A letter to my readers

Dear readers,

I am sorry for the lack of updates on Seven Inch Stilettos in the past months. I feel like I owe an explanation to anyone who is reading this, so here goes:

Seven Inch Stilettos was born out of restlessness in the summer of 2011. I was curled up on one of those great leather chairs that envelop you for hours, and I felt I needed an outlet to express my newfound interest in fashion. It didn’t matter that virtually no one read the blog for its first two years; blogging was something I invested time in simply because I really enjoyed it.

Soon I started freelance modeling for a few Singapore online retailers. Modeling and blogging about the local fashion scene were mutually beneficial and helped accelerate my growth in both areas. For a few seasons of Fashion Week, I was racing home from school, changing out of my uniform and trotting in too-high heels to the evening’s shows, legging it home before my weekday midnight curfew, editing pictures and writing till the early hours — only to repeat the whole ordeal the next day. It was exhausting but exhilarating, and this began to feel like more of a job than a hobby.

But I loved it all: answering emails, planning collaborations, receiving clothing in the mail, meeting creative people and reading around different topics I wanted to write about. It gave me purpose and motivated me to delve deeper into an industry I could envision a future career in.

I left Singapore to attend boarding school in the UK in 2013, and the role my blog played in my life began to change. When I left, people wondered about the fate of it. To all of them, I said: “The beauty of the blogosphere is that it is an online community, so it doesn’t matter where you are — you can always continue blogging!” Along with the help of some dedicated interns, I was able to generate content and sustain a regular posting schedule — for a while.

But as much as I wanted to believe that I could continue blogging the same way I could while living in Singapore, this wasn’t the case. I was swept up in the merciless tides of the IB, the drama of the Sackville Theatre and the priceless moments that can only be found in a boarding house of sixty teenage girls. But more importantly, I no longer felt the need to edit photographs or write blogposts. I wanted to experience my two years at Sevenoaks in real time — not in front of a computer screen.

In May of last year, I graduated and uprooted myself from two unforgettable years in the UK, sad to leave but excited for the next adventure on the other side of the Atlantic. I have had an incredible one and a half semesters at Yale, and am relishing the experience of learning from my professors and friends. However, the same feeling of detachment from my blog, and a corresponding increase in workload and other engagements, has only increased with time.

I won’t continue spewing excuses about the stress of college, the IB, and being “too busy” to blog. We all know that if something truly means enough to you, you will find the time — or make the time — to do it. It feels strange to admit that what was once a driving force in my life and a huge part of my identity simply no longer feels that way anymore.

After starting at Yale, it feels right to direct my efforts toward making the most of the environment I will learn and grow in for the next four years; you only get out what you put in. I have spent my first semester-and-a-half dancing, horse riding and writing for the Yale Daily News alongside some wonderful people. I will always be able to write on a blog or another online platform, but the privilege to report for the Yale Daily News only spans a few years.

It is during adolescence that we are meant to feel some indecision about what we want and what is important to us. I realize now that labelling myself as a “fashion blogger” and writing Seven Inch Stilettos didn’t allow me to fully embrace or identify my interests outside of fashion. 

Seven Inch Stilettos happened to accompany me through a period of huge change my life: through middle school, high school and university in three educational institutions on three continents. With those changes in environment and maturity have come changes in my interests, which will only continue to evolve.

I took an incredible seminar this past semester on business and financial journalism, and found the combination of economics and writing to be truly exciting. I have been fascinated by the complex racial tensions that have arisen recently on my own university campus. I have so many questions to ask, so many books I want to read. My aspirations will continue to evolve with every great class I take and with every inspiring professor I meet. And I want it to be that way. I don’t feel that it is right to keep writing a fashion blog if I am not invested in fashion the way every good fashion blogger is and should be.

Seven Inch Stilettos was an incredible learning experience and a special time for me. I owe all the unique experiences, great friends and the topic of my Common App essay (!) to the young teenage years I spent immersing myself in Singapore’s booming fashion industry, and am grateful for your support through it. I’m sorry for how long this final post has been, but I felt this announcement deserved an adequate explanation. 

If you’ve gotten to the bottom – thank you for reading! If you’d like to stay updated, feel free to keep up with my writing on the Yale Daily News website and my social media accounts :)

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