saloni rathor AW13 | the passage.

 "Pinned from a fantasy, The Passage is a fragile, exotic and romantic collection filled with rich colours and elaborate prints of blemished butterfly motifs and shadows of the exotic Dutch dancer, the Mata Hari."

"A tale of romance, dreams, imperfections and hope."

Referencing the relatively expressive sartorial attitudes of the 1920's, The Passage's 21 highly successful ensembles introduce a multitude of fabrics with rich cultural significance and historical backgrounds to form a worldly, ornate collection infused with a "sense of travel and discovery." Incorporating statement silhouettes and clean lines, it adds an edgy modernity to the historic roots of classic feminine dressing without losing that authentic flavor that such old-turned-new collections tend to let slip away. Rich natural references, a favorite of Saloni's to explore in all her collections, materialize in the form of digital prints and abstract detailing. Blooming purple hues excite the "Wish Upon A Butterfly" dress, and an asymmetrical hemline poses the juxtaposition of organic imperfection and sleek modern geometry. A simple, effective, yet relatively unpopular design choice of tassels, as seen on the "Mystic Falls" dress, adds breathtaking movement, transient layering and an "elusive image" of Mata Hari. The Passage represents a journey; a rite of passage through the turbulence and beauty of human experience, emotion and memory. The Passage is elegance flavored with mystery, sophistication doused in wisdom, and an unshakeable coolness aided by flattering tailoring. Wanderlust compulsory.


optical illusion.

 bag - c/o jumpfrompaper
top - c/o part and parcel
skort - zara
shoes - dr. martens

Meet the most exciting, unreal addition to my wardrobe: Jumpfrompaper's Cheese bag! I was bouncing up and down when JFP contacted me and asked me to make one of the hardest decisions of ever: picking one bag from their colorful website. While I would be the happiest bunny to take home all of their eclectic, puzzlingly wonderful creations, the "Cheese" bag had to be my favorite. I love the girl-next-door satchel style and I don't own anything in this cheddar cheese color, making it an even more special, unique newbie to my closet. I love the confused stares and obvious double-takes I get when taking this bag out and I certainly don't expect anything less of passerbys; it's quite the statement bag with a very confusing aesthetic construction! Browsing the JFP website left me curious as to how these bags actually looked and felt in real life - "they look so fake and animated!" said a good friend of mine. I don't know how much sense this makes, but if I say that the bag looks exactly as how you're currently imagining it to be through these pictures, I hope that clarifies things for you. 

I love the casual, slouchy and breezy quality of this blue and white striped top gifted to me by local blogshop Part and Parcel. It has a wide, low neckline, making it perfect as a swimsuit throw-over too. The slanted breast pockets and aforementioned neckline create physical linear patterns, emphasized by the stripes, which I like to believe gives a nice slimming effect, as well as the linear cut of my trusty Zara skort. This skort is probably the most overexposed garment of 2013, and rightly so. I have yet to find a more comfortable, versatile option to carry me securely through the awkward gaps of dress codes that life presents me with. Fashion events, tuition, meetings, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacktimes, coffees... the list of instances where this skort is appropriate is truly infinite. The geometric nature of the "origami" skirt instantly adds an interesting angle to the simplest white-tee-and-flats combo, yet simultaneously serves to simplify an ensemble consisting of digital prints and kaleidoscopic sky-high heels. You want versatility, affordability, effortlessness and perfection, did you say? Get your a** to Zara and snap up one or four of these gems.


august inspiration + playlist.

 Some inspiration for (and derived from) the sun-soaked season that's drawing to a worryingly abrupt close. And it's not just the end of high temperatures and spirits - it's the beginning of my last two years of high school, which will be spent at boarding school in the UK for those of you who haven't yet heard (I'm only just realising I've hardly made an official announcement on my blog). I'll be back to visit virtually every 8 weeks though, so Singapore will very much remain my home! This has been quite a transformational summer for me, as this is probably the biggest change I'll have gone through in the past sixteen years. A new school, a new country, a new environment, a new culture, new friends/teachers, new weather, and so many more new things that I'm not even sure of at this stage! I'm apprehensive and nervous, but I know an abundance of really exciting new experiences awaits, and I can't wait to share them all with you! For someone who prefers cold weather to sweltering tropical humidity, I'm particularly looking forward to better acquainting myself with a winter-wonderlandy wardrobe (which will probably be a lot less romantic than I currently envision; faux-fur? Forget it - more like sweatpants and hoodies). IB will definitely promise an academically challenging last two years of high school, and my course package is super diverse (Economics, English Literature, Biology, Math, Chinese, Psychology) so that means I'm likely to die six different (and equally painful) ways under the unforgiving blade that is the International Baccalaureate. Oh well, many fun times lie ahead! As the pictures above suggest, my summer "moodboard" consists dominantly of whites and blues with pops of pronounced color. I've had more than just a few friends visit Greece this summer, and the azure waters and vast panoramic views of white tiered villas and European charm have me drooling with jealousy. I feel like if I ever went to Greece I'd just live in Isabel Marant studded gladiator sandals, billowy white blouses, white shorts, a white bikini, white framed sunglasses, white woven cardigans, white floppy sunhats... You get the (white) picture. This isn't the beginning of a new calendar year, but an academic one. So for everyone else trapped in high school/college moving into one grade/year higher, I guess this is happy new year!

