two weeks in the +65!

 After an amazing first 8 weeks (that absolutely flew by!) at boarding school in England, I couldn't be happier to come home to Asian food, warm weather, my family, friends and beloved bed. The heat is even more unbearable than when I left - I don't think I'll be wearing anything other than strappy tops and shorts in fear of perspiring to death in this horrific humidity! Life has been craaaazy busy and I literally hit the ground running ( fashion week, that is); from hopping straight off my flight and dashing to catch the Frederick Lee and Julien Fournie for Love, Bonito shows at FIDe Fashion Week to being reunited with all my lovely friends and my boyfriend, it's all been non-stop since I flew in last week and I'm loving every second of it. Lunching with my dad at our favorite Tiong Bahru eatery "Open Door Policy," coffee dates with Emma, fun photoshoots and modelling jobs, study dates with Camilla, celebrating Zack and Ayush's birthday, gymming with my lovely brothers, attending exciting meetings and events, shooting outfit posts with my mom, going for evening strolls with my boyfriend and trying to get some of my holiday homework done are only a few highlights of the many things I've been up to in the span of 7 days. One week down and one more to go; livin' at full speed is the best way I know how. 


NYFW SS14 | raoul.

Striking the most perfect balance between retro-glam and futuristic flavors, Raoul electrified NYFW with another absolutely flawless Spring Summer collection. Comprised of unusual geometry, glorious architecture and a lightness that makes me miss the warmer months even more, modern silhouettes are redone with even cleaner lines and infused with a coherent palette of vermillion orange, black, white, stony gray and pops of blue. Razor-thin ankle straps, pointy stiletto heels and laser cut oval details add precision and sharpness to the boxy androgynous silhouettes which distort the female form. Transparency is manipulated to great acclaim; be it through perforated fabric, angular mesh inserts or transparent detailing on footwear. Organic monochrome swirls help soften the several bold sartorial statements, yet still attribute structure and form to a collection that appears rigid, but upon closer inspection, reveals itself as a wearable revival of some of fashion's oldest concepts. On a beauty note, the cleanliness and sterility of the ensembles are reinforced with matte complexions, a nude lip, chalky eyeshadow, Twiggy-esque lower lashes and a defined sweep of liquid liner placed above the crease for a look that delicately walks the line between daily makeup wear and theatrical stage makeup. Sophistication fused with streetwear, history minus the ornate fuss, simple yet impactful detailing and absolutely no room for nonsense.



 models at the chic stash launch event dressed in chic stash items

Keen on wearing the big names but only paying for small price tags? Think secondhand designer style is the ultimate eco-chic statement? Have a soft spot for giving back to your favorite international charities while looking fabulous? ChicStash is your ultimate e-commerce destination for uniquely personalized, high end delights to spruce up your wardrobe without breaking the bank (tons of items are massively discounted!), and trust me when I say that this site is definitely worth a visit for everything fashion-forward and wallet-friendly. Everything that is sold goes through rigorous quality checks by the dedicated (and super lovely!) ChicStash team who do a great job making sure you only receive items of the highest quality. This website is literally my newest addiction and I'm so happy to say that I was interviewed and featured in their latest newsletter, which you can sign up for when you create your ChicStash account. It's super easy to make a ChicStash account to start selling your pre-loved "stash," and you can either earn money for yourself from your sales or donate them to a charity of your choice. Looking good and doing good at the same time has never been easier!

ChicStash is fundamentally inspired by the quirky unexpectedness that is found in resale/vintage stores around the world, though mostly prevalent in Europe and the US. With the whole world migrating online to one extent or another, ChicStash decided to embrace that shift and bring high-end resale to Asia through an accessible and fun online portal. Inspired by women who are fashionably responsible and give back to the community while looking good, ChicStash aims to introduce that great habit to all its online users. In an attempt to create a friendly, fun marketplace of buyers and sellers who know each other and are therefore comfortable with buying from each other, being a part of the ChicStash community opens you up to new friends, new fashion and lots of fun (did I mention making those additional bucks yet?).

Furthermore, ChicStash offers a great service called Concierge Closet, which is for the busy fashionista who might not have time to manage their ChicStash account on their own. Leave it to the NYC-trained stylists behind ChicStash to run your account for you and help you snap up some extra cash - according to CEO Denise Palladino, "we know you're not wearing 80% of what's in your closet, so why not make some extra money?"

singapore blogger rana from bonjour singapore checking out the latest steals on sale at the event!

