nothing more refreshing than donning a color-blocked scarf in the dead of winter; color is an excellent way to liven up any outfit, be it workwear, formal-wear or lazy-Sunday-wear and my current favorite is cobalt blue. 

In my opinion, this electric hue is best suited to bold, geometric pieces such as statement cut-out heels and patent crossbody bags.There's nothing more chic than cobalt blue apparels slashed with neat, geometric doses of its equally powerful color-counterparts, namely tangerine/vermillion. Adding a punchy color to a head-turning accessory: that's real power-dressing for you! To lessen the "impact" of the color on its own is an equally gorgeous way to wear cobalt blue: in a print! The sharp blazer on the top left shows the color set in a soft pattern, and the iPhone case demonstrates just how effective the modern color is at giving ethnic prints such as ikat a futuristic update. 

Given how perfect of a backdrop cobalt blue provides for metallic accents and details, another effective way to wear the color is with a classy dose of metal. Simple studded/toe-cap flats fulfil this perfectly, as do geometric pops of color set in a gold chain or silver cuff. It's the harmonious marriage of edgy and trendy, and unlike other brighter colors, it's definitely something that can be pulled off by women of any age. 

What do you think of this great color? 


i love designer.

Boasting a hugely varied selection of talented upcoming designers in a medley of specialized fields, is fashion's favorite new e-commerce site. Their Singapore launch was an afternoon of delectable style and certainly one to remember - I felt like a little child in a candy store, drooling in awe at all the accessories on display! Held at the beautifully picturesque Novus Restaurant at the National Museum of Singapore amid Fort Canning's lush greenery, there was delicious finger food served (chocolate covered strawberries on little trees yay!) which really made me want to go back to that restaurant and taste a whole proper meal, but nothing was quite as delicious as the gorgeous accessories which we got to try on. From delicate string bracelets to statement earrings encrusted in a rainbow of precious stones, python clutches in vibrant hues to beautifully printed bathing suits, the array of fashion merchandise on display was perfectly varied. Favorites of mine had to be Outhouse's crazily intricate and often oversized jewelry creations, Katja Tamara's sleek and sexy python bags and clutches and Kriss & Jules' delicate selection of string-pull bracelets with petite charms -  perfect for layering! 

Check out their website here and let me know what you think!


my life in pictures III.

It's been ages since I've done one of these posts (it took me a while to dig up the first two [1,2] as well!) but I had a sudden epiphany the other day and have now decided to make these little roundups of my life a more regular affair on the blog. My life has been kind of a rollercoaster lately (well it sort of always is), and here's a glimpse into it!

1. A gorgeous picture of the "roof garden" of my cousin's new apartment in Bangkok! The garden, pool and gym all overlook the city's spectacular skyline.

2. My latest obsession: Rose-gold watches! Preferably by Michael Kors. I'm still deciding whether these gorgeous watches are worth splurging on or not, but everyone who gave their input on my Instagram definitely helped!

3. A picture each with the Swift brothers at the Singapore movie premiere of "Durian King!" I feel incredibly honored to be dating the movie star's older brother - the movie is absolutely amazing and worth a watch if you get a chance to!

4. Sogurt is my new favorite thing; it might just overtake Starbucks soon! Gasp. Seriously though, I'm surprised my boyfriend and I haven't pitched a tent at Sogurt's Star Vista outlet yet, considering the amount of time we spend there after school!

5. A couple of pictures from my sixteenth birthday surprise dinner! I was in a crazy state of shock, but it was a really great night with all my closest friends.

6. An OOTD taken in Bangkok; the blue + gold of the dress (c/o Kristine's Collection) reminds me so much of Anna Dello Russo!

7. A couple pictures taken by Zack at a Vinyl event held at Loof Bar @ Odeon Towers.

8. A Sunday Starbucks line-up with some friends before a day of youth-group coordination at Church!

9. Another recent Singapore culinary discovery of mine: Twelve Cupcakes! This place will now be the sole source of fuel for my crazy obsession with red velvet.

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ootd + giveaway!

Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bracelet: Lovisa
Shorts + Belt: c/o PiecesofSummer
Top: thrifted/brandless
Rings: H&M
Wedges: Primark
iPhone case: Kate Spade

First outfit post in ages! I really enjoyed shooting with Sophie for the first time - we had the blessing of dry weather, (mostly) empty streets and the quiet backdrop of Orchard Road before the city properly woke up. These were shot right before a delicious brunch at Wild Honey with Kris, which, by the way, is my new go-to place for kick-ass breakfast food for any time of day. I'm glad my horrifically painful and hideous sunburn situation didn't show up too much in these pictures, and for those of you who follow me on Twitter, I'm sure you've heard enough about my current state of being an aloe-vera drowned lobster. I'm getting better though! I got this blouse for a ridiculously cheap price during my weekend trip to Bangkok a couple weekends ago, and while I could've downplayed the tropical prints with some denim or hushed accessories, I decided to liven it up with even more... Crayola colors (literally only word I can think of right now - someone get me a coffee). With electric blue wedges, bright green shorts and a striking red bag, this printed blouse is given a smart, urban update. Prints are traditionally used to liven up an outfit, but "outdoing" printed garments with colors and accessories that are bigger and better might just be my new style motto. I'll probably whisk this featherlight blouse away with me on my next beach vacation to wear as a cover-up, but who says prints always have to take the spotlight?

Last but not least, thanks so much for 700+ on Instagram! I Instagrammed about this giveaway on Monday so thanks for the overwhelming number of entries that have flooded in already! Win this versatile piece of arm candy from Lovisa, one of my favorite new places to shop for accessories! Its segments are threaded with elastic for a more comfortable fit, and I adore its texture, which adds a great touch to such a classic, wearable piece. 
Keen to enter? Two steps:

1) Follow me on Instagram (@veenamccoole)
2) Drop an email with your contact details and the subject line "Lovisa Bracelet Giveaway" to

This international giveaway closes on the 20th of April at midnight (Singapore time), and the winner will be selected randomly, contacted by email and asked to provide a screenshot of their "follow" via email. If the winner doesn't respond within 24 hours, then I'll pick someone else to win this great prize! Also, I'm open to suggestions for future giveaways. Drop me an email or inbox me on Tumblr if you've got any ideas you'd like to share!


current wishlist.


Collating all my desires in the organized form of a wishlist blog post somehow eases the pain (sniffle) of not actually owning any of the following items - think of it as a humble acceptance of the devastating fact that these items might never be mine (I mean this in the least masochistic way possible). Anyway, a girl can dream - hence this post.

1. Marc Jacobs crossbody bag. I saw about twenty three people carrying a sleek black version of this beautifully simple bag in NYC, meaning I need one too. But really though, it's compact and cute and I love how the strap is both chain and leather.

2. Kate Spade bangles. After I skipped delightedly in a circle upon putting my new Kate Spade iPhone case on my baby, I couldn't help but skip delightedly around the rest of the store, checking out the equally cute jewelry. These striped bangles are a perfect mix of preppy and girly.

3. Proenza Schouler PS11 Hologram. ...So what if I only want a PS11 because Rumi has one. Seriously though, the hologram version beats the solid colored PS11s any day. Who doesn't like things that change color at every angle?!

4. Clarisonic. I've heard nothing but rave reviews about Clarisonic's AWESOME range of uber-exfoliating brushes, and I really want one of my own! I love that they're gentle yet offer a thorough, deep clean, which is extremely necessary for my hormonal teenage skin. Scrubbing your face furiously with grit-filled "exfoliating" gel is SO long ago.

5. Strappy black heels. Although this particular Giuseppe pair are a tad out of my range, I've recently fallen in love with the sexy-badassness of thick strappy heels. I feel like they have the power to update even a granny-esque nightdress, which is pretty amazing. Who needs generic platforms and pumps anymore?

6. Prada wallet. I'm currently saving up for, I guess you could say, my first "proper" wallet (aka Prada). I've never been fussed enough to have a fancy wallet until I recently had the epiphany that I can't be carrying my money in plastic bags or cheap coin purses for my entire life, because as I grow older, my wallet will begin to house credit cards and infinitely more important things than lunch money and allowance. And what better than a timeless Prada wallet to take care of all that?
What's on your current wishlist?


10qq with saloni.

