Dresses of every color and fabric grazing the ground, man-to-man bow tie readjustments, last minute lippy touch-ups by teary-eyed mothers, clinking champagne glasses, plenty of giggles, a confused medley of perfumes and colognes intertwining in the air and a luxuriously limitless line of (parent) photographers armed with DSLRs, each keen to capture their children bearing smiles that outshine the whirlwind of lightning-like camera flashes. I can now proudly speak from past experience when I say that those clicking cameras and mile-wide smiles simply do not cease until the wee hours of the long and lovely evening that is prom - or, as our school calls it, Grade 10 Formal! Here is the product of what was an incredible night filled with good food, excellent company, crazy dancing, and of course, beautiful dresses: A relatively comprehensive photo-diary, which took me ages to narrow down from a crazy excess of photographs!

Getting ready for Formal was stressful but definitely enjoyable. I got my mani-pedi done the evening before to avoid last-minute rushing and freaking out - a lovely pale pink on my fingernails to match my dress and nude on my toes (I was contemplating not painting my toenails because no one would see them anyway!). I ended up rushing like mad the night before formal though; getting shoes, earrings, rings and bracelets 24 hours in advance is not advisable. I bought a lovely gold bracelet from Lovisa which I especially liked - it was a thin, elastic bracelet adorned with abstract floral and organic motifs such as delicate gold leaves and dusty pink petals. I was far too sleepy at 10pm on a Wednesday night to be fussed with finding the perfect pair of shoes that no one would even see under my long dress anyway, so I picked up a comfortable nude pair from Mango which I will definitely get future use out of. 
The morning before Formal was a blur of facemasks and makeup (I did my makeup myself and was very proud of how natural it looked!) before heading off to Visage Salon at Delfi Orchard to get my hair done. Because I have naturally thin, limp and very straight/boring hair, I knew I couldn't leave it down and expect even the tightest of curls to stay put for the whole night. Ask any stage-mom or hair stylist that has dealt with my hair: no matter how much hairspray is used, curls do NOT stay in my hair. Before deciding on the exact hairstyle I wanted for this special night, I formed the following set of criteria: I wanted something mature, fuss-free, at least half-down (to avoid the bald egg-head look in photos taken from the front), something a little bit curly/more voluptuous than normal, and well suited to my dress. After speaking to my hairstylist Dominic, we agreed on a side braid pumped up with plenty of volume. To achieve that, all my hair was curled into tight ringlets and covered in hairspray to create volume and those curls were then braided loosely into a plait that fell over my shoulder, with plenty of curly tufts here and there. It was perfect and completely fuss-free!

 And now, the most important constituent of any girl's prom night: her dress! I was super late on the dress-hunt; many girls began posting pictures of their dresses in our girls-only Facebook group (created to ensure no dress clashes!) months ago, and my dress only arrived in the mail less than two weeks before the big day. Nevertheless, it was perfect and I loved it. It was BCBG Maxazria's Avi Pleated Gown in Talc, and the moment I saw it I fell in love with it. It was everything I wanted my formal dress to be: geometric, flattering, comfortable, and just the right balance of "girly" and "statement." I knew from the start I didn't want a dress that was all one tone/texture/color - I wanted some form of diversity WITHIN my dress, but I wasn't quite sure how that diversity should be achieved for such an event (I was skeptical about overdosing on too many colors, too). This dress fulfilled that criterion perfectly through the marriage of different fabrics and textures in a geometric explosion that comprises the body of the dress. With interlocking lace (both with and without underlayers), pleats and fabric segments, distinguished in subtle variations of the same "talc" color, an understated pattern is created on the upper half of the dress to accentuate the torso, nip in the waistline and fall elegantly and loosely on your hips. It wasn't overly girly and it wasn't a neon geometric statement free of femininity either - the muted hue served to soften the definition that such an architectural dress boasted. I love the fact that it wasn't strapless as well; while I initially thought going strapless would add a sexy, feminine edge to my outfit, my dress allowed me to dance the night away without once readjusting/pulling anything up, so I'm glad I didn't let a strapless dress create constant problems on what was a very special night. 
And the last aspect of my outfit - my bag! This gorgeous blush-toned scalloped portfolio clutch courtesy of Dorothy Perkins was the perfect match; it accentuated the pink tones in my dress and added a more glamorous splash of gold to my otherwise matte outfit. The scallops served to soften the straight lines and edges of the details of my dress while retaining the geometric flavor of my outfit. It was a tad on the larger side, but that worked to my advantage by making more of a statement and fitting all my essentials for the evening!

It's tradition to have Pre-Drinks (known as Pres) at someone's house with a bunch of friends before the event itself, where parents are also invited to sip champagne and take as many pictures of their kids as they want. My best friend Camilla invited a handful of us over to her place for Pres where most of the picture-taking took place. It was so nice to gather with some of the most wonderful people before one of the biggest nights of high school - I couldn't be more grateful for these guys. Note the parent-paparazzi picture above!

All in all, Formal was an absolutely amazing evening. Held at the Fullerton Hotel's Grand Ballroom, a spectacular venue, the evening went very smoothly (much to my relief: being on the Formal Organizing Committee was a LOT of work). There were two big projector screens on both sides of the ballroom where Eventstagram ran a live feed of every Instagram photo posted with a certain #hashtag, allowing everyone to enjoy each others' pictures and letting each of us have our five seconds of fame up on the big screens! A couple of talented student musicians in our grade got up on stage and performed, awards were given out, tons of bad dancing happened and a lot of food was eaten. Formal was also the perfect way for me to say goodbye to a lot of people, because as some of you know, I'm heading off to boarding school in the UK after the summer and won't be returning to my previous school, which has been like a second home to me for 10 years. Thanks to everyone who made Formal 2013 such a great night, and to all my beloved friends, teachers and peers who have shaped my 10 years at this school and made it infinitely fulfilling and worthwhile.


contact high.

crop top: h&m fashion against aids
skater skirt: c/o ohmysmoothies
lace button down: forever 21
heels: topshop
bangle: dorothy perkins
wristlet: coach
Here's an outfit Sophie and I shot ages ago at Holland Village, right before attending Wyld Agencies Pop-Up store media party at Blackmarket @ Orchard Central. I wore this same lace top to AFF2012 but decided to experiment with wearing it as a piece of unbuttoned outerwear. I bought this crop top AGES ago when H&M's Fashion Against Aids line was out for a limited time in Singapore for it's versatility, interesting print, affordability and great festival-style potential, but never really wore it until I acquired what I now deem it's perfect match; the red skater skirt with youthful flare and spinnability (you know what I mean). I decided that since Rumi Neely wears loads of ankle-strap sandals, I should too (even though they visually shorten your legs), and what better motivation to buy something than Rumi Neely and a discount price tag you simply can't say no to? Thanks for the memories sales, Topshop. I also love the serious simplicity of this black Coach wristlet which makes it almost invisible; it's an anti-statement (but it still carries things!) to the point where I feel like it's not even there half the time - perfect for when a great outfit needs to take centre stage! Cue matching accessories, a great metallic smokey eye and we're good to go.



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Boasting a kick-ass range of contemporary, youthful pieces for every occasion possible, is the newest exciting online fashion destination for must-have pieces that won't break the bank. From blouses to statement necklaces,'s drool-worthy collection of unique pieces are peppered in plenty of color, and of course, the timeless promise of eternal style. Not only do they have their own collection of wonderful apparels, also proudly carries curated items from emerging independent Malaysian designers and labels such as Mno.logie, Midnight in E Garden by Ade G (which lucky Singaporean residents can find in Far East Plaza!), Fortune by Kim Dulaney and many more to come.
As their colorful landing page suggests, is filled to the brim with chic separates that can be easily combined to create a medley of different ensembles to fit your every mood and occasion. The brand were kind enough to sponsor me a few pieces which I am SO excited about - you can check out the clutch and shirt they sponsored me in this blogpost! The perspex clutch has such great studded detail and has found a permanent place on my shelf amongst my fashion magazines and books; talk about interior design potential as well as sartorial functionality! The refreshing, orange chevron-print blouse is lightweight and relaxed - I've already worn it so many times as it seems to fit every occasion perfectly; from date nights to fashion events.

 These are a couple of pictures off my Instagram (@veenamccoole - thank you for 1.5K by the way!) of's pieces - as you can see in the centre picture it's become a part of my room now! I'm in love with the super pretty blue and orange bracelets they sent me too (I'm so terribly obsessed with that color combination as of late - cue a "blue and orange" outfit post, perhaps!).

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golden days.

Belt: c/o OhMySmoothies
Clutch: c/o Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Brandless

 I've worn this dress so many times - it's a miracle it hasn't appeared in an outfit post yet! I love the muted champagne color underneath the floral lace overlay and the hint of flesh visible at the neckline. In my opinion, the waistline looks much better pulled in with a simple black belt for added shape and definition. To amp up the gentle color and feminine lace aspects of the dress, I paired it with glistening gold shoes and a scalloped pink and gold clutch from Dorothy Perkins - my new latest obsession (I even chose to bring it to Formal (prom) - stay tuned for a post on my Formal dress coming soon!). While the clutch enhanced the girly appeal of the dress, the gold elements made for a more daring, statement ensemble. I'm so relieved that my exams are finally over, so expect much more frequent posts throughout the summer as I document some of my sartorial adventures during my internship with Digital Fashion Week Singapore!


MINKPINK - high summer.

 Fresh, young and very Australian, I'm completely in love with MINKPINK's brand philosophy that's seamlessly integrated into their "Summer High" Campaign. With daring prints, unexpected color combinations and an aesthetic that is no less than electric, "High Summer" is really all you need for a killer summer wardrobe. The strength of this collection lies in the fact that virtually no accessories are necessary to "amp up" an outfit, as the bold colors and prints suffice to complete any MINKPINK ensemble. Typical summer days usually consist of sunny beach afternoons that quickly evolve into evening barbecues, meaning there's a minimal amount of time to get changed between one social gathering and another. MINKPINK's delicious new collection makes those hectic transitions easier by reducing the number of steps to getting ready: forget accessories, statement hats, complicated makeup or crazy-cool shoes, all you need is a MINKPINK romper in a crazy print to hog the spotlight and make your outfit shine without the aid of unnecessary accessories. 

With more sophisticated elements such as the matching black and white croptop and leggings, a perfect balance of playfulness and poise is attained while, of course, maintaining signature youthful prints. These kaleidoscopic separates can be flaunted with a solid basic counterpart or an even more excitable print for maximum impact, and as demonstrated in the many playful pictures of the campaign shoot, MINKPINK's hot summery designs are appropriate in any and every weird and wonderful situation you find yourself in this summer. Embrace festival-style dressing (even though Coachella is over!) in the form of funky bustiers, distressed denim and fiery bodycon separates in the best prints you'll see this year. Happy Summer!

What do you think of MINKPINK's gorgeous summer campaign?