On top of that, raiding the closets of the most fashionable people in Singapore, Asia and beyond has never been easier. Check out the VIP section for an all-access pass to the most coveted wardrobes in the world - without a restraining order! My favorite VIP closets have got to be Julia Blank's and Claudia Krogmeier's. From models and DJs to stylists and businesswomen, shopping VIP  If you think you've got what it takes to be a VIP on ChicStash, apply here. Spaces are limited!

 So there you have it. For those of you who haven't explored Singapore's most up-and-coming secondhand online portal yet - please take five minutes (which will most likely become fifteen minutes, then an hour, then more...) to check it out here and be sure to follow ChicStash on their social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Weibo!

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why perfume is the best thing ever.

Those of you who know me well will know that I have an uncontrollable obsession with perfume. Last year, my best friend in the UK mailed me a box filled with miniature perfumes (and appropriately lined with bubblewrap) that she used to collect/use, most of which were at least half full. On the rare occasion Mother Dearest is on a plane and in a good mood (those two things rarely occur simultaneously), she might purchase a small bottle of perfume for me from Singapore Airline's well-stocked KrisShop catalogue. My lovely boyfriend got me a set of 5 Jo Malone miniatures for Christmas, and another close family friend treated me to Bvlgari's Omnia Amethyst. I am a huge perfume junkie, because there are so many reasons to love perfume.

some of my all-time faves!

Perfume has the power to make or break your outfit and your impression. Scent is a powerful thing; too much, too little, or the wrong scent altogether can have surprisingly adverse effects. I once sat next to someone at a fashion show who was conservatively dressed, well-mannered and had beautiful, understated eye makeup - and reeked of cheap Playboy cologne. Enough said. Selecting a scent is similar to selecting an outfit - it reflects who you are and should communicate what you wish to portray yourself to the world as.
some more of my favorite fragrances!

It makes SUCH a great gift for a close girlfriend or someone you know well. It's so much fun to stroll through the perfume section of any department store to sniff out the best concoction for someone you care about - especially if you're familiar with their scent preferences! Think of it as identifying the perfume equivalent of your friend... Is she flowery and light or intense and dark? Best results when a different girlfriend accompanies you on this excitable quest for the perfect fragrance.

Images sourced from here, here and here

Perfume bottles are among the most beautiful things in this world. I never throw away empty perfume bottles because I believe they are so well-crafted and ornate enough to double as lovely-smelling decorations (I love to sandwich pink/gold perfume bottles in between my coffee table books on a shelf in my room for aesthetic effect), especially the ones with carefully laser-cut finishes that reflect light.

Images sourced from here, here, here and here

Lastly, as shallow as this may sound, perfume is an easy way to own something from your favorite designer. While a teenage girl like me can't exactly get her hands on Dior's runway pieces, she can probably save up for a bottle of Miss Dior Cherie. To be perfectly honest, I'm very rarely label-conscious when it comes to dressing; I'm not embarrassed to wear Forever 21/thrift because I don't believe that price tags dictate style. That being said, it's nice to have a small "token" item from the same designer who's runway presentations you gawk at - be it makeup, phone/laptop cases, or in this case, perfume. Considering I spend hours poring over backstage videos, makeup tutorials, livestreams, reviews and articles of the latest Chanel show, it's certainly a lovely feeling to be able to squirt a little (yet equally legit) delicious-smelling Chanel 'magic' into the air while I live out my fashion dreams behind a computer screen. I might be thousands of miles away from the action, but I'll be holding a bottle of it in my hand. It's nice to feel like a part of something you care about. 

Do you love perfume as much as I do? Let me know what your favorite fragrances are in the comments below!


10qq with drea.

Meet Andrea Chong, a 21 year old fashion blogger/model/extraordinaire from Singapore - aka one of the most GORGEOUS people I know; inside and out. She is in her third year of university studying Literature as an undergraduate at Nanyang Technological University as well as the host of online fashion TV show, "That F Word" on Andrea loves to spend her time at traveling (she recently came back from a trip to Paris, where most of the images below were shot), reading, cooking, and trying to get her nonchalant cat to love her. I'm a huge fan of her distinctive personal style, outgoing, bubbly presence and stunning modelling pictures! 