A Snippet of My Summer Playlist:
Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood
Summer Vibe - Walk off the Earth
You & Me - Disclosure feat. Eliza Doolittle
Right Again - Yuna
Yoko - Pegasus Bridge
Anna Sun - Walk the Moon
Hey Pretty Girl - Kip Moore
Ordinary People - Jayme Dee cover
Tangled Up - Caro Emerald
Sleep Alone - Two Door Cinema Club


10qq with willabelle.

One of Singapore's biggest names in fashion, blogger/model Willabelle Ong has conquered Asia's fashion scene and far beyond at the tender age of 18 (who knows what she'll accomplish next!). Her blog,, has garnered the attention of thousands of global fashionistas, young and old, and continues to grow at a commendable rate. From her candy-colored hair tendencies to her equally bold sartorial ones, Willabelle's youthful yet sophisticated taste remains close to the hearts of many of her dedicated readers and followers. Read on to learn a bit more about this successful fashionista's life!

1) How did you get started with blogging? Was it a long-time dream of yours?
The Pale Division blog was founded shortly after my Lookbook account was created as I wanted to document my personal style in greater detail. It was also a space for me to post inspiration, daily visuals and unnecessary word vomit. I don't think blogging was ever a long-time dream of mine, it simply happened.  

2) What's the nicest thing a fan has ever done for you?
I'm flattered enough whenever a reader refers himself/herself as a 'fan'. Everything has been really nice - the long, encouraging emails, the wonderful illustrations, the shout-outs, etc.

3) What's your guilty pleasure comfort food?
Chocolate! Or ice-cream. I've been having too much ice-cream recently, even though we're currently experiencing winter...

4) What's your least favorite activity?
I dread any form of exercise but running has to be the worst. My stamina is hopeless.

5) What is your staple accessory?
Probably fine rings and a good pair of shoes. I like how a pair of kicks can make or break an outfit. Outerwear is always a favourite too! Light-weight pieces can be layered in summer while I'm all about faux-fur and woollen coats in winter.

6) What is the most important thing to remember about blogging and fashion in general?
Ignore the negative criticism and focus on the constructive ones instead. People will always have something to say behind your back. Just remember that's where they belong, right behind you.

7) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
To stop worrying so much!
8) What do you love about yourself?
I don't know... I love how I'm surrounded by positive and encouraging people. Does that count?

9) Heels, booties, wedges or flats?
Heels... And wedges. 

10) Hopes and dreams for the future?
To travel the world!

What do you think of Willabelle's blog and her eclectic sense of style?

+ Singer/Songwriter/YouTuber/Popspoken Entertainment Editor Zack Hourihane and I will be doing a Q&A video this coming week, so please tweet/email/tumblr ask me any questions you have for either of us that you'd like us to answer!


sogurt café + sogurtbash!

 A couple weeks ago I had the honor of hosting Sogurt's 3rd Anniversary Party at Zouk Singapore: #SOGURTBASH! I had a lot of fun with my co-host Luke Lee (yes - the one from ABTM!), blogger Georgina Poh and everyone else who came along to join in the fun. Thanks for coming you guys - you made the evening absolutely brilliant and I'm sure you had as great a time as I did! My hair was sponsored by Liese, makeup sponsored by Maybelline, stunning floral crown sponsored by Plume Insignia (an Etsy store started by two of my good friends!), and pretty ice-cream heels sponsored by Melissa (many thanks to Chrissa for helping to coordinate the shoe sponsorship!). My skirt is from webstore Lace and Ebony, my dress (worn as a top) is from Zara and my accessories are from Lovisa! The theme of the event was "Garden of Eden," so I decided to stick to the theme by wearing a floral top and crown. However, I also wanted to mix those florals with something edgier, and this electric blue skirt with peplum laser-cut details was begging to make its debut, so I opted for the skirt and a pair of delicious, sparkly ice-cream heels. The jelly heels were super easy to walk in and very comfortable/light, and while the ice-cream design didn't exactly comply to the dresscode, I thought it added a colorful, fun accent.

 Last but not least, I have Auum to thank for sponsoring my beautiful bio-sculpture nail extensions and manicure for the night. I love the electric-blue glittery tips they pampered me with! This great new "honest nail spa" at PasarBella @ the Grandstand specializes in happy, healthy nail treatments using products that are 3-free and 5-free; that is, without nasty additives and chemicals. As well as using products of the safest calibre, Auum maintains the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene as well: they sanitize their tools using UV light and use disposable tools where possible. I highly recommend their friendly and healthy services!