 Launched in 2010 through the Parco Next NEXT Project here in Singapore, Saloni Rathor is a label that celebrates bold and expressive women and has a firm grasp of unique tailoring for the feminine form. The pictures above are from Saloni's latest collection (SS13) entitled "Elements," clearly inspired by all that Mother Nature has to offer: warm earthy textures, vibrant blooms, rushing rivers and forest foliage. Decadent yet never excessive, Saloni Rathor's brilliant designs are a must-have for the fashion-conscious woman. Here, Saloni opens up about her life as a designer, both in and out of the studio.

1. Favorite fashion week: PFW was the best. I love the level to which the Paris shows perceive fashion and possibly how the human mind works too. They definitely aid me in being limitless when it comes to being creative. It also shows me the dreams and imaginations of many coming to life in the shows through how the presentations are put together.

2. Beauty trend you dislike the most: I think as long as the person carries off the trend well, people can look good and different in the craziest of trends. That being said, something that ticks me off are fake, long curved nails!

3. What you do to wind down on the weekend: I spend time with my husband and friends - catching up with debates, movies and fun time. Of course work is always a part of my weekend, but it's more of observing and watching new things to inspire me.

4. Favorite movie: The Notebook and the Motorcycle Diaries. 

5. 2 things you always have in your bag: An eye pencil and a notebook.

6. A childhood dream of yours: To be a dance choreographer; it's still a dream of mine so maybe in my next life!

7. Where do you find yourself on a typical Saturday night? Saturday nights I'll be out catching up with friends who are busy during weekdays. Good music in the company of my husband and friends are the best remedy to recuperate my mind. They are a strong source of support for me and help me balance leisure with work. 

8. A place you've always wanted to travel to: Paris. I would love to see the architecture, culture and fashion especially since it's been talked about so much and said to inspire so many. I have to see it in person and experience what it does to me!

9. Something you think is overrated: Experience in any work field is overrated, even new borns can create magic!

10. A band you've recently taken a liking to: Angus and Julia Stone, their songs are light and can swing you into a romantic mood.


Check out Saloni Rathor on Facebook. 

+ Charlotte from The Style Obsessed Cookie interviewed me! Check it out here.


empire state of mind.

Scarf: Zara
V-neck tee: Urban Outfitters
Bag: H&M
Jeans: Uniqlo
Coat: Topshop
Boots: Dr. Martens
Second NYC post! I don't know if you guys get sick of reading me rant endlessly about my ineffable adoration for this city, but I certainly don't ever get sick of writing about it. I seriously feel like the artistic potential of everything on this planet increases exponentially when it's found in New York, or it's from New York, or it's to do with New York. Call me biased, but because I am. Here's a more extensive photo diary of the trip, although considering the rate that I instagrammed during that week, I might do a third (no shame) NYC post of just Instagram pictures... (Why I haven't created a fan blog for all things NYC is beyond me).

We stayed at a beautiful hotel called Andaz on 5th, which was gorgeously modern and planted conveniently on 5th Avenue. Mom and I spent extensive amounts of time wandering the blustery streets and popping into stores of every kind, and thanks to what might be the best scarf ever, I stayed warm the whole time. This military Topshop coat was my best friend during my trip to Sevenoaks last October, and came to my rescue on this trip too! Watching figure skaters in the rink outside the Rockefeller Centre, perusing vintage/secondhand treasures at Buffalo Exchange, dinner at trendy destinations such as Balthazar and Les Halles, long days in SoHo, watching Wicked! on Broadway and visiting every single Lululemon store (thanks Mom...) in Manhattan hardly covers the extent of what we managed to accomplish in our few days in the city. Life in NYC, even as a tourist, is the most exhausting thing - the crazy amount of walking you have to do means there's no room for prancing around in silly platforms, and it means you're dead tired by lunchtime (we may or may not have crashed at 6pm every night...) everyday!
It's a crazy city, a beautiful concrete jungle and the place I seriously hope to call home one day. Fingers crossed this is the second NYC post of many more to come!

(Btw, it was none other than my lovely father who chose the title for this post: the only post-Eighties song he approves of/actually enjoys. Props to Pops!)

+ I'll be vacationing in Malaysia for the next week, possibly without internet so apologies in advance for being MIA! Details on the giveaway I promised you guys (thanks for 700+ on Instagram!) will be up when I get back.