candy magazine: street style book!

 I'm so excited to announce my latest press appearance in print - Candy Magazine Philippines' August issue! They've included a global street style booklet and I'm honored to have a 2-page spread of my personal style featured in it. Many thanks to the photographers of the three pictures featured (click through for their respective sites!): Fiona Sng, Sophie Hackett and John Tan. This is my second feature in the #1 teenage magazine in the Philippines which is so exciting (check out the first one here!) - if you have access to the magazine do pick up a copy, it won't let you down! Thanks so much to the fashion editor Sam Potenciano for coordinating this amazing opportunity!



 flats: pazzion
bag: c/o carlo rino
jumpsuit: lily thailand

I snapped up this lovely all-in-one jumpsuit from the Lily boutique in one of Bangkok's Central Malls at the beginning of summer. Jumpsuits make getting dressed shockingly easier, but I'm always paranoid that since the top and bottom are attached in one piece, it's that much more obvious when they are re-worn. Luckily this particular one is easy to style over and over to create new looks (I might try a blazer + heels combo next, who knows!). With subtle lace detailing on the shoulders, a bright abstract floral print and simple black pants, I can't think of a situation that this piece wouldn't fit well with (besides, like, the beach). Plain black flats wouldn't do this jumpsuit justice, so cue my new favorite pair of shoes: the black leather/leopard print hybrid boasting extraordinary comfort and water resistance (okay, not that much water resistance). There's nothing like a subtle print-clash to spice up an outfit without mismatching to the extreme. This lovely bag from Carlo Rino is my new favorite (ever) for so many reasons. The clean lines of the leather exterior means it adds so much class to any outfit, and the bright pop of coral-red serves as a daily reminder of a color I don't wear often enough, yet this bag has made me fall in love with. The inside of the bag is perfect too; it has enough pockets for everything you need - and I'm talking useful compartments, not lame little fabric folds that are big enough for a pen. Seriously, I'm a huge fan of numerous pockets, slits and flaps that serve a convenient purpose, and this bag takes that to a whole new level. It can hold anything, even a small child (well, at least the weight equivalent), with shocking comfort and shape-retention. An umbrella, coffee mug, change of shoes, cardigan and my other miscellaneous essentials fit in neatly. Thank you so much Carlo Rino!

On a Bangkok note - I spent a few nights there at the start of summer to attend my aunt's wedding and got to stay in our new apartment there for the first time! It's nice to finally have a cosy space of our own in the bustling city (one of my few "hometowns") to call home, and the shopping district is conveniently accessible by foot. Unfortunately Cathay Pacific lost my luggage on the flight to Bangkok, so I've been grieving over my losses and trying to scrape together enough cash to replace all the clothes, books, chargers, makeup, shoes and things I lost. Not gonna lie, it was definitely a trip-ruiner since I had none of my own clothes and makeup for the wedding, but I guess it gave me a license to shop a little more! If I hadn't lost that suitcase, I might not have bought this gorgeous jumpsuit and pair of shoes (trying to stay positive). I'm glad we have our own small place in the city though, it makes it feel that much more like home and makes it so much more convenient to visit Bangkok more often. It's a spectacular city with the most unbelievable energy and crazy vibrance, and while I admit spending more than a week there is a bit of an overkill, a long weekend in Thailand's capital city will promise to leave you simultaneously exhausted and reinvigorated. Till next time, Krung Thep!

+ Photos/editing by Katya Brigitte Photography, the uber-talented photographer from London!


nicole miller SS14 | versailles rebel.

From dainty to daring and flapper to fantabulous, elegant and exuberant and sultry to shimmering, I'm tempted to write a 5th grade style acrostic poem as an attempt to list all the relevant adjectives that sum up one of the best, most wearable collections I have seen in a long time. Nicole Miller mightn't be a household name, but I know I'm not the only one completely enchanted by her cohesive collection of some of Spring's most timeless themes. While Miranda Priestley is (in)famous for sarcastically commenting on the groundbreaking nature of florals for spring, I'm far too taken with Miller's futuristic interpretations of fashion's most beloved "S/S" motifs to care about recycling trends that I actually really love. So what if designers do stripes and florals every Spring Summer season? There's a reason for such fond favorites to continuously reoccur - because we love them very very much. After all, the best way to reinvent your style for SS14 is to do it the Nicole Miller way: wear stripes, florals and tons of summery color all in one explosive, seamless ensemble. Here's to revisiting and reinventing favorites!

Some of the most stellar pieces in the collection made use of a simple black and white palette, spotlighting the intricate detail and workmanship of the pieces by toning down color. Geometry reigns supreme with a modern, glamorously fitted top and a pencil skirt with inverted color placement (centre left) - perfect for creating a sleek silhouette on any shape or size. A black leather crop is balanced out neatly with a flowy white knee-length skirt; another universally sensuous match made in monochrome heaven. Speaking of contrast, few things are more strikingly delicate than the white sheath skirt in the centre right image - statement making with a graceful, feminine touch has never been easier.

