sunday morning.

 top: fashion star x h&m
floral pants: c/o kristine's collection
necklace: c/o dear laura
heels: mango
bag: c/o carlo rino

There are so many things I adore about this ensemble, which probably explains why I've been caught wearing this exact same outfit multiple times (#guilty). I hate the fuss and the awkward crinkles that come with tucking a long shirt into skinny jeans, and since this button down has a lovely shapely tail, I decided to leave it out, as it satisfied a heightened level of both aesthetics and comfort. The 3/4 length is such a cute way to wear fitted pants, but can leave someone with muscular legs like me a stunted silhouette - hence the leg-lengthening nude pumps which have really been a lifesaver and an outfit-redeemer on numerous occasions. Everything you could possibly wear just looks ten times better and more credible in a sexy pair of nude heels, I'm convinced! I picked up this semi-translucent floral top from Buffalo Exchange when I was in New York this February, and I intend to visit (and revisit) that store until I'm wrinkly and bedridden. The floral texture of it works perfectly with the print on the pants and works equally well with denim shorts for a can't-be-bothered summer getup. I chose to button the shirt up all the way and conceal the collar with this overwhelmingly chic gold necklace that Dear Laura kindly sponsored me. It's like a cage/prison bars for my neck - except it's pretty and comfortable and I wear it by choice, if that makes sense. This slouchy purple bag from Carlo Rino is the most glorious color ever, and although it initially looked like a weird boxy square when it was hanging on the rack in their showroom, it transformed into this wonderfully creased leather must-have when I put it on my arm and filled it up a little. It's a grab-and-go holdall with excellent quality genuine leather, and looks perfectly slouchy no matter how full it is! Oh yeah, and this song will never, ever grow old.

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valentino fall/winter '13.

 With the artistic flair and sophisticated vision that is expected of designers of the highest calibre in the industry, designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli drew inspiration from the connections between traditional Flemish art and our contemporary society to formulate Valentino's highly successful Fall/Winter 2013 collection. I was invited by Access Communications to preview the collection with fellow bloggers and media representatives at the Valentino store at Ion Orchard, and I thoroughly enjoyed being up close to such an impeccable collection, as well as reconnecting with many familiar faces I hadn't seen in a while. The following photographs comprise of both media-kit images of the pieces on the runway, as well as my own pictures from the event. Read on for an in-depth review of Valentino's Fall/Winter presentation!

 Honestly speaking, it's very hard to fault a collection of such rich inspiration and inarguable depth and character. The ensembles maintained a muted, somber feeling, customary to Fall/Winter collections, yet in no way lacked charisma. Channeling exciting contrasts and unexpected details of commendable authenticity while maintaining a polished, sharp fa├žade caused almost no gaps to be left in the completion of a perfect collection. The bags exuded sophistication and a sense of desirable expensiveness; achieving modernity and versatility without abandoning the essence of classic European styles. More "extreme" fabrics such as the speckled white fur were utilized in measured doses so as to avoid an overwhelming outcome, and were cleverly constructed into more modern silhouettes for the sake of reinventing a classic, old-fashioned fabric. In my mind, fur coats carry an awful connotation of Cruella de Vil's heinous white mink coat; a shapeless, overly extravagant, bathrobe-esque blanket of unflattering proportions, but Valentino has successfully convinced me that fur can be tailored, nonchalant and sexy - and can keep you as warm as a blanket without looking like one.

One of my favorite aspects of the collection were the linear and scalloped mesh cut-outs, which added a youthful wearability to otherwise serious and "grown-up" dresses. As well as allowing a peek of skin, the mesh texture added an eclectic twist which also served to modernize the collection. The horizontal linear cut-out at the collarbone also created an amusing illusion of the bottom half of the dress magically floating to stay up, seemingly disconnected from the collar and the top half of the dress. Contrasting colors in faded hues made for a handful of sorbet-sweet frocks, punctuated with scalloped mesh sleeves for a very refreshing silhouette.

Bloggers Genie, Andrea and Jemma all busy Instagramming!

The lacy, angelic collars, reminiscent of doilies and afternoon tea parties, were enough to make any girly girl smile. While I don't necessarily agree with combining white crochet/lace with red and navy blue, I did enjoy the juxtaposition against black. The details were extraordinarily visible on the runway and proved to be more of a white-hot statement than a sideline embellishment, but I'm not complaining! While I love the contemporary schoolgirl vibe from the picture on the far right, the awkward attempt at lacy "peplum" in the picture second from the left stood out as quite a disappointing design decision.

