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This sounds so bad, and I guess that's because it IS so bad, but I have to say it: I hate Halloween. Always have and always will. I know tons of people, young and old alike, have some of their fondest memories dressing up and trick or treating and carving pumpkins and decorating their houses, but I just don't see the appeal. I love Christmas for the festive, familial feeling in the air, the presents (of course) and the intimate connection the season has with my religion (Catholic), and I feel like it's okay for me to enjoy all the 'superficialities' such as Christmas clothing sales and yummy food because I know that I am also fervent towards the season in a more meaningful way. I'm not saying that every festival or "reason to celebrate" has to be deeply rooted in religion or history to be legitimate or enjoyable, and maybe I don't really know what I'm saying and my hatred is just an immature, irrational one. I just hate Halloween (except candy corn, I like candy corn). Okay party pooping rant over.

Anyway, all my social media platforms have been spammed with all things Halloweeny, creepy and black-and-orange over the past few days, which has made me a bit more tolerant towards this annual spook-fest. I'm not going to launch into a Halloween Style Guide (god no), but instead, I thought I'd collect some of my favorite Halloween moments shared with the Instagram world from our favorite bloggers, companies and editors around the globe. See this as my attempt to conform to society's unstoppable enjoyment of a rather frivolous occasion. Enjoy!

Blogger Royalty Bryan Yambao (@bryanboy) rocked the cutest Anna Wintour outfit this year; she mightn't be spooky, but she certainly sends some seriously scary chills down the spines of fashion's elite from her front-row perch. Brownie points for that wig and those glasses! Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni) of another major blog, "The Blonde Salad," looked amazing as usual and accessorized with a funky magenta wig and a nose ring (let's hope she never actually gets that pierced for real...), while Australian teen singer, brother of Cody Simpson and outrageously insta-famous Alli Simpson (@allisimpson) snapped a cute pic of lit pumpkin decorations with her signature hazy, faded filters (Secret's out: I stalk her quite a bit).

Blogger/model Hanneli Mustaparta (@hannelim) captured a posed picture with some friends, rocking minimal makeup and a cute bow in her hair. I love the simplicity, but I prefer the wild eye-makeup of her fellow party-goers! Company Magazine (@companymagazine) shared an adorable #instanailart picture, complete with pretty rings too! Nail art is definitely the way to go if you're not big on dressing up real insane. Teen Vogue's Andrew Bevan (@bevansburg) boasted elaborate makeup and a ghoulish complexion, posing with Rebecca Minkoff and Gavin Bellour.

 More nail goodness courtesy of major teen fashion mag Teen Vogue (@teenvogue) and a stunning flapper/Daisy Buchanan-esque selfie from actress Jennette McCurdy (@jennettemccurdy), but the real highlight here is Aimee Song's (@songofstyle) hilariously adorable Loofah costume. I have a feeling we'll see the same ingenious idea pop up on numerous occasions next Halloween, because this is what happens when you're one of the world's most successful individuals in the fashion industry: when you wear a loofah, you'll find that soon enough, everyone will wear a loofah. #TeamAimee

Parkncube (@parkncube) took the cutest photo next to an ASOS photowall, Teen Vogue Ed-In-Chief Amy Astley (@amytastley) captured an adorable moment on the subway of a little girl dressed up to go trick-or-treating, and fashion's all-time favorite designer Jason Wu (@jasonwu) clearly had a roaring good time (he attended the same Halloween party as Bryanboy!), decked out in winged eyeliner and even spookier friends on his arm. Maybe Halloween isn't so bad after all...


  1. That little girl in the train is so adorbs! Every Halloween, I always look forward to what Heidi Klum will wear. She never disappoints!

  2. so fun! love halloween!


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