 Okay, now onto the main part of the blogpost: the newly opened Sogurt Café at Bukit Timah! You've probably driven past it loads of times on Bukit Timah thanks to its convenient location, but I'm telling you: You need to go inside and try their food! While Sogurt has many branches dotted across the island, this is the first Sogurt Café, and I certainly hope it isn't the last. With light sweet treats and savory, healthy lunches, this delightful extension of our favorite froyo destination is equally delicious! The boyfriend and I were treated to a three course meal at the café, and our overall experience received nothing less than a massive two thumbs up.

 First Course: Turkey Ham, Brie Cheese and Cranberry Panini (served with a side of potato chips and salad) - SGD$10.50
We loved this! The toasted sandwich bread was deliciously healthy and the cranberry + cheese combination was an unlikely success. The portion of salad was served with a yummy light dressing and the potato chips were a fantastic way to top off this varied, healthy dish.

 Second Course: Waffles with Froyo and a Strawberry - SGD$6.50
If there's one thing that beats froyo by itself, it's definitely froyo served with a sweet, fluffy waffle drenched in chocolate sauce! I've always loved waffles and ice-cream, but honestly speaking, waffles with froyo was ten times better. It's a small portion that's big enough to satisfy a sugary craving or a light snack, but small enough to leave a little room in your tummy and prevent a food coma/food baby.

 Third Course: Toasties with Strawberries and Chocolate Sauce (served with fresh fruit) - SGD$7.50
Sliced strawberries and chocolate sauce sandwiched between warm toast and covered in even more chocolate sauce; yes please! This is the ultimate sugar fix for those of you guilty of possessing a sweet tooth (me included!) and is a great way to finish up a meal. The only thing that could make this delicious dish better? If it was served with froyo! Oh well, it's not that hard to grab a cup and swirl your own froyo to have alongside your chocolatey toasties (my mouth is seriously watering right now). Toasties are also available with nutella and bananas instead!

 Before we knew it, all our food was gone!
We had a wonderful experience taste-testing the new surprises at Sogurt Café Bukit Timah, and it definitely deserves all the rave reviews it gets. Make sure you head on down to Sogurt Café for a healthy quick fix of either sweet or savory (or both!) and let me know what you think!

This is a sponsored advertorial.


i.t preview party!

If you're ever in Wisma Atria, there is no excuse not to pop into i.t, a luxuriously spacious multi-label concept store that's landed on our shores with a boom and isn't leaving anytime soon. i.t is, quite simply, a breath of fresh air; boasting nine exciting labels previously unavailable in Singapore. i.t is the ultimate destination for younger fashionistas to discover distinctive new labels to inspire or expand their personal style, with everything from apparel, denim, basics, outerwear, footwear, accessories and bags - for both men and women. The bright, open interiors of the store provide a canvas for each of these eclectic labels to differentiate themselves in a style similar to a department store; each brand's section is either against a wall, on a free-standing platform, in various nooks and crannies of the store, or a combination of these. Seriously though, I've never been so unbelievably excited for a new store in a long time. With 9 labels worth of hidden gems to uncover, you can't possibly get bored in i.t!

 The opening event for i.t saw a multitude of celebrities from around Asia, as well as local bloggers and style influencers. Models strutted down the corridor runway flaunting the latest collections from i.t labels to the beat of Linda Hao's DJ expertise (DJ Twoface, that is!), cameras flashed, delicious finger food was served and the atmosphere was bursting with chatter and laughs. It was one of those great events where the perfect mix of people were invited, allowing you to catch up with old friends and identify old faces, as well as meet a crop of new people. Local Radio DJ Rozz hosted the event and spoke to Helen Khoo, the Executive Director of Wing Tai Retail, who said "our i.t store inspires the ideas of fashion trend and accessibility to address the fashion needs of today's shoppers." 

dress: tally weijl via fashfix
perspex clutch: mno.logie c/o
belt: c/o oasap
heels: (not pictured) mango

Dressing up for events is definitely one of my favorite parts of being a blogger; it's so exciting to put together new ensembles for press events/meetings! I love the color of this tiered dress which fits like a dream and is so comfortable. I accentuated the waistline with a statement gold belt from Oasap, and kept the rest of my outfit simple with nude heels and my favorite perspex clutch.
One of my favorite labels featured in i.t has got to be Tout A Coup. Established in 2007 to target young women, this nostalgic European-style label offers the best selection of smart casual wear with a feminine, eclectic twist. Their summer collection is based on the themes of "Transparent Tailoring" and "Neon Retro," so lightweight materials like lace, mesh and organza evoke the understated, sensual appeal of French women. Tailoring is taken to a new level with hexagon cut-outs, and slashed prints in summery pastel hues lend a burst of color to any ensemble. On the "Neon Retro" front, we're greeted with the most exciting juxtapositions of fluorescents and richer colors like violet and sapphire blue. Layering various semi-translucent fabrics of different colors add depth and dimension, and patchworks, high waisted and cape silhouettes reign supreme this season. What's not to love?

There was also a great badge-making station where custom-drawn designs by a small crew of talented doodlers were pressed into pin badges. Props to Jansen and his Word of Mouth Communications team for organizing and facilitating the smooth running of a very memorable event! 

(images courtesy of WOM Comm)