And now for the bulk of the collection (and the best part, in my opinion): the floor-grazing, ornate gowns in every shade of blue, from azure to stony to teal and every mouthwatering shade in between. One would usually pass off such a single-hued emphasis as one-dimensional and limited, but this is blue at its best; blue like I've never seen it done before. From sweeping gowns nipped in at the waist to shorter, art-deco A-line shifts, blue has never looked so good in so many ways, all on one runway. The short dresses tend to carry the bolder colors and prints, reminiscent of blue and white china teacups in ornate, digital floral prints. The sheer, chiffon gowns with linear ruched detailing and brocade accents were just as stunning as the lacy overlays on flesh-toned fabric, and the astounding elegance of the pieces were only emphasized by their dramatic length and dynamic movement. Predominantly matte but sparkling and shimmering in all the right places, I have yet to find a better purveyor of understated glamour and unrivaled elegance than Valentino. 

Here are a few more snippets of what I deem to be a highly successful collection. The solid colored dresses in navy blue and black enjoy seemingly slashed necklines which reveal a sensual display of shoulder and collarbone skin, while the gorgeous shoes (which, in my opinion, beat Valentino's studded heels and flats by miles) have wide tongues and chunky heels, serving to simultaneously reveal and conceal. How very sneakily sexy, Valentino!

What do you think of this collection?


melrose medley.

There are now so many blogshops out in Singapore's blogshop scene, from independent livejournal sites to stand-alone mass retailers. Melrose Medley falls between those two extremes in a sort of happy medium - big enough to make a statement, but small enough to stay unique. I'm so excited to be featuring them on Seven Inch Stilettos - they house the greatest selection of exclusively handpicked apparels from all over Asia, featuring designs that are modern, stylish and effortless ("reflecting the personality of our shoppers!" owner Cynthia says). Melrose Medley's product line includes dresses, various tops and bottoms, and also accessories such as statement necklaces and earrings to complete your look. Suitable for work and play, these quality pieces boast a universal appeal with their vibrant prints and versatile designs. New items are launched bi-weekly on their site,, and the team are currently working on their own manufactured label featuring one-of-a-kind designs, so look out for that coming soon! Melrose Medley ships worldwide and offers free local non-registered mailing all year round - as if you needed another good reason to shop there!

dress: c/o melrose medley
heels: mango
blazer (on arm): mae pang
crossbody bag: c/o kristine's collection
earrings + bracelet: lovisa

Here are a couple snaps of me wearing Melrose Medley's First Crush Chiffon Dress (which is unfortunately sold out!) at work the other day. It's comfortable, light and flattering on most body types, and I love details on the back of the dress as well! It's one of those key pieces that every girl needs to have in her wardrobe; its conservative neckline and length makes it as suitable for family gatherings as it is for a weekend brunch with the girls, and of course, as its name suggests: a day out with the first crush! I paired it with heels for both elevated height and sophistication, but this dress can be easily worn with flats and combined with a flowy printed kaftan for a more beachy, resort feel and a pop of color. It also has a versatile Grecian-goddess appeal thanks to the creamy color and the style of the neckline - what's not to love? And these were hardly "posed" phone shots; I was actually sending an email. Photos by John the streetpeeker!

And before I forget, for those of you who prefer to shop in brick-and-mortar stores to get a physical feel of what you're buying, Melrose Medley has just opened a rack space at Creme De La Creme, located at Changi City Point (#01-49). This rack will feature an amazing selection of unreleased items, so be sure to check it out!

What do you think of Melrose Medley? Visit their website, Facebook and Instagram for more updates and sneak peeks!
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melissa x karl lagerfeld.

 As weird as this sounds, Melissa shoes smell SO good. Next time you're walking through the shoe department and get a delicious whiff of something fruity, look around you and I guarantee you'll see Melissa shoes within a close enough radius for you to make a detour and check their shoes out - which are as awesome as they smell. They are made entirely of plastic, and therefore are 100% waterproof, lightweight, super comfortable and recyclable. All Melissa shoes are made in Brazil where the label hails from, and this brand is known most for its numerous collaborations with some of the most famed names in the industry such as Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood, and Alessandra Ambrosio, to name a few. This event, held at Mohammed Sultan Road, was celebrating the launch of yet another exciting collaboration (and easily my favorite): Melissa Shoes x Karl Lagerfeld! 