Deeper than turquoise, bluer than aqua yet still oddly green… I have no idea what that captivating color is but it's delicious and seems rather fit for the season. It's fresh but not adolescent, sophisticated minus the stiffness. It's an organic cross between stained-glass and the interior of a kaleidoscope, and the flecks of magenta and sky blue make this print utterly magnificent and easily translated onto a number of ensembles. I'm loving the shapely punctuation offered by the thick black panel stitching in the two dresses on the right; I wouldn't mind a strapless minidress in that print! While I'm not as much of a fan of the seemingly magnified print as seen on the top on the far left and skirt on the centre left, I'm so head over heels with that deep, luscious color that it hardly bothers me at all.

And now onto the outerwear, possibly the hardest aspect of a collection for designers to strike a balance between artistic, statement-making and wearable. Nicole Miller seems to have no issues with making her designs down-to-earth enough to be worn by actual human women (let's hope her price tags echo that strength!), and these jackets are testament to her "wearability is key" philosophy (she didn't actually say that quote, I just decided three seconds ago that her brand's philosophy should be wearability yep). A bit punk, a lot embellished, but slightly verging on too topshoppy, these are very cute. Very cute indeed.

True glamour always contains a concealed edge, and in Miller's world, this takes the form of beautiful stained-glass shards positioned in an angular, geometric explosion on various tops, skirts and dresses. Pristinely defined, perfectly contemporary and another universally flattering success, these ensembles help jagged color and classic silhouettes balance out beautifully. I'm totally in favor of the sporty, cut-in necklines (far right) and casual, cropped lengths which show a hint of midriff. If these pieces can't be worn to the office, out at night, to fashion week or anything in between, then what can? describes this collection as being inspired by "the aftermath of a gang of rebel girls storming the castle," and it couldn't have been better put. This gloriously colorful, decadent juxtaposition of grunge-chic rebels and elegant femininity culminate dramatically in the seven looks above. By infusing bold monochrome stripes with watercolor florals, throwing a raw white leather vest over a fitted power dress and punctuating a striped pencil skirt with bursts of blooms, the result is no less than pinstripe perfection with a springtime-appropriate dose of bright florals. Top marks for reinvention, wearability and sex appeal.

 Towards the end of the show, a shift in focus to a less "teenage rebel" and more "refined princess" look can be noted through the evolution of colorful florals to gold baroque embellishments and modern white base hues to sheer pearl ones. Black becomes increasingly dominant as necklines reach a sexy, all time low in deep Vs decorated with ornate gold detailing. Tasseled jewelry becomes a permanent fixture, adding an ornate finish to pared-down, floor sweeping gowns with a sexy, linear finish. Nicole Miller's astounding ability to manipulate simple lines of color and fabric to construct the aesthetic framework of her pieces continues to boast success throughout the collection, adding dimension and shape to her expertly crafted pieces. Sequined floral motifs epically clash with baby pink twirly skirts, decadent glimmering accents glint with movement and bold, cloudy prints add lustrous mystique. Perfection.

So, what do you think of Nicole Miller's gorgeous Spring/Summer 2014 collection?


QUESTION AND ANSWER: Coffee with Veena + Zack!

I'm so happy to announce that my second (and hopefully not last!) YouTube video in collaboration with my best friend Zack (you might know him as "zachwithak" on his social media channels and "zackhourihane" on YouTube) is live: "QUESTION AND ANSWER! Coffee with Veena + Zack" !!! It's always so much fun collaborating with my lovely and talented bestie, who is the Entertainment Editor of famous local news portal "Popspoken," as well as an achieved YouTube singer/songwriter. We filmed this fun video at a quirky concept space on McCallum Street called "SPRMRKT" (that's "supermarket" minus the vowels), which houses a delectable selection of home-cooked food and nibbles, assorted cooking utensils and keepsakes sourced from all over the world, and some insanely beautiful art pieces by emerging local visual artists. It's a cosy little hub of all things alternative and inspiring and is sure to redefine your dining/shopping experience by mixing them together at one perfect location! Oh, and my gorgeous black top was sponsored by Threepurs, who you might have read about in my previous advertorial post here! There isn't much else to say that isn't already said in the video, so if you're interested to hear everything from our career aspirations to what's on our iPhone lock screens and way more in-between, check out our video now! Leave your thoughts in the comments, give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video and share the link to share the love! We'll love you lots (even more than we already do!) for that :)


10qq with denise.

Meet Denise Palladino: super mom and fashion entrepreneur extraordinaire/founder of! An inspiration to women of all ages and living (and glamorous!) proof that being a full-time mom and running a business can be done while looking and feeling good, read on to find out what Denise has to say, as well as a little bit about her highly successful albeit newly launched Singapore based e-commerce platform: ChicStash! If you're keen to find out more about CS, stay tuned to Seven Inch Stilettos in the next coming months when a full advertorial post comes your way!

1. What inspired you to begin Chic Stash?
Resale/vintage stores have always existed in many cities around the world.  We’re now seeing re-commerce migrating online with much success in the US and Europe. We’re leading this pre-loved fashion revolution in Asia with a rapidly expanding community of buyers and sellers.
Right: Denise Palladino with Rana of Bonjour Singapore at ChicStash's recent launch event!
2. Three things you always keep with you:
Hairbands- I always keep a few hairbands and bobby pins in my purse. They’re especially handy when I find myself overheated, or want to quickly change my look. Notebook and pen- a small notebook always comes in handy to jot down inspiration. Lipstick- at any given moment, I have about 4 different lipsticks, lip glosses in my bag. In a pinch, I can go from casual to elegant with a few sweeps of my red…pink…coral, (see, I can never decide) lipstick.
3. A place you've always wanted to travel to:

The Greek Island of Hydra. Imagine no phone reception, no cars, beautiful beaches, and a truly intact local culture.  Friends have a beautiful house there, now I just need to make the time!

4. Describe the typical Chic Stash woman in a sentence:
The CS Shopper is fun and fearless in her approach to dressing; casual in the morning, rocknrolla at night. Life is an endless costume party; she writes her own rules for a distinct look and embodies the true soul of chic.  
5. What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night?
Date Night at Ying Yang rooftop bar on Club Street with my hubby is always special.  Met my husband there 2 ½ years ago so to be able to sit down (with no other distractions) and catch up after the usually busy week is amazing. 

6. What are some of your personal favorite pieces on as of late?
From our Concierge/Curated Section: Violet Sapphire Ring, Sequin Chanel tank Top, YSL cream tux suit, Chloe Burgundy bag, and blue satin Louboutin pumps.

From the Marketplace: Great Marrimekko sunflower yellow dress, Collette Dinnigan black skirt & top, and a sexy Banana Republic pink silk camisole.
7. What was your dream career as a child?
To be a Ballerina (not Black Swan).

8. How did the name "Chic Stash" come about?
‘Chic’ reflects our community of users; fab dressers, smart resellers, and Eco-Chic fashionistas. We know that women aren’t wearing 80% of their wardrobes, that’s the ‘Stash.’
9. A food you've always hated?
All fast food – what IS it?
10. A piece of wisdom/motto that you live by:
"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth." -Muhammad Ali


my life in pictures IV.

 (across each row, left to right)

1. A slightly more unattractive selfie with one of the many memorable people I became close to this summer: John from Street Peek! Such a wonderful, hilarious fashion friend; laughs guaranteed.

2. My JumpFromPaper bag (!!!) that had me jumping and screaming when it came in the mail and can be seen in this outfit post - I still can't get over how cool it is. Thank you so much JFP!

3. An outtake from a photoshoot I did at East Coast Park with Amanda from BeautifulAdieu for an upcoming webstore called Threepurs.

4. Sunday morning coffee and red velvet with Michael at Haji Lane's coolest caffeine stop: Artistry.

5. The lovely folks at Publicist PR invited me to experience Dr. Brandt's new Detoxygen Facial, a bubbly, ultra-hydrating treatment available at both Sccube the Apothecary (#05-25 Ngee Ann City) and for DIY home use. It was a quick, relaxing treatment that left my skin radiant, deeply nourished and glowing! My lovely aesthetician treated my skin with Dr. Brandt's "Pores No More" skin care products too, which were perfectly suited to my oily, pimple-prone skin. I really enjoyed my pampering session - thanks so much Publicist PR!

6. Enjoying a personal favorite Twelve Cupcake flavor of mine, red velvet, courtesy of my lovely boss during my internship at Digital Fashion Week, Charina! Devouring this while planning a hectic roundtable meeting for all participating designers was just what the DFW crew needed to keep us going.

7. Enjoying some retail therapy at Sephora and subsequent feminine reading at Kinokuniya with the best friend to calm our nerves before IGCSE exam results came out!

8. Sitting on an oddly horizontal palm tree wearing my new VS bikini in Sibu (feat. the little bro playing with a rugby ball!)

9. A close-up of the not-so-delicious mushroom and truffle soup I had at P.S Cafe on one of my last visits there with Ethan. Although it was photogenic enough for me to take this picture, it was quite bland and was the first disappointment P.S Cafe has offered me.