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It's hard to believe that mid-January has already swung around and ushered the magical festivities of bubbling champagne nights and countdowns out the door until next year. While there are a good 11 months until the next round of fireworks erupt to welcome 2015, there's absolutely no reason for you to stuff the hefty purchases you made to the back of your wardrobe until then. It's perfectly excusable to splurge on new clothes to welcome a new year; who doesn't love rocking up at a New Year's party donning a spanking new dress that they finally got their hands on? The glitzy frocks, the statement bags, the skyscraper heels - this annual time of merriment sure has an equally excitable reputation for being one of the most stylish on the calendar. Nevertheless, don't let go of those New Year's party pieces just yet - there's always a way to re-style them into a fresh, unexpected ensemble! Check out my tips for styling down a party frock and a party clutch below:

party frock
The dress: a fitted, black bodice with a feathery skirt full of flair. The outfit you wore to a glitzy New Year's bash: statement earrings, opulent finger-candy, glazed diamond stilettos, blindingly beautiful nail varnish, a party-sized statement clutch with slashes of color, an alluring red lip, your most sensual fragrance and a glow of happiness and excitement that was enough to knock 'em off their feet that night. Now I don't expect anyone to still be feeling remotely as radiant as they did that night; New Year's is a one-time celebration of epic proportions, and most of us are back to the daily grind, anyway - but don't tell me you're putting those stunning frocks away for good! Working party dresses in a concealed, daytime outfit is a lot easier than it sounds (this is where any of your oversized sweatshirts are instrumental!). Throw a sequined, cream + gold sweatshirt over your dress so that an illusion of a feathery black skirt is created. Slip on some black leggings/tights to protect your legs from the wintry wind, and don a smart pair of leather ankle boots, preferably in a muted dove gray hue to tone down the exuberance of the outfit. Classic, rosy neutrals are the way to go from here: a delicate rose-gold timepiece works wonders when combined with rose-quartz and precious heart-shaped rings. Place your essentials for the day in a dusty pink, structured leather bag, and keep makeup minimal using the nude hues of any of the Naked palettes and a sweet, peachy blush. Infusing pale, rosy aesthetics with the rich quality of gold sequins is executed perfectly when accompanied by a daring dose of feathers and black.

party clutch

The bag: an intricately patterned gold box clutch that looks like (and probably costed you) some biig bucks. While this gem might have made its debut against a sultry backdrop of a caged black-and-gold dress (there goes my black-and-gold addiction again), smoky kohl-lined peepers and architecturally astonishing gold platforms, its appeal is certainly not limited to ensembles of such a manicured calibre. Taking this baby on a daytime ride is easy-breezy with the presence of gently distressed denim, a billowy blouse and a couple of relaxed gold accessories. Unlike for New Year's night, which is arguably the most aesthetically fussed-over night besides prom, effortlessness in daily style is an indispensable key to looking good. The chillaxed silhouette of a loose chiffon top and baggy boyfriend jeans can easily be pulled smartly together by a pair of black and nude ankle-strap peep-toes; these are dressy enough to make you look significantly more affluent and well put-together, yet they still retain a daytime quality. So there you have it - that stunning clutch won't look a hair out of place wrapped in your resiliently manicured fingers! Shhh, no one has to know that clutch - and that manicure, were with you on New Year's just a fortnight ago.

What are some of your favorite pieces from New Year's and how do you plan to style them to keep them fresh all-year round?

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