1. Something most people don't know about you:
I'm such a "housewife". I love cooking, and cleaning the house gives me so much satisfaction. Going to the household section in departmental stores actually makes me more happy than shopping. 

2. How you started modelling and blogging:
I started modeling with online clothing store, Tracyeinny, in 2010. I guess other online shops took notice of me then and I've been modeling ever since! I started blogging in September 2012. The producer for my fashion show "That F Word" encouraged me to set up a blog so that I will have an increased online presence - I was a real social media noob back then, I had no blog, no instagram, and no twitter account. The blog also served as a good way for my readers to get to know me and my style a little better!

3. Your favorite pastime:
I would say I love to sleep and just surf tumblr or pinterest all day long, but who doesn't?! I guess I love food-hunting. My boyfriend and I are always finding new places to eat, and it's always fun trying new food with him! I love hiking and trekking as well - it has always been a favourite family activity since I was young. 

4. Someone who always gives you a lot of support:
Definitely my parents and my boyfriend. They are always supportive of what I do, and are always there to give sound and rational advice, and emotional support. I don't know what I'd do without them!
5. Your least favorite food:
Hmmm, I don't like steak, is that weird?! There's just too much meat and I can never finish any steak if I tried! 

6. A place you'd love to visit:
I'd love to spend a month traveling around Switzerland and visiting all their famous nature spots. I'm a sucker for nature-focused travel destinations! 

7. A beauty product/tip you swear by:
Benefit Cosmetics' Hello Flawless Foundation for it gives my skin such a natural finish. But I swear by my Bosch 2-in-1 Hair Curler/ Straigtener the most, it is hands down the best hair curler and straightener I have used, and I don't think I can use any other brand. I am contemplating buying 5 of them just in case Bosch decides to discontinue the product. :/ 

8. How you stay in such trim shape:
I gym once a week, and I eat everything in moderation. I love my snacks and ice cream as much as the next person, but I will always ration them out over a few days. My meals are generally not very oily, and I must always have a balanced meal of carbohydrates, protein, and fibre (a.k.a rice, meat and vegetables). I try to avoid eating after 11pm as well as the body stops breaking down carbohydrates during the night. 
9. Your favorite designer label and why:
I'm not really into designer labels, but I've seen a couple of Elie Saab gowns on celebrities which I really love! There is this Elie Saab lilac lace chiffon dress Mila Kunis wore to the 2011 Oscars which I cannot stop stop obsessing over. I would love to have it as my wedding dress! 

10. Name something about yourself that you are constantly striving to improve:
I guess I would have to say everything? I'm always striving to be a better blogger, model, student, daughter, sister, girlfriend. I think if you start being contented and stop wanting to improve, something is definitely wrong. I believe in hard work and improvement - by wanting to better yourself, you bring in fresh ideas, stay on the competitive edge, love and give more, and be the best person you can be (: 

Check out Drea's blog here!


black bag crazy.


I don't know if this is a nonchalant fashion craze I'll grow out of or if black bags will be my weakness for life, but at this point it doesn't really matter; what matters is that I can no longer look to any other sartorial staple to complete an outfit. Be it a satchel, crossbody purse, clutch, carryall tote or backpack, black is back and it's the easiest and sharpest way to pull together any outfit. Above I've collaged some of my current faves (but there are loads more); basically anything predominantly black with a metallic embellishment that isn't too bling but is enough to add interest and detail. Usually such adornments come in the form of gold logos, which I generally don't permit unless it's Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, and in the case of bags and bags only, Michael Kors (please no obnoxious Juicy Couture crests or Gucci - eurgh). I've rambled enough about my ultra-perfect MBMJ Classic Q Karlie bag, but there are plenty of other gorgeous crossbody options such as Lulu Guinness and Proenza which are equally yum (I will never fall out of love with the PS11 and that's a promise for life). Fringe details, studs, geometric zips and quilted leather are perfectly executed on neutral black, which serves to spotlight tactile detail and texture. 
Are you equally in love with black bags? Which are your favorites?


london calling.