The collaboration consists of two pairs of heels and two flats, my favorite of which has got to be the Melissa Incense (ice cream heels!). The Melissa team were generous enough to gift all event attendees a pair of complimentary shoes of their choice, and I'm sure you can guess which I picked! I wore these gorgeous shoes while hosting Sogurt's 3rd Anniversary Bash- they fitted perfectly with Sogurt's image of a sweet, fruity and fun destination! Karl Lagerfeld seems to have taken a recent liking to industry-darling Cara Delevigne (as if she isn't plastered all over the fashion industry enough, not surprising since she fronted the dynamic, bubblegum-colored campaign video. Karl Lagerfeld's four piece collaboration collection comprises of modern reinvention of four classic Melissa shoe designs. Here's a further look into fashion's favorite silver-haired star's collaboration with the Brazilian shoe label:

Melissa Ginga x Karl Lagerfeld
Paying homage to Melissa's country of origin by utilizing the colors of the Brazilian flag, Lagerfeld achieves a contrasting masterpiece of curvy striped detailing and a bold square front. Available in four fun color combinations - I'd have to say my favorites are the two variations in the centre!

Melissa Glam x Karl Lagerfeld
The pointy-toed flat is a timeless Melissa staple that appears in almost every collaboration, and Karl has added his own clean, minimalistic spin to the design by adding three clear hemispheres to punctuate the front of the shoe. Office-appropriate, weekend-appropriate and very comfortable - what's not to love?

Melissa Incense x Karl Lagerfeld
What better way is there to spice up an outfit than adding a sparkly ice-cream to it? Lagerfeld takes a bold risk with this fun accent, which spruces up a classic pump by volumes. The white variation might be easily matched with other pastel brights, but the glossy black option is perfect to complete a night-out ensemble. 

Melissa Melissima x Karl Lagerfeld
The ultimate cross-section of functionality, comfort and chic - this medium height shoe boasts a double strap and comes in muted colors, both glossy and matte. Powerfully feminine and full of contemporary elegance; Karl Lagerfeld is certainly no stranger to those elements of design!

the delicious mini burgers served at the event | my outfit of the day | some props on the pop-up stage!

Melissa's "CineMelissa" FW13 collection bears a strong resemblance to the world of movies and theatre, and is divided into segments named after major movie genres: Action, Comedy, Drama and Romance. With distinct color palettes, quirky details and a promise of a cinematic happy ending, these iconic shoes inspired by the silver screen are bold, creative and lots of fun.

Collaborations for Melissa's FW13 collection are in full swing, with Jason Wu, J.Maskrey, Campana Brothers and Walt Disney back with new, refreshing designs. Commendable additions to the Melissa family include great new studded pieces, creepers which give a nod to WW2 London pub culture and mid-height chunky heels.

The Formula-One inspired flats in various black and white patterns on the far left are adorable!

The event was dotted with the cutest celebrity lookalikes decked out in Melissa footwear too - try and guess who these ones are! They were so much fun to take pictures of (and with!) and added a great dynamism to the event.

What do you think of Melissa shoes and the Melissa Shoes x Karl Lagerfeld collaboration, which is set to be welcomed again for another 4 seasons?



 Last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting Fabfad's latest self-manufactured product: the "Wrap it Sassy" top, available in four gorgeous colors; off-white, plum, black and jade. This supersoft, flattering top boasts a 3/4 sleeve and a sexy, low-cut back which promises to amp up any outfit. I particularly loved styling the jade top with a white skirt for a squeaky-clean, Sunday brunch look. We shot at two of Singapore's most picturesque locations to showcase the versatility of the wrap top - Somerset Skate park and all of its graffitied glory, as well as the blue tones lacing the CBD skyline as viewed from Marina Bay Sands. Make sure you check out the "Wrap it Sassy" top when it launches tonight on Fabfad; it's a comfortable, wearable piece in four awesome colors! I had so much fun at the shoot with store owner Rebecca, fellow model Si Hui and photographer Fiona (and the two cute little skaterboys who joined in the shoot for a while!). All photography credits are due to Fiona of Smitten Pixels!

 The tongue-twister brand name was derived from the combination of two words, "Fabulous" and "Fashion." The webstore is lovingly brought to you by Rebecca & S, and aims to bring in high quality, comfortable and cheery clothes for ladies aged 16 to 30 at the most affordable price points. On top of the clothes they bring in from external manufacturers, Fabfad has their own manufactured items under the label "Regalia." 

One more thing - make sure you join in with Fabfad's Facebook Promotion if you'd like to win a $12 e-Voucher for Fabfad! They're generously giving these vouchers away to 5 lucky people, so follow the three simple steps below to try your luck!

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The contest ends on the 12th of July (that's tomorrow!) at 12 noon. Winners will be randomly picked (by a program) and will be announced on Facebook on the 12th, before midnight. 

 Check out Fabfad's website, Facebook page, and Twitter!
And stay tuned for their launch tonight at 8pm!
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