It still hasn't hit me that I am now able to spend almost every weekend over the next two years exploring one of the most beautiful cities in the world: London. It's a melting pot of culture and fashion much like New York City, but it has a historic European charm characterized by iconic architecture that the concrete jungle of NYC couldn't even begin to emulate. London has firm cultural roots and a distinct, offbeat vibe, yet everyone can find their own slice of London to feel right at home. As a fashion obsessed student on a budget, I can't wait to better acquaint myself with London's vintage and thrift shopping scene, quirky cafes, bookstores, museums and everything else it has to offer. Oxford Street has its own magic, sure, but there's so much more to be uncovered in this beautiful city and I can't wait to spend the next two years doing just that and becoming a Londoner myself. As a passionate traveler and cultural enthusiast, I'm latching onto my chance to explore a new place independently; that is, without my lovely family in tow. Travelling as a young person on a budget is almost a rite of passage to growing up and becoming an adult, and I can't wait to familiarize myself with London enough so I can confidently bring my friends from Singapore around on a personalized tour, steering clear of gimmicky tourist activities. Umbrella in hand, Oyster card in pocket and wanderlust all over, I'm ready to become best friends with one of the greatest cities in the world.

Above are some pictures of my recent trips to London and what I've done so far:

1. Patara Restaurant on Maddox Street.
With four branches dotted across the most enviable of London locations, Patara Restaurant is the pinnacle of authentic Thai food on this side of the world. With excellent service, quality Thai ingredients and ornate interior decor that makes me miss Thailand that much more, this restaurant has earned its place in my heart for those weekends when I'm feeling those Asian food cravings (and when I have a little more money in my pocket than usual!). I have to mention this again because I can't get over how carefully and beautifully decorated the restaurant is; if you have a penchant for oriental interior design, this restaurant is worth a visit - for the food, delightful decorations and luxurious atmosphere. 

2. One of my London-adventuring outfits.
Featuring the newest addition to my Dr. Martens family: the 1461 Classic, a flowy ribbed cardigan c/o ClubCouture, A&F jeans, an Urban Outfitters top and my latest obsession: my new Marc By Marc Jacobs Classic Q Karlie bag in black, this outfit couldn't have been more appropriate for a Sunday trot around sunny London streets. Comfortable shoes are absolutely essential in big cities, and the AirWair soles of these trendy, simple shoes make the hours of walking that London demands a complete breeze. While we're bidding a gradual adieu to the gloriously hot weather in Europe as Fall drives the thermostats down, simple, light layers made it easy to enjoy the sun, yet wrap up when the winds whipped up. I absolutely ADORE my new MBMJ crossbody bag; it's a little small for someone who constantly carries around oversized bags, but it made my day of trekking in the city a lot lighter. It's designed to carry just the bare necessities; in my case, an Oyster Card, my ID, some cash, lipbalm, phone, gum, etc (speaking of "what's in my bag," I might do a post on that in the future! Thoughts?).

3. A little moment of magic.
I'm not quite sure what this is for or what it even is, but it made me smile to walk past this poster filled with different colors arranged in grid form on the street corner of a small backalley. Big cities are full of the most poignant moments of magic; if one walks around observantly with their eyes open, the most artistic moments can capture you, stop you in your tracks, make you grin and make you walk ahead with a spring in your step. If there's one thing I don't miss about Singapore, it's the uniformity and monotony of the slightly sterile, commercial city. To me, a good city should be efficient and clean, but also rich in imperfections which ultimately create character and soul. 

4. London's stunning architecture.
I don't quite remember where this was taken (other than the fact that it was conveniently near a Jack Wills store!), but I love the fact that there is so much unique historical splendor still prevalent in places with the most commercial, globalized stores in the world. 

5. #LFW flags on Oxford Street.
A picture taken standing outside the legendary Topshop on Oxford Street (yes, I did get lost in there). Bustling with tourists and locals alike, I was able to snap this picture of the London Fashion Week banners waving proudly above the street. More on that to come!

6. A lazy day in the sun.
Summer berries, a classic novel (complete with SAT vocabulary highlights - woo!), my favorite navy loafers, my Moleskine journal and a new fountain pen - oh, and a sunny patch of grass. London has big red buses and towering buildings, but is also full of picturesque park benches and gorgeous parks for those who favor slices of nature amidst a bustling urban jungle. I certainly do!

If you have any recommendations at all about London, feel free to email me at or leave